Friday’s Fave Fives

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

I was sorry to miss the Friday’s Fave Fives last week. I had to go out of town that morning and had planned to post before I left. But a combination of not sleeping very much the night before, not feeling well that morning, and getting ready for the trip crowded out the time. So I’ll try to condense two weeks into only five favorite parts. 🙂

1. Our church ladies’ group changed its meetings from every other month to every six weeks, so we get a few more times together through the year. I always enjoy the fellowship and the insight from discussing Scripture together.

2. Safety in rain and flooding. We had tons of rainfall week before last, with more than five inches Saturday. Thankfully our property is elevated, but several roads were flooded out. I was at the ladies’ group when my husband texted that the main road home was flooded. I asked the ladies if they knew another way around. The pastor’s wife tried to explain it to me and then offered to drive that way so I could follow her. Then another lady said she was going that way and offered to lead me out. We stayed in the rest of the weekend. Church was cancelled and everyone was urged to stay off the roads. Locals have said they have never seen anything like the flooding we had. One aftermath of all the rain was a 25-foot-wide, 60-foot-deep sinkhole! I’m so thankful for safety. And I am thankful the electricity didn’t go off and that we’ve had some bright sunshine in the days since.

As a subpoint to this one, our community Facebook page was a big help. I actually keep their posts hidden most of the time, because it’s just too busy for me with lost and found pets and searches for plumbers and mechanics and such. But during the flooding that was the best place to find out if local roads were flooded or open.

3. Birthdays. We celebrated my beautiful daughter-in-law’s birthday week before last and my dear husband’s birthday this past week.


4. My second writer’s conference and an encouraging prize. I wrote more about it here, but I was able to attend a writer’s conference last weekend. I’m thankful for safety there and back, good meetings, good workshops, good conversations. And I was especially thankful to have won a prize in a couple of contests. Last year the person who critiqued my manuscript sample had not one good word to say about it, and I seriously rethought whether writing was just a dream. My critique this year was so encouraging, and that and the contests encouraged me that, though I still have a long way to go, I am learning and growing.

5. A new bathroom floor! Our master bathroom had carpet, which doesn’t really work well in a bathroom. Ever since we first bought the house, we’ve wanted to replace the carpet. We had bought the materials but my husband hadn’t had a chance to work on it. He decided that he’d use the time while I was away to do so. It looks nice!



Even if we liked the carpet, we would have needed to change it because it was getting loose and bumpy.



Such an improvement! He did a great job. Next: painting the walls and cabinets, changing the drawer knobs, and finding new bath mats! I love the rug that’s there, but it’s shredding.

Bonus: Tried to keep it to five, but I just had to squeeze in one more. 🙂 My doctor was concerned about some of my lab work at my physical last fall and wanted me to come in for a recheck this week. All my numbers were good and he was pleased!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, but I am looking forward to a bit of relaxation and then digging back in to my manuscript and some other projects.

11 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Fives

  1. Wow! I knew that the sink hole was 25 feet around but didn’t know it had gotten that deep! Have they filled it in? Happy Birthday to your sweet family! Timothy looks like he’s having a good time! Your bathroom floor is so pretty. I love the tile.

  2. You had such wonderful blessings to share this week, Barbara…but then you always do. I’m so glad that you were safe during all the flooding in your area. That is some sinkhole!

    Happy Belated Birthday to your daughter-in-law and your husband!

    Glad the writer’s conference proved to be such a more enjoyable time this year…especially the critiquing of your manuscript. Congratulations on the awards you won!

  3. What a lot of good updates! I’m glad you’re okay with the flooding. I have a TN friend on FB whose place is flooding 😦 Your bathroom flooring looks beautiful! I can’t imagine what a mess it would have been to have carpeting in the bathroom! Glad for your writer’s conference good news and health good news as well!

  4. Wow!!! That is one large hole! Hopefully you will see sunny skies soon!

    The new flooring looks great! I lived in a little apt just after grad school back in the late 1980s that had carpet in the bathroom. Ugh i hated it!!!!! But the rent was cheap so….l!!!

    It sounds like you had a lovely week of special blessings and congrats to your husband on another birthday and praise God for your blood work results!!!

  5. Glad you stayed safe during all that flooding. Sounds awful. Great news on your blood work. I’m sure you were relieved. Well done on the writing, keep it up. Have a good weekend.

  6. I’m enjoying the community pages now that we live in the country. They have been very helpful. Glad you were safe during the floods and that your home is elevated. That sink hole sounds scary. Happy belated birthdays to your DIL and dear husband. Love the new floor! it really looks great. PTL on your report from the doctor, too. Hope you have a good weekend.

  7. This is such a great list, Barbara. The rainstorm sounds scary, I’m glad you got home safely. Love the bathroom tile, what a difference it makes. I’m so glad you pursued the writer’s conference (can’t wait to go over to that post and read all about it). There’s an art to giving a critique and it should never make one feel bad! You are a good writer — your blog is evidence of that. Congrats on the prize! Oh, and I love that birthday cake with the little banner on it:)

  8. Wow, I had no idea about your rainstorms, I haven’t been really watching any sort of news. So glad you were safe and sound. The sinkhole sounds very scary. Happy Birthday to Jim and Mittu! I’m glad you got more of an encouraging critique this year. After reading you for years I find it hard to believe that someone would have given such a bad one. You are a good writer. I know everyone can always learn but still can’t believe they couldn’t find one good thing. Like Karen said above, there is an art to critiquing. The bathroom floor looks really nice! What a difference.

  9. Happy Birthday to your dil and hubby!
    I love the change in the bathroom flooring. I never understood why anyone would put carpeting in a bath.
    As a former writing teacher, I agree that some people do better at critiquing than others–it’s an art, too. Rule number one should be to encourage! Lucky you, too, on the prizes!

  10. What an excellent week with these faves! I’ve seen some of those sink holes in our area and they seem scarily unpredictable. So glad neither you nor your husband got stuck during the heavy rains.

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