Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

Wow, what a crazy week, full of ups and downs. I appreciate the opportunity to pause for a moment and recount the blessings so they’re not forgotten.

1. Safety. I have family in the Houston area, so it was a tense time there for a couple of days watching for the latest updates. Flood waters inched up one sister’s driveway all through one day and ended up in her garage, but not the house, and receded the next day. My stepfather was told he would have to evacuate due to a nearby levee having broken, but as it turned out it was a levee near a different neighborhood. Though my sister lost power for several days, no one had to evacuate and all my family (another sister and nephew there as well) are safe as well as the friends I know of there. In addition, apart from the hurricane, two sons were traveling different directions by different means (one driving, one flying) this week, and both made it safely.

2. Family time. Our family stay-cation I mentioned last time ended Sunday. I think we were all pretty tired by then, but so enjoyed the time together, games, outings, etc. On Saturday we went to a park, just to get outside for a bit, and Jim decided to take his mom, too. I really figured she would just doze the whole time, but she seemed to enjoy it – she was awake and watching people almost the whole time.


Jesse shared his hat. 🙂 We also enjoyed watching Timothy feed the ducks and play on the playground. A frisbee golf tournament was also going on. I had vaguely heard of frisbee golf, but I didn’t know it was such a developed thing that there were tournaments, specialized backpacks for the equipment, carts to hold stuff and drinks and snacks and sit on, and caddies. We were by a pond where there was a scheduled spot for them to try to throw the frisbee across the water, which turned out not to be too difficult: the hard part was trying to get it between the trees on the other side without hitting one of them with a thwack and ending up in the water. Pretty interesting!

3. Little People. My mom supplied us with bunches of Little People sets and figures when my boys were little, and we kept most of them in the attic since then. My husband was up in the attic looking for a different toy he wanted to get down for my grandson, and couldn’t find it, but saw the Little People and brought them down and washed all the pieces. Timothy had such a blast with them and it was fun to reminiscence and rediscover them and show him the features.


That’s not the most flattering picture of me, but that’s the best of Timothy. 🙂 Jim also fixed a Little Tykes wagon with a trailer that we had gotten when Jesse was little and kept, and Timothy enjoyed that a lot, too!

4. An extended break from cooking. Due to not feeling well one night plus general circumstances, we ate out more than we had planned. In fact, during the 8 days Jeremy was here, I think I only cooked 2 dinners. Mittu made 2, and we ate out the other nights. Sunday dinner we ended up eating leftovers just to get them out of the fridge plus to make it an easy meal before Jeremy had to leave in the early afternoon. We were kind of feeling the effects of too much restaurant food by the end, but it was nice to have the break.

5. An excursion to Cracker Barrel. I found myself alone at lunch time today (Thursday), so I took a Cracker Barrel gift card I had gotten for my birthday and got take-out lunch (several days after the above-mentioned eating out. 🙂 ) Browsing around while waiting for my food, I came across this lamp on sale half-price. I walked around and thought about it some more and finally decided to get it. It’s still in the box while I decide where to put it and how to rearrange things to make a place for it.


Also found this cute heart!


Bonus: A couple of health scares came up, but resolved themselves (actually, God resolved them after prayer), and one turned out to be fairly minor after all. A relief!

That’s been my week, mostly. Hope yours was good!


8 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. oh how i remember Little People toys!!! your grandsn is gettng big and is just a cutie!!

    praise the Lord your health issue turned out to be minor. I am still anxiously waiting for my results of my heart scan/echocardiogram. my follow up appt is in one week from today. i dont understand why they cant just give me the results over the phone!!

    I hope you enjoy the long weekend doing the things you love.

    oh…i LOVE that heart rock!!!!

  2. What a relief that all your relatives (and their belongings) in Texas are okay. It is such a devastating situation.
    Spending time in a park is such fun. I put that on my list to make sure I do that at least once before Summer ends. How nice that your mom enjoyed that change of scenery so much, too.
    Hurray for resolved gift cards to Cracker Barrell, health issues and answered prayer!
    Have a refreshing week, Barb.

  3. Oh, that’s so good to hear about your family in Texas! Glad you had some fun times gathering and going out together for your staycation, and especially that Grandma seemed to have perked up. I smiled at the idea of caddies for frisbee golf 🙂

    Good to know your health issues were calmed with prayer. And both you and Timothy have some new toys this week 😉

  4. Your stay-cation sounded lovely, Barbara. I am so glad that you all had such a good time while your son was home. LOVED the picture of Timothy (and you) while Timothy was enjoying playing with toys that his dad and uncles had played with as a child.

    I’m so glad that your medical issues were resolved…thank You, Lord! He’s been busy taking care of people’s health issues this week.

    Have a lovely holiday weekend!

  5. How nice to have a break from cooking. I always come back eager to try new recipes and happy to cook my old recipes, too.

    Love the Little People toys! I wish I had saved the ones my kids have. I’ll have to check out garage sales for my grandkids:)

    A family outing at the park sounds perfect. Our weather is still pretty hot, but once it cools down I look forward to getting out more and taking the kids in the wagon.

    Enjoy the holiday weekend, Barbara.

  6. A break from cooking–that’s a fave for sure!
    We still have the houseboat with a couple of ‘little people’ with it. It survived the return from overseas. Our grandkids have all enjoyed playing with it. Some toys are classics.
    So glad to know your mother in law enjoyed her ‘day out’.

  7. What fun for Timothy. My kids always loved when Grandma would dig things out that used to belong to me and their Dad. Those little people sets I think are worth some money nowadays. Jim’s mom looks happy to be outside. Being out in fresh air is always so nice. Love the little lamp with the birds. Great find for half price.

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