Friday’s Fave Five

FFF daisies
It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

And just like that, another week is in the books. They seem to fly faster all the time. It’s nice to pause for a moment and reflect on some of the highlights so we don’t forget them and we remember to thank God for them.

1. A library book sale. I stopped into our local library to pick up a particular book and saw, in a side room off the lobby, a sign for a used book sale. You could fill up a grocery bag with books for $5. So I did!

2. Jason’s birthday. We celebrated my middle son’s birthday this week. Fun!


3. Online grocery shopping. I think I have mentioned this before, but I’ve only done it two or three times. I may make it a regular habit, though. It saves time, stress, and money (money because I don’t impulse-shop that way).

4. Productive days. I tend to think a day is productive when I get done what I wanted to do that day. But the truth is that most days are productive in one way or another even if what I spent time on wasn’t on my to-do list that day. It’s not like I’m watching hours of TV and eating bonbons on “non-productive” days. Still, it’s a good feeling when I can make a good dent in a project I’ve been wanting to get to, and I had one of those this week.

5. Timothy and the leaf-blower. Timothy (my grandson, age 4) uses a couple of items around the house as pretend leaf-blowers, and makes the motor sound while he uses them. Last week Granddad let Timothy use the real leaf-blower. Then Granddad told Timothy he was coming to his house Saturday to do some yard work, and he’d bring the leaf-blower. Timothy got up early in the morning to wait for Granddad. Granddad let Timothy blow the debris off the porch and sidewalk, and paid him $2! Quite a day! 🙂

Happy Friday!


9 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. “Timothy got up early in the morning to wait for Granddad. Granddad let Timothy blow the debris off the porch and sidewalk, and paid him $2!”

    COOLEST grandad EVER!

  2. I always enjoy your Friday posts, Barbara, because of how they focus on family life…and you have a very special family. Love the picture of your son’s birthday celebration! What a lovely family picture. And loved hearing how Timothy got to use the real leaf blower. Have a great weekend, Friend.

  3. Now that is my kind of sale!

    How fun of Granddad to let Timothy do that pay him to boot. Happy birthday to your son. That is a great family pic and Mittu looks lovely.

    Thanks for reminding me of online grocery shopping. I’ve got to get back to that. It really did help me to save money.

  4. Happy birthday to your son. There is a town not too far from me that has outlawed leaf blowers because of the sound. Timothy would not like it there very much.

  5. Happy birthday, Jason!! I think you should include a picture of Timothy every week. He’s so cute! The $5 bag sale at the library sounds like high excitement to me too!

  6. Oh how fun for Timothy thatmhe got to use the real blower!! Making memories..l.
    Happy birthday to your handsome son!
    I love book sales! And going to the library is on my to do list this morning!
    Love when house projects get done!
    Enjoy the weekend

  7. I LOVE that story about Timothy and the leaf blower! It’s a great way to learn to be a responsible worker while having fun!
    Happy Birthday to Jason!
    Oooo, library book sales! So dangerous, yes?

  8. Just little things make children happy, like a leaf blower ! Probably a nightmare for an adult, lol ! I am still in Amsterdam until Thursday ! It’s very hot here too !

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