Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

Here we are at the end of another month – almost 1/3 of the way through 2017 already. It’s so vital to stop a moment and reflect on what God is doing in our lives and thank Him for it all. Otherwise it all flies by like the days on the calendar and we forget. Here are a few favorites from the past week:

1. A wedding at our church. Always a joy to share in such an occasion. Everything was lovely, and I enjoyed fellowshipping with friends at the reception.

2. Safety driving in a storm. I should have left the reception about 15-20 minutes earlier than I did. A massive storm broke out soon after I started, the worst storm I have ever driven through. The windshield wipers couldn’t keep up with the downpour and I could only barely see the lines on either side of the lane. I could see the lights of cars pulled over to wait the storm out, but not where to turn. In TN you don’t pull off a road without seeing where you’re going – there are a lot of steep drop-offs without guard rails. I did finally make out a gas station and pulled in for a little bit. I set off again when the storm seemed to let up, but before long torrents of rain and hail started coming down again until I was nearly home. I did a lot of crying out and praying and pleading on that drive, and I was rattled for hours after I got home. But I am thankful God brought me home safely.

3. Flowers. I have a couple of planters on the back patio and hadn’t gotten flowers for them when I got the ones for the front a few weeks ago.

The label says these are dianthus, but they look like mini carnations to me. (I just googled dianthus, and apparently carnations belong to that family!)


These took a bit of a beating in the storms, but there are pink geraniums in the back and a smaller white flower in the front. It looks like more geraniums are about to bloom.


You can see I need to clean out the old leaves from my hydrangea behind that planter. That leads me to a question: are you supposed to cut back the old wood of a hydrangea? I never have, unless it’s poking out at an odd angle, and it has always filled in okay, but I have wondered.

My roses in front have been blooming like crazy, even with the storms knocking some of them off.


All the flowers above are pink and white, though some of them look orangey-red in the photos.

Jason and Mittu got this rose bouquet for me at Easter. Some of them are starting to droop, but some are still good.


I don’t know roses, or flowers in general, like nikkipolani does, so I don’t know what these or the ones in front are called. I always think of this kind as unfolding roses – my bushy ones don’t unfold like this, and I think it’s gorgeous.

4. Fans. I tend to get hotter than everyone else, especially at night. A fan in my bedroom helps me not to have to turn the AC lower, and I have been making use of it the last couple of weeks.

5. These photos:



When Timothy, my grandson, was born 10 1/2 weeks premature, my son took a photo of him with the little sheep every week to kind of give a scale to see how much he was growing. Eventually he took one once a month and now once a year. When he tried to take one after Timothy’s third birthday, at first Timothy threw the sheep in the air. (Boys. 🙂 ) But then he hugged it, made it lunch, and put it to bed with a little fan on it so it would be comfortable. So cute! And such a difference three years makes. Some day I’d love to have all the photos of him with a sheep put together like in a time-lapse sequence.

Bonus: A loved one underwent some tests this week, and the results came back negative. Praise the Lord!

Happy Friday and happy weekend!


10 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. I think you are supposed to cut back hydrangeas. We sometimes do and sometimes don’t. They seem to flower anyhow. :o) I really teared up with Baby Timothy. I remember praying for his little life. Look at him now! Such a beautiful, healthy little boy! What a blessing!

  2. So sweet – the photo of Timothy with the sheep. That was a very clever idea of Jason to take photos like that! I’m glad you made it home okay during the storm. That must have been so scary!
    Your blooms are beautiful, even after such a storm. Have a blessed day.

  3. Your planter of Dianthus looks lovely, Barbara! And I love that planter! Your roses out front are so pretty. It must smell wonderful as you walk up to the porch. I’m so glad for your safety on your trip home from the wedding reception. I’ve had a couple of experiences like that, too, and it is no fun!

    LOVED the pictures of Timothy. God certainly has been good in his development. If I were there, I’d make you that album you’d like to have. 🙂

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    • An album would be fun. Jason has the “sheep photos” on a shared Google Photos album. But I’d love to see them on a video that goes through them like the ones you see where a flower blooming or a sunset is filmed and then played at a faster speed, so it looks like you’re seeing the flower unfold or the sunset happen all at once in a few seconds. It would be fun to see his progression of growth in that way.

  4. I remember praying for Timothy and reading the weekly updates on him. Has it really been three years? I agree! Make that album with the sheep photos.
    Yikes! That storm sounds crazy wild. I’m so glad you are safe.

  5. I’m in awe of how tiny Timothy was! I remember when he was born. The storm sounds like a doozy! I’m not fond of driving in bad weather. I think you were very brave. Didn’t know that about carnations and dianthus. I’m looking forward to being able to plant here soon. It’s supposed to snow tomorrow, so I’ll hold off for another week or so.

    Have a nice weekend, Barbara.

  6. Very frightening to travel through a bad storm. I had to drive my husband to the doctor in your former city last Monday (his brother practices there), and the weather was terrible. Pouring rain almost all the way. Not just little showers – downpours. It was a tense trip!!

  7. Praise God regarding your friend and the good report and for your adorable grandson developing so well. God is good!!

    Love your flower pics especially the mini carnations which is what Ive always called those so i learned something new this a.m.!

    Ive driven through three bad storms in my life. one was snow and two were rain/hail and it is NOT fun. Glad the Lord kept you safe!!

    have a relaxing weekend!

  8. How dreadful to drive to such a storm ! It is really dangerous, it happened to me too once !
    Love the little sheep “shrinking “while Timothy grows ! What a change !

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