Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

It’s been a crazy week weather-wise: warm, cold, rain, snow, and sunshine. Thankfully, though, we didn’t get anywhere near the bad weather predicted. Even though we had more wintry weather after the first day of spring, I love the fact that it’s officially spring now. Soon it will begin feeling like it! Here are some of the best parts of the last week.

1. Lunch out with the family. My son, daughter-in-law, and grandson discovered a new restaurant they liked, and my grandson in particular wanted Grandma and Granddad to experience it, too. 🙂 We met there for lunch last Saturday and had a great meal and time together.

2. “Manager’s specials.” At the grocery store where I shop most often, sometimes I’ll find “Manager’s special” markdowns in the meat section. Last week I found some wonderful boneless beef ribs at a great price. I almost never make ribs at home, but I couldn’t pass up that deal! I tried this recipe, minus the cayenne pepper. I thought it could have used more of the spices and less liquid, but it was very good, especially with Sticky Fingers barbecue sauce on the side.

3. A Writer’s Survival Kit, put together by the pastor’s wife of the church we have been visiting. Such a neat and thoughtful gift!


4. My husband’s car. He had been needing to replace his car for a while but hadn’t had a chance to do so yet. He finally got a moment to look last week, and at the first dealership everything was above the price he wanted to pay. Almost on a whim he stopped at another. He had not had a chance to research the cars of this particular company, but found one he liked that met his specifications, except that it was also too expensive. The manager “just happened by” at that moment and said they had a slightly older model of that car with very little mileage. Long story short, my husband got pretty close to the deal he wanted for a car that will meet his needs, and since he uses it for work, he receives a car allowance that will cover the payments. We’re so thankful for God’s leading and provision.

5. More light in the evenings. I don’t like the changeover to Daylight Savings Time, and in the middle of the summer it’s hard to wind down at night when it is light so late, but this time of year I feel like I am coming out of hibernation. 🙂 It is nice that there is more light in the evenings now.

Happy Friday!

11 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. All lovely things to count as favorites. I am so blessed by the thoughtfulness of this pastor’s wife, Barbara. It made me smile when I saw it earlier in the week and it still made me smile just now. It also blessed my heart to know that Timothy wanted Grandma and Granddad to have lunch with the family. 🙂 Doesn’t that just make your heart melt? Have a wonderful weekend, Barbara.

  2. Well that was a result on the car. It’s nice to have one that’s brand new but often better deals can be had on slightly used models. I’m also looking forward to having more light. Our clocks change this weekend. Sounds like you had a nice family lunch. Family time is always good.

  3. “Coming out of hibernation” — ha, I kind of feel that way too. Well, at least I hope I will when the temps start feeling like spring here 🙂 The kit your pastor’s wife made is so sweet! And I am really glad about the car for your husband. That’s really an answer to prayer and a load of both your minds, I’m sure.

  4. It takes me a while to adjust to Daylight Savings, too. I like the writer’s survival kit! What a sweet idea. And so sweet that your grandson wanted you to enjoy that restaurant, too. He certainly looks out for you:)

  5. Wonderful faves. OMGOSH I LOVE the time change in spring!!! Late evening walks, beautiful sunsets well after I’ve cleaned up the kitchen and prepped lunch for the next work day. Saturday evenings by the firepit and longer days to hike!!! Not coming out of the woods in the gloom and dark. LOVE april- November!!

    Yay for the Lord providing a new car!!

    How sweet of your pastors wife to give you that little goodie bag!!

    • I do like having more light in the evening this time of year, as I said. But I don’t like losing the hour at the changeover and then taking a week or more for my body clock to get adjusted. And then in the middle of the summer, it’s light so late that it’s hard to wind down and go to sleep at the time I need to. I know some places have that worse, like in Alaska. Not complaining, just saying those two aspects are a harder adjustment for me. But, yes, I do love the lighter evenings now.

  6. Getting a good new-to-you used car for a good price is always a fave!
    I remember living in the north and really noticing the change in light. More light is a happy thing!
    I love how Timothy always is thinking of you and wanting to share things and experiences with you. So sweet!

  7. I love it when you just stumble upon a great deal! Most of us don’t like change, but I have found that just ‘going with the flow’ when it comes to things I can’t change is the wisest choice.

  8. What a nice clutch of faves, Barbara! Love how God provided for that car just suited to your husband’s needs.
    I don’t mind the time change because I know I’ll feel so much more energetic coming home to sunshine. The cats also get to have some Liberty Hall, too.

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