Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

Here we are at the first Friday of July! Here are some high points of the past week:

1. Jim’s mom’s 89th birthday. I don’t know if she quite understood what was going on, but hopefully she caught the love expressed.


She has trouble swallowing and only eats pureed foods, so instead of cake, Jim got her a caramel frappe from McDonald’s – he used to bring those to her when she was in assisted living.


2. Flourless Applesauce Spice Cake. I had wanted to have just a small cake for the rest of us on Jim’s Mom’s birthday. Mittu is gluten intolerant, and I had a couple of GF cake mixes on hand, but didn’t want a big cake. So I looked up some GF recipes I had pinned on Pinterest, and found this one. It was SO good! Tasted a lot like carrot cake, and was very moist.

3. The 4th of July. I had a pretty relaxing day until nearly dinner time. We had planned to get Timothy’s wading pool out, but it was raining off and on. Jim went ahead and set it up and put our canopy over it. Jason and Mittu and Timothy came over, and while Jim was grilling, Timothy did get to play in the pool.

Timothy pool coverThe rain really poured for a while, but thankfully paused long enough for Jim to grill burgers and sausage. Later in the evening, a church near us had a fireworks display that we could just see a little of over the trees. Timothy was so excited! At least for a little while. 🙂 I’m glad he got to see them. Plus his parents took him to a parade earlier in the day, so he had just about the whole July 4th experience. I made some gluten free brownies from a mix and sprinkled the top with red, while, and blue sugar – simple, but they hit the spot. 🙂

Timothy parade

4. A productive morning. Wednesday and Thursday I was frustrated because it seemed like I wasn’t getting anything done that I had wanted to. Then all of a sudden Thursday morning, things fell into place, and I got several things knocked off my mental to-do list.

5. Touching base with extended family. My aunt passed away earlier this week, and while we grieve, it has been good to have more conversations than usual with another aunt and uncle and my sisters and brother.



11 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Timothy and his dimples would make the Fives any time.
    I love how creative you all are in working around dietary obstacles 🙂 Good GF cakes are hard to find — glad you found one that suited the occasion. Hurray for getting stuff done!

  2. Oh, Barbara, you have had a wonderful week! A belated Happy Birthday to your mother-in-law. I loved that family picture! The love for one another just radiates from each of you. And that picture of Timothy from the Fourth of July is precious! It should be put in a frame!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend with lots of family time!

  3. Your gluten free cake sounds wonderful. I’m wondering if I might be getting gluten intolerant. I’ve made good brownies from a gluten free mix as well – Duncan Hines, I think. I hope Jim’s mom enjoyed her caramel frappe. Looks good. What a sweet photo of you all. Timmy is so cute! It was raining that day for sure. Looking forward to some gelato and chatting with a friend next week!

  4. sounds like a great week! How cute little Timothy is…..he just keeps growing doesn’t he??!!
    Yummy…I haven’t had brownies in awhile but I did bake Lemon bars a couple days ago…for some reason I was CRAVING them…..i don’t need the sugar but they sure do taste good.

    I hope you have wonderful weekend

  5. Your family’s care and gracious love to your mother-in-law are models that many people should take note of. So glad she could have a nice day.

  6. Wow, in that close-up of Timothy he really seems to be growing up! I love the canopy you have around the pool. Nice. Happy birthday to your mother-in-law! 89, wow! I am playing for a funeral for a sweet 89-yr-old lady from our church tomorrow. The cake you made sounds so good.

  7. Ok. I am back. I had to check out the gf cake recipe. My daughter is gf so I love to have these kinds of recipes handy. Unfortunately I don’t have any gf oats, so I can’t make that cake today. How handy that is it a one bowl deal.
    Hurray for getting things done and for celebrating with family.
    I wouldn’t have thought of putting the pool out even though it was raining. But why not?
    I am sorry to hear about your aunt. BUt it is a cool blessing to connect more with family as a result.
    I hope you have a productive, healing, fun week.

  8. The Americans in our group also celebrated a bit the 4th of July and we too !
    I really had a nice tour around Ireland! Even the weather was is us for Ireland standards ! It gets never really warm here always around 60, and the sun also is rather stingy, but we had no rain and to walk around when it is too hot than it’s not good either ! The worst was the day we had to seperate we all became such good friends that the guide even created a Facebook page so that we can all stay in contact !

  9. What an adorable photo of Timothy! He seems like such a happy child.
    Happy Birthday to your mother-in-law! 89 is an accomplishment to celebrate!
    And congrats to you on getting your to do list dealt with!

  10. I am sorry for your loss of your aunt.
    Love that picture of Timothy. Sounds like he had a very full day on the 4th. Happy Birthday to your Mom in law. 89…wow! And what a sweet idea to substitute a frappe for a cake.

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