Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

I know I often say I can’t believe we’re near the end of another month – yet I feel that way almost every time! April has been an up and down, back and forth month, but I think spring is pretty firmly settled in now. I’m soaking it up before the heat of summer hits in another month or so. Meanwhile, here are some of the favorite parts of the last week:

1. A painted door. Most of the framework outside our home is painted an almost rosy beige, but the back door, door frame, and screen door were orange for some reason. I really, really, really don’t like orange in home decorating (though I do like it on autumn leaves and pumpkins and such.) My dear husband has more than enough home projects on his plate when the weather turns warm and dry, but he was able to get to this door last Saturday. I was planning to take a picture, but at the moment I am writing (Thursday afternoon) it’s a rainy day. It’s nice to enjoy looking at a door instead of chafing every time I see it.

2. Sarku is a fast food Asian restaurant at the mall. I wish they had restaurants outside the mall, because I love their chicken teriyaki. We don’t get to them very often any more because we don’t live near a mall like we used to, when we ate there frequently. Last Sunday we were in the vicinity around lunchtime, and my husband suggested we get lunch from there to take home. I enjoyed having their teriyaki again.

3. Things not turning out as badly as expected. 🙂 Both my husband and I had forgotten that his mother’s regular caregiver was going to be off one day this week until she reminded us the day before. When the agency knows ahead of time that we’re going to need a substitute, they usually send someone out to train with our regular caregiver for an hour or two before the substitute has to fly solo. But this time, for whatever reason, they didn’t work that out, so we had someone completely new come. Usually when any caregiver is here for the first time, my husband spends some of the time showing them how we like things done with his mom. Theoretically anyone from the agency should be competent and experienced, but that’s not always the case, and even if they are, each patient has their own particular quirks. This time, however, my husband was going to be out of town except for the first half-hour this new person was here. I had had other plans for the day, and I was dreading dealing with a new person, both the time involved in showing them the ropes plus the potential or dealing with problems or issues that usually fall to my husband. But everything turned out relatively well and all that angst was wasted (when will I ever learn?).

4. Ideas. I’ve mentioned working on a book. One day this week out of the blue, a watershed idea came to mind that I think will bring everything into focus with it. I need to think and pray over it some more to make sure, but I’m excited that this might be the emphasis to build the rest of the book around. And, as I believe God guides us in these things, this also encouraged me that this is something He really does want me to do.

5. God’s speaking to our hearts. One morning this week I was struggling with a particular area. My devotions that morning involved just reading the next chapters in my normal routine, but the passage I was in spoke to that specific issue. Then later in the day I turned on the Christian radio station for just a few minutes while I prepared something, and the speaker at that moment spoke to the same issue. I felt so loved and encouraged.

Bonus: My daughter-in-law came over and made dinner the night my husband was out of town and my son and grandson did the dishes. 🙂

If you haven’t seen it yet, I have a poll about your blog reading preferences here. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Happy Friday!

10 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. What a lovely week you’ve had this week, Barbara. I’m so glad that things worked out with the substitute caregiver for your mother-in-law…and I understand the angst over those things that always turn out fine in the end.

    Loved hearing about #4! I’ll be praying.

    What a sweet daughter-in-law, son, and grandson you have to treat you like a queen for the evening that your husband was out of town. SO thoughtful.

  2. Oh wow!!!! Are you writing a fiction book or a devotional type one? I started a book a few years ago…..a memoir and shelved it for a while. Maybe I’ll pray about that!

    How thoughtful of your dil to cook! Very sweet.

    Praise God the situation with your mother in law and the caretakers all worked out. That can be very frustrating I’m sure, when it doesn’t!

    Happy weekend!

  3. I’m so glad to hear you’re working on a book! The 5-yr period I was writing my books was a wonderful, creative time for me. Yay for your daughter in law cooking! That is so helpful, and I would be so appreciative so I know you were as well. Happy weekend!

  4. “But everything turned out relatively well and all that angst was wasted (when will I ever learn?).” Ugh. This is so me, too. One day I hope to learn!

    I’m excited to hear you’re considering writing a book. You have beautiful skills and important things to say.

  5. So glad to hear about your lovely week. You are blessed to have such good people in your life. Your DIL is a gem! But you knew that;) How exciting about your book! I love it when an idea breaks through. It can send you in directions you never knew were there. Have fun with it!

  6. Hi Barbara, thank you for popping by my Fave Five. I’m glad to visit yours as well.
    Oh, yes, I hear ya on the door. It’s almost a brand-new door now. What a coat of paint can do!! My front door is red, and I’ve grown weary of it. I’d like to paint it green.

    God always has the perfect lesson at the perfect time, doesn’t he? I especially find that with Christian radio. The perfect song comes on at just the right moment.

    The aging parent thing is so difficult, I know. While my parents are still in good health, my in-laws are another matter, especially my mother-in-law. My father-in-law was really struggling with being her full-time caregiver, so just 2 weeks ago, he got 4-day-a-week nursing help. I think the agency has it set up so that they have 2 regular people—one who comes on Sundays, and one who comes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I can already tell that they like the stability of have the same 2 people all the time.

    I wish you well on your book project!


  7. Someone else cooking a meal and doing the dishes would always be a fave! I know how thankful you are for your son, daughter-in-law and grandson.
    Whew! situations with care givers (even in facilities) can be stressful. I’m glad yours was almost stress free this week.
    A book? Do tell!

  8. Always a blessing to see how God has worked in your week, Barbara! I usually read though I seldom find time to comment. So thankful to hear how it all worked out with the substitute caregiver. I’ve been there!

  9. So glad the substitute worked out in spite of not having that extra time. I know what you mean about wasted angst. I seem to say too often “When will I learn?”. You’re writing a book? How exciting! Looking forward to eventually hearing more about that! Nice that you got your door repainted to something more enjoyable to you. I’ve been wanting to redo our front door as it doesn’t go as well with our new house color and stone but as you say hubby has so much on his plate when the weather turns nicer that the door is kinda low on the priority list. I don’t hate it but I don’t love it either. One of these fine days.

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