Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

This week didn’t start off so well, with me forgetting that my mother-in-law’s caregiver had an appointment, and I scheduled  a lunch with a friend for then and had to reschedule it; forgetting that we’d scheduled the hairdresser to come for my m-i-l on Monday; forgetting that the nurse was coming on Tuesday, even though she’s been coming on Tuesdays regularly for months now; forgetting to take care of the bathroom after my m-i-l’s shower (I usually put the ramp back against the wall, mop up the floor, and replace the bath mats while our caregiver and the bath aide take her back to her room and get her dressed) so that our caregiver had to do it; putting my container of ramen soup on the end table and spilling it all over, dousing a remote control (I put it in a bag of rice just to be safe, but it ended up ok), and dropping a dozen eggs on the grocery store floor after paying for them (thankfully only two broke, but I had to rinse off all the rest). I don’t know why I was so “off” for a couple of days! But thankfully the rest of the week went much better. Here are the best parts of it:

1. Mother’s Day. I took some time to think about special moms in my own life, and my family always does a great job making it a special day for me. Jim grilled his wonderful teriyaki chicken and Jason and Mittu made salad, potatoes, corn on the cob, rolls, and  chocolate pretzel pie and banana cream pie.

Everything wasn’t on the table yet in this photo, but I love that cute little guy at the end helping himself to a roll. 🙂


My daughter-in-law picked out pretty plates for the meal and dessert, all disposable for easy cleanup:



Wishing Jim’s Mom Happy Mother’s Day:


I received some lovely gifts and cards as well. I am blessed. 🙂

2. Timothy shucking corn for the first time was absolutely adorable. He was so excited to help, and when he pulled the leaves back, he exclaimed, “There’s CORN in there!”


When he tried to eat corn on the cob for the first time, he noted, “It’s stuck.” He gave up after a bit, but made a good try.


3. Movie night with my husband. After everyone left on Mother’s Day and Jesse went back to his room, Jim and I relaxed for the rest of the afternoon, and later that evening rented and watched the movie Hidden Figures. It was SO good! (Warning: there’s just a bit of bad language, most near the beginning). It’s the true story of three African-American women who worked with calculations involved in the first manned space flights (a good article on them is here).

4. A new desk chair. Last week my desk chair suddenly broke. It had probably been on the verge, unnoticed, for a long time. My new one is even more comfortable.

5. Printable art. A lot of places online offer free frameable printable decorated Scripture verses, and for a Mother’s Day gift for the ladies at our church, our pastor’s wife printed out several she had found. This was the one I chose. It fits perfectly on my little entry table.

Happy Friday!




12 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. I am sorry you had such an “off” week, Barbara. Isn’t it frustrating when that happens? It can definitely affect our thinking pattern, as well.
    Loved seeing how your family honored you on Mother’s Day…and I loved Timothy’s surprised reaction at finding corn “in there” when he was helping to shuck it. 🙂 So sweet!
    A precious picture of your husband and his mom on Mother’s Day.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Barbara!

  2. Oh my friend, I’m so sorry for your week mishaps! At least Mother’s Day was a good one for you. What a sweet photo of your mother in law. Did she enjoy the balloon and flowers? I love corn on the cob too but it can be a bit messy and I usually end up cutting it off the cob. Timothy did a good job trying! Have a good weekend!

  3. I’m sorry for your ‘off’ week. Good for you for finding so many blessings tucked inside. I just LOVE hearing about Timothy and the corn! “There’s corn in there!” So cute.

    I never would guess the white plates are disposable. They’re so pretty, as is the table. Love the little artwork you received and your table looks nice.

    Enjoy your weekend, Barbara.

  4. I was getting a little worried about you there with the listing at the beginning. 🙂 Nice Mother’s Day meal!!

  5. So sorry you had all those mishaps but it sounds like your week had many blessings anyways. Cute pic of the little one eating his corn….and how fun to have your gang together for Mother’s Day with a nice home cooked meal!

    Those flowers are GORGEOUS!!

    I hope all goes well for your weekend 🙂

  6. What a start to the week! I’m sure you were glad things got better after that collection of mishaps. The newest corn shucker is adorable, as was his surprise discovery of corn. Roomie used to think they put peanut butter into molds and put them in peanut shells.

    Love all that sweet pink — lots of love from your beloveds. The printable is just lovely. And thanks for the movie recommendation!

  7. Hi Barbara, so nice to meet you. I had a nice visit here tonight and enjoyed your me. I found you from Dianna and Melanie. I have been blogging for 17 years! My blog is one of the last of the “country graphics webhome/blogs. That is how I met Melanie. I have a lot of links to other pages too. I use to be an avid reader of books, but now do most of my reading on Kindle except my Bibles. I like Christian Fiction too and have enjoyed the Left Behind and Ad Chronicles Series.
    Now I do Bible journaling.

  8. I tried really hard not to laugh WITH you about your week. I was smiling at the ramen mishap and giggling by the time I got to the dropped eggs. Sounds like some of my weeks…
    Your Mother’s Day dinner sounds so sweet with Timothy helping shuck the corn. He’s adorable.
    Here’s hoping next week is better.

  9. I enjoyed reading about and seeing photos of your Mother’s Day….I noticed everyone had a different salad dressing….and the wee one is growing so fast…adorable.
    Mama Bear

  10. Must have been an “off” time for several of us — I’m thinking of my foot! Also, my daughter and I watched Hidden Figures this weekend too. Really enjoyed it! And, I kept thinking of the Oak Ridge plant we visited (you should visit if you haven’t; I’m thinking it’s not far from you). I just love any post with Timothy pictures. He is so adorable! Your MIL is a sweetie as well. I love the way you honor her!

  11. Off days can be very frustrating but I’m glad yours was offset with the lovely Mother’s Day you had. Beautiful gifts and delicious meal cooked by someone else is awesome. Timothy is so adorable with his comments about the corn. We watched Hidden Figures a couple weeks ago and really liked it. Sad that it took this long for their story to be told.

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