Laura Ingalls Wilder Reading Challenge Sign-up Post 2017

Welcome to the sixth Laura Ingalls Wilder Reading Challenge! I am especially excited for it this year as Feb. 7 marks her 150th birthday.

The basic idea is to read anything by or about Laura Ingalls Wilder. In the comments below let us know what you’re planning to read. On Feb. 28 I’ll have a wrap-up post where you can tell us how you did and what you thought, either in the comments or with a link back to your posts. You don’t have to have a blog to participate, but if you do I’d appreciate your linking back here.

If you’re looking for ideas for books other than the Little House books themselves, I have a list of Books Related to Laura Ingalls Wilder, with some others listed in the comments there and here.

Sometimes participants have done projects or made recipes from the series as well. If you do so, please do share with us! Annette at Little House Companion has some activities and other resources.

I like to have some sort of drawing to offer a prize concluding the challenge, and I decided to once again offer one winner the choice of:

The Little House Cookbook compiled by Barbara M. Walker


Laura’s Album: A Remembrance Scrapbook of Laura Ingalls Wilder by William Anderson

If neither of those suits you, I can substitute a similarly-priced Laura book of your choice. To be eligible, leave a comment on the wrap-up post at the end of the month telling us what you read for this challenge. I’ll choose a name through a week from then to give everyone time to get their last books and posts finished.

For myself, I am planning on reading at least These Happy Golden Years, the next to last book in the series. I may go on to The First Four Years – or I may save that for next year.I also recently got a used copy of The Laura Ingalls Wilder Country Cookbook, compiled from recipes found in Laura’s kitchen and supplemented with information about Laura’s life and photos of the Wilders and their home. I plan to at least read the supplemental information: I may even try one or two of the recipes.

How about you? Will you be joining us this year? What will you be reading?


6 thoughts on “Laura Ingalls Wilder Reading Challenge Sign-up Post 2017

  1. I love that you have this! I think I’ve read pretty much every Laura book ever published, but they’re always nice to revisit. I think I’ll read The Long Winter again this month — of all her LH books, that one has always stuck with me the most. Also, hopefully it will help me make it through yet another gray winter month here.

  2. My choice for this year’s challenge is Saving Graces…the Inspirational Writings of Laura Ingalls Wilder. I’m curious to see if God played a prominent role in Laura’s life.

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  5. How exciting! I’m reading a couple of books about Laura’s great-grandmother who came from Scotland. The titles include: Down to the Bonny Glen, and Beyond the Heather Hills. It’s so fascinating to learn about some of Laura’s ancestry!

  6. In our family, we have been rereading the books since early December. I did a three week Christmas series on Laura inspired activities. This month is On The Banks of Plum Creek. In honor of her birthday, I wrote on her spirituality for Sunday, created a Town Party for Monday, a Country Party for her actual birthday and today I am hosting a Little House themed giveaway. I do hope you will stop by.

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