Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

Wow – May already! I am enjoying this spring so much, I’m not eager for summer yet. So I’m trying to  treasure the days as they go by. Here are some favorites parts of the last week:

1. Meeting Melanie! We’ve been following each other’s blogs for…I don’t know how many years now. She recently moved to TN after caring for her mom for many years until her mom’s recent passing. We got together for lunch, and enjoyed talking so much. We had our faith in common as well as caregiving, and as we talked, we just seemed to find more and more areas of similarity. She’s a sweet lady. It was such fun to meet her in person, and we’re already planning our next get-together!


2. Clean curtains, windows, and blinds, at least in three rooms. These weren’t originally on my agenda this week, but some spatters on the valance above the sink led to taking it down to be washed (actually, asking Jesse to take them down – I found I couldn’t reach them even with my step-ladder), which led to taking down the curtains in my bedroom and bathroom to make a full load, which led to cleaning the blinds and windows while I had everything off of them. You don’t notice how much dust, spiderwebs, etc., have accumulated on those things til you get up close! And I thought all but the kitchen valance would be ready to hang back up from the dryer, but they all needed ironing. Even though it’s not something immediately noticeable, it’s a nice feeling to know they’re all fresh and clean. And since I’ve made that start, I am planning to do some of the other windows in the next few days.

3. Sheet pan meals. Have you heart of these? I’d seen them mainly on the Skinnytaste blog and then searched for more. The basic idea is that meat (usually chicken) and vegetables and sometimes potatoes are all baked together on one cookie sheet. I printed off a few different recipes, which all had different cooking temperatures and spices, and drew from the different ones to make my own creation. 🙂 I cooked the chicken a bit too long, but the roasted broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots turned out really well. Jesse isn’t usually crazy about broccoli, but loved them this way – less crunchy than raw, but not limp. Plus it was nice not having several pans to clean. I’m looking forward to trying more variations of this.

4. Neighbors coming together. One neighbor lost half of a huge tree in his front yard during some strong winds this week. It was so neat to see many of the neighbors pitching in to help cut up and clean up the debris. When Jim got in from work, he took his chain saw over and helped.



I hope it survives. It’s my favorite tree in the neighborhood, beautiful especially in the spring and fall.

5. Cute Timothy moment of the week. Timothy and his parents were over last night and went over to look at the tree. He was taking various sticks from one of the piles of debris and playing with them, pretending the kinds of things little boys do with sticks. Then he took his stick and put it into a crack in the bark of the “broken” tree – to “fix” it by trying to put some branches back in.

Happy Friday!


10 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. How fun that you got to meet a blogging friend! Sounds like you have much in common. God is good. I need to clean all my blinds and windows too, but ugh. Such a big job. I keep putting it off.

  2. OH Barbara! I am so glad that you and Melanie have met! I too followed her for years. As I have been absent for several months I have missed her news on her mother. I will look her up again!

  3. What a blessing to meet your blogging friend in person!
    I just made this recipe last night –
    It is so easy to make, but very tasty. It’s a favorite at our house. The temps have been cooler this week, so I didn’t mind using the oven for that long. Now, I’ll have to wait until fall to make it again.
    I’m so glad that you get to enjoy frequent visits from your grandson. Such fun times!

  4. LOVED all of your blessings this week, Barbara. I’m so happy that you and Melanie were able to spend some time together yesterday. What fun! I met with another blogging friend today for a short while. It was fun! I’ll post a picture tomorrow.

    Good for you for getting you blinds, cutains and windows cleaned this week! That job still awaits me. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing the blog link for the sheet pan meals. I bookmarked it and am looking forward to using it frequently.

    It is always good to see neighbors working together. I know last fall when my husband fell off our roof it was a blessing to have so many jumping in to help. Two men we didn’t even know, but were related to our neighbor came and completed the roofing ..

    I loved Timothy’s solution to fixing the tree. What a sweet boy he is. Thank you for making him one of your FFF. 🙂 You know I miss it when he isn’t included. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  5. So cool that you were able to get together with Melanie! I read her blog too. Those sheet pan meals sound good.Will have to check those out. Hope you have a great weekend.

  6. Awww. that Timothy moment was so sweet. I love how gentle and caring little ones often are.
    How awesome that you have been able to meet Melanie in person. What a blessing that you have so much in common.
    I love how neighbors get together and help each other. That’s the way it should be. We had neighbors like that in Oregon–called them the world’s best neighbors!

  7. Barbara, you are so sweet! And sheet pan meal was delicious! We did have the best visit. I’m really looking forward to our next time together!

  8. I love watching toddlers and preschoolers explore the natural happy for you to be able to see your grandchild grow up near you! And how fun to meet a blogging friend! There are several bloggers I would love to meet in person…you are one of them! 🙂
    I roast vegetables ALL THE TIME! it is an awesome way to prepare them. I do it in a brownie pan and use coconut or olive oils plus various kinds of spices depending on what else we are having. Our f ave is roasted sweet potatoes, red potatoes, broccoli and carrots with olive oil and herbs de provence plus grilled chicken marinated in an Italian dressing and a salad of romaine and cucumbers on the side. I think maybe I will have this for tomorrow’s dinner! 🙂

    Glad no one was injured in that tree episode! And good neighbors are a true blessing!!

    happy weekend

  9. How delightful that you got to meet a fellow blogger in person!

    I like some of those sheet pan meals, too, though I tend to do just veggies. Coordinating the meat cook time with the veggies can be challenging. Maybe you’ll share some specific successes 🙂

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