Friday’s Fave Five

FFF snowflakes

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

It’s been a full week, physically and emotionally, but a good one. Here are the best parts:

1. A great trip to Idaho for my husband’s mother’s funeral. Though the cause for our travel was sad, other aspects of the trip were fun. We had not traveled together as a family since Jason’s wedding, almost ten years ago. It was neat to be part of Timothy’s first flight. He loved it and handled everything wonderfully. Being in a hotel, visiting each other’s rooms, meeting various ones in the breakfast area were all enjoyable. My husband’s oldest brother and sister-in-law were at the same hotel, so we spent a lot of time in the breakfast room chatting. The boys liked the indoor pool and hot tub in the evenings.

2. A sightseeing tour through Jim’s home town. Mittu and Timothy had never been to ID, and the rest of us had not been in ages. The boys had only distant memories. We drove by Jim’s old house and noted the changes, various places he worked and went to school, walked a little bit around Snake River Canyon and Shoshone Falls. It was too cold and we didn’t have enough time to stay outside long, but it was fun.

3. Reconnecting and catching up with extended family and friends. Jim had gone back to ID over ten years ago to bring his mom back to our place, and much of the family met together then. But the rest of us had not seen his side of the family in maybe 18-20 years or more. Some we’ve kept in touch with on Facebook, which is nice but not quite the same. But some of the nieces and nephews aren’t on FB very much. It was almost like a family reunion. One niece remarked that the only thing wrong was that Grandma wasn’t there to enjoy it. She would have loved it. If she could see us from heaven, I’m sure she was happy to see us all together. A special treat was meeting one of her friends that I had been corresponding with for a few years and who has become a sweet reader and commenter on my blog.

4. Wonderful hotel staff. Various ones of us were in three different hotels and didn’t really have a central place to meet. In past years the gathering place would have been Grandma’s house. Our hotel served breakfast, but otherwise the breakfast room was not in use except for keeping coffee available for guests. The staff let us meet there as much as we liked and even allowed us to bring in pizzas to share after the funeral, offered bowls and tongs for ice, etc. We tried to clean up as best we could, straightening and wiping off tables, but I know we caused them more work with extra trash and vacuuming. They could not have been nicer.

5. A few days off from regular chores. It was nice not to have to cook or wash dishes and to have a maid tidy up the room for a few days.

Bonus: Praying friends and answered prayer. I had messaged a few friends with prayer requests for various aspects of the trip and funeral. Traveling with IBS was a particular concern. All that I had asked prayer for went amazingly well. I’m so thankful to God for His grace and for friends who upheld in prayer and sent encouraging notes along the way.

Jim is off (well, mostly – still having to deal with emails and a few phone calls related to work) the rest of this week, but we’re transitioning back to normal. Or a new normal, I should say, adjusting to life without Grandma’s care.

6 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. It’s a special grace when in times of sorrow, families can gather and enjoy one another like yours did. It says a lot about Jim’s mom and the family she created, I’m sure. It sounds like you had a restful, uplifting week. I’m so glad, and I’m sending good wishes as you transition to a different normal.

  2. We always feel like it is a family reunion, too, when a family member passes. I’m so blessed at how everything went for your family, Barbara. God’s grace evidenced. Jim’s mom left behind her a wonderful testimony.

  3. So pleased to hear how prayers have been answered, down to some unexpected ones like the hotel’s generosity. The Lord’s timing as you adjust to a new way of life without Grandma, and new challenges (diabetes).

  4. Barbara I ‘m so glad you participated in the FFF because a couple of mornings on my way to work I prayed for you. And I was wondering how the funeral, etc went. God is so good to provide the hotel staff understanding hearts, and for the family get together and walk around his hometown. It sounds like it was very special in the midst of sorrow. I rejoice with you that she knew Jesus and is safely in heaven waiting for you all 🙂 God bless you this weekend….make sure you relax!!

  5. Your account of your visit to Idaho is a lovely tribute to your mother-in-law and all your family. I’m glad that you were all able to be together.
    Our pastor of church development just moved to Idaho Falls…
    Have a good restful week.

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