Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

I have much to be thankful for this week! These are at the top of the list:

1. Timothy’s birthday!


2. Flying kites! Jim had gotten a kite for his birthday a few weeks ago, and then my son and daughter-in-law got one for Timothy.  We went to a park last weekend to fly them, and the day could not have been more perfect for it.



Our caregiver wasn’t available at the time we could all go, so we took my husband’s mother with us. She seemed a little agitated at first, but after a bit she settled down. She didn’t seem to see the kites when I tried to point them out to her, but later on it looked as if she was following them with her eyes (between dozes :)). I think she was glad to get back home, but I hope the change of venue did her good.


3. The Children’s Museum of Oak Ridge. We all went there last Saturday morning. I was quite impressed! Oak Ridge played a big part in the Manhatten Project during WWII, so much of the museum concerns that. But the rest of it is just a museum geared to kids. I think Timothy’s favorite parts were the life-sized dollhouse, the rain forest room, the water room, and the space room.





In the old-time classroom, Jim took on the role of teacher.


Jim met some new friends there. 🙂



Mittu packed us a picnic lunch which we were able to eat inside. There were tables and a playground outside as well. All in all a fun outing!

4. Family time. My oldest son had come in towards the end of last week and was able to stay through Monday. Besides all the outings and activities mentioned, we had fun just talking, playing games, eating pizza, barbecue, and Mexican food at different times. I especially enjoyed having the whole family together at church Sunday morning.

5. Safety. I had a scary encounter Thursday morning. I was in my car waiting at a red light when I heard some noise, but it didn’t register what it was. I had my windows rolled up and an audiobook on, and I thought it was a nearby car with people talking loudly or a radio on. Then a huge guy got out of the passenger’s side of the car to my left, but I thought perhaps they were just changing drivers. Then I realized the noise was that guy yelling, and he went to the car on his left and started punching the passenger side door, eventually breaking the mirror. The driver pulled forward, but his light was red (although, if it the situation had gone on any longer, I would not have blamed him for disregarding the light). But the attacker stopped punching and stalked back to his own car. Besides that whole situation being disturbing, the bigger fear was that the situation would escalate- that he’d attack the driver personally, that someone would pull out a gun,  that he’d see me watching and then start punching my door. Thankfully none of that happened. It was all over in a few seconds, the traffic lights changed, and we all drove off. It’s scary how some people have little to no control when they’re angry. I was glad nothing worse happened, but I was rattled for a while afterward.

I hope you had a good week as well!

12 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Timothy is getting so big! Happy Birthday to that little guy. It looks like Timothy had a great time at the museum and I’m glad your older son was able to visit for awhile. Jim and the fish – quite a pair! That was a scary thing you described! You just never know these days what sets people off! Have a blessed day.

  2. What a great week! Happy birthday to TImothy; he’s looking so grown up! The kite-flying sounds really fun. I love how green it looks there! Glad your MIL got to go along, even if maybe she didn’t seem to get a lot out of it. We loved the Oak Ridge Museum when we visited a few years ago. I don’t even remember there being a children’s part there. Maybe because my kids were all teens?

    • Was it the American Museum of Science and Energy that you went to? I remember reading about your visit to OR. I don’t remember if the AMSE was called that then – they made some changes but I don’t remember if the name was one. But the Children’s Museum is in a separate location. I haven’t been to the AMSE since it was revamped – I need to go see that and go on the bus tour.

  3. Timothy looks as if he enjoyed his birthday! What fun! I love the hands-on children’s museums. We went to one in Bangor Maine when our granddaughters were young and they loved it! Phew! That was one scary incident you witnessed at the stop light! Thankful for God’s protection!

  4. Happy Birthday to Timothy! It’s been years since I’ve flown a kite, I’d forgotten how much fun that can be. We’ve had some great weather for it of late. The hands-on children’s museums are such a great concept. It would be fun if they had them for ‘big kids’ too;)

  5. oh my goodness Barbara. I would have been reaching for my cell phone to call 911 with someone that close to me punching doors and breaking mirrors. what is wrong with people???!!! well…evil. It’s in this world. So sad for our country. Just awful.

    BUT….yay for getting Jim’s mother out and about and for having fun with Timothy. I can’t believe how big he is getting. I’ve lost track though. Is he 3 or 4? i love preschoolers!! And what an awesome looking museum!!

    Enjoy the weekend.

    • If the attack had gone on any longer, I am sure someone would have called 911 and/or started filming with their cell phones. It was all over very quickly, and since everyone drove off in different directions, there would have been nothing for the police to come to.

  6. Wow, I’d have been really scared with that out of control guy anywhere near me. I’m relieved you stayed safe.
    I remember when Timothy was born and how tiny he was and how we prayed for him. And look at him now! Happy Birthday to him!
    Family time is wonderful! I’m glad you had all the boys together and even your mil was able to enjoy being outdoors.

  7. Happy birthday to Timothy! Loved the pics of the kite flying. Brought back some great memories, that is something my hubby did a lot with the kids. The museum looks like lots of fun and looks like some great family time. Scary about the driving incident.

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