Friday’s Fave Five

christmas FFFIt’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

We’re really feeling the winter cold this week, but thankfully no snow yet! Here are some highlights from the last week:

1. A new Christmas tree. I saw a mini white Christmas tree with pink and blue ornaments at a store and just loved it. Unfortunately that store didn’t have any more of that tree or ornaments, but after looking around I found what I wanted. I decided to put it in my bedroom – I have never had anything Christmasy in my bedroom, and I have gotten a ridiculous amount of pleasure from this. Ironically, I have been asking myself if there are ways we should simplify or cut back on our decorating, and here I go adding more. 🙂 One tip for others with mini trees: I have some in other rooms, too, and I store them individually in a container with the decorations still on. When we get them out again, all I have to do is fluff them up a little and put back on a few ornaments that might have fallen off rather than decorating the whole thing again. So that helps.


2. Alexa. I wasn’t a big fan at first, but my husband enjoys having it, and he doesn’t buy any gadget without searching for deals on it. But what I especially love is that he programmed it to turn the Christmas lights on and off on our tree and outside just by speaking to it. 🙂 The one switch for the tree was in a hard-to-reach place, and the one for the outside lights is outside, and I always hated having to go out in the cold and dark night to turn them off. So having those switches programmed in is nice!

3. Surprise help with the dishes. I usually clean up the kitchen after dinner while my husband feeds his mom. One night I had gotten the dishwasher loaded but still had to hand wash the pots and pans and the blending equipment to puree his mom’s food. I had to step away for a bit, and when I came back, he had returned from feeding his mom and cleaned up her dishes plus everything else I hadn’t finished. A nice surprise! And I think I’ve mentioned before that he always does the Sunday morning breakfast dishes. I just don’t have time to tend to them – unless I want to get up even earlier – and it’s so nice not to have them still sitting in the sink when we get home.

4. Being almost finished with Christmas shopping and wrapping.

5. Timothy’s imagination. He was playing a fishing game with his dad on the couch, and the carpet was transformed into “freezing cold” water which he occasionally jumped into and even swam in. He had us all laughing without trying in the least to be funny.

Happy Friday!

7 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. The white tree is cute! I am enjoying seeing others’ decorations since none of mine or my daughter’s are up on display.
    Your husband is definitely a ‘keeper’! (mine does dishes, too)
    Timothy is such a cutie! Maybe next time, he can swim in warm tropical water with the dolphins.
    Have a great week!

  2. Your little tree is adorable! You made me think, and I don’t think I have any Christmas decor in my bedroom either — it’s all upstairs. I ought to change that 🙂 Interesting that Alexa can turn on lights. That’s definitely a plus! The girls had fun with the in-laws’ over Thanksgiving but their uses were less helpful (asking it to tell jokes, etc).

  3. I love your little looks so pretty. i always decorate our bedroom .. but I’ve yet to put a tree in there..maybe next year
    My hubby hardly ever washes when he does its a lovely surprise.
    Im nearly finished with my shopping too…time for some baking!
    Phoebe x

  4. I love your bedroom Christmas tree! I, too, am trying to simplify, but I hung some Christmas lights in my den where my desk is, just for me;) I love them. I like the idea of keeping the little tree decorated to store away.

    Just love the imagination of a child<3

  5. Your mini tree looks pretty on your dresser! I put a little something in each and every room of the house. The family room has the most decorations but the living room has the tree. We also have a mini tree on the front porch. I simplified about 4 years ago and it looks better in my opinion. Minimal…..less is more!!

    how fun to watch Timothy and his pretend play!

    Yay for dishwashers and husbands who do the rest!!

    Enjoy the second weekend of Advent!

  6. My husband got an Alexa from work.. we haven’t set it up yet and we are usually the most techy people but I’m looking forward to see all that Alexa can do
    Kids and their imaginations.. my youngest is always spinning such fantastical tales.

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