Friday’s Fave Five

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It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

I hope your end-of-January, beginning-of-February week has been a good one! I have many more than five good happenings his week, but I’ll try to squeeze in as many as I can!

1. Fun family time. I mentioned in an earlier post that we went to the Chocolatefest in town,  but it ended up having lots of booths for clothes and jewelry with just a handful featuring chocolate, unless you paid extra for the section where they were doling out chocolate treats. But it was fun to do something together as a family and go out for lunch afterward. And then one night Jim and I rented a movie to watch together, which is unusual – usually we rent movies to watch as a family. There are a few TV shows we watch together, but it was fun to have our own “movie night.”

2. Dinner. It’s so nice to get a text mid-afternoon from Jason and Mittu asking if they can come over and make dinner. They brought over chili and cornbread. Then Timothy starting playing multiple things with all the throw pillows in the house – piling them up as high as he could, and exultantly knocking them down, making an island, making a puzzle, covering Daddy with them, and I don’t remember what all else.

3. New clothes. Some of my clothes had reached at-home-only status, and sometimes I have a hard time finding things I like that fit well that are a decent price and meet all my other requirements. 🙂 A few things I ordered came in the mail this week, so now I am sufficiently covered (ha!) for a while longer.

4. Lunch with Melanie and a belated Christmas gift exchange. For various reasons we hadn’t seen each other since November, so it was fun to catch up.

5. My first experiment with an Instant Pot. My son had gotten one of these for Christmas and really enjoyed it, and I kept hearing online friends rave about it. So I used my Amazon points* to get a free one for myself. But it sat on the counter for a few weeks until I got brave enough to try it. 🙂 I’ve been collecting recipes on Pinterest and finally last night ventured forth with about four different chicken and dumplings recipes and cobbled them together. I ended up using pretty much the same ingredients as this one, a stove-top recipe I had used before, and the Instant Pot instructions for this one. Some of the others called for milk or heavy cream to make the broth creamier or for a lot of other spices, but I liked the simpler, traditional version. Some also called for rolling out the dumpling dough and using a pizza cutter to make little rectangular shaped ones, like Cracker Barrel, but what few times I’ve had it before, other than CB, I’ve had the round, fluffy dumplings. And it’s a lot easier to drop the dough into the broth by spoonful than to roll it out. Anyway – I loved how it came out! Comfort food!


I was also excited to find that you can put frozen chicken breasts in the Instant Pot and have them “fork-tender” in 12 minutes!

Happy Friday!

(* Just a note that the Amazon points had nothing to do with an affiliate program. I am not a part of their affiliate program, though I have thought about it. These were reward points for using their credit card. I tend to save them up to buy a bigger item I probably wouldn’t otherwise get for myself.)


9 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. I enjoyed reading about your favorite blessings this week, Barbara. I especially loved reading that you and your husband had your own “movie night”. Isn’t that fun? Carroll and I currently have a standing “date” each evening after the kitchen is cleaned up from supper to watch one episode of All Creatures Great and Small. And…ah, yes…the Instant Pot. Our son raves about theirs all the time. In fact, he just said to me last week, “If there was ever one small kitchen appliance that I would highly recommend it would be the Instant Pot.” My problem is that I use something like my air-fryer and yogurt maker a lot when I first get it, but then it sort of fades out. That is an area I really need to work on. Glad you had a great week!

  2. My goodness that looks delicious!!! I love that your son and his family come to prepare you dinner! That is a wonderful family you have there! Glad you and Melanie could get together again. I thinks she’s a sweet sweet lady! 🙂 I don’t really like to shop for clothes. I know that is not normal to most women but I just don’t like to shop. I wish they had those instapots when I was raising my family! 😀
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I’ve been hearing all kinds of things about the instant pot. I’m sticking to my slow cooker but if I got one as a gift i would def use it.

    YAY for going to a chocolate fest. I would find it hard to not stuff my self!

    i love shopping for clothes on sale. I have a few great stores but this time of the year not much is on sale….i need some new stuff for work for spring so hopefully in another month or two those items will be on sale. I refuse to pay full price. now shoes are a different matter. I tend to spend more money on shoes or boots than i do on clothes. hahahah…..

    have a restful weekend!

  4. I’ve seen lots of Instant Pot recipes and the time savings sounds really appealing. Looks you found a winning recipe!

    How lovely to have some special time as a whole family, with just your husband, and dinner served 🙂 and I’m glad you have had some success with mail-order. It’s much more of a miss for me than a hit.

  5. So Melanie moved to Tennessee! I didn’t realize that. I had kind of lost track of her. I’m wondering if you all are in the East Tennessee area, around Hampton? I’ve family that lives there.

    I’m interested in your adventures with the Insta Pot. I’m thinking I need one, since my old-fashioned pressure cooker bit the dust. Time for an upgrade! Let us know if you have more successes in trying it out!

  6. I’ve heard so much about the instant pot. I’ll have to ask around among my friends to see who has one. When I’ve made chicken and dumplings, I’ve just dropped the spoonful of dough into the broth.
    Timothy’s adventures with the pillows sounds like a lot of fun for a three year old!

  7. I still have not bitten the Insta-Pot bullet. Though your recipe looks and sounds delicious and the 12 minute time is very very appealing. I love when Hubby makes a huge batch of homemade popcorn and we have a movie night together at home. One of my favorite things. Kids and pillows are a great combination for fun.

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