Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

Let’s just jump right in to today’s faves:

1. A quiet week after a couple of busy ones. Though I enjoyed recent events, it was nice to have nothing on the calendar this week except lunch with a friend today.

2. Safe travels for family members. My husband had two business trips this week and my son and daughter-in-law traveled several states over to visit her parents. Everything went well for all of them.

3. Pi Day. Because pi is 3.14+, some of us nerdy types use that for an excuse to eat pie on 3/14. 🙂 We had hamburger pie for dinner and chocolate pretzel pie for dessert. I love fun little family celebrations like that.


4. A husband who cleans up the kitchen on Sunday mornings. It started when his mom first moved in. We would never leave her alone with a new caregiver until we were comfortable with them. We had regular help during the week, but a succession of people on the weekends. So whenever we had a new person on Sundays, Jim would stay home from church. Since it takes me the longest to get ready and he didn’t have to get ready, he’d put away breakfast, load the dishwasher, run it if it was full, wipe off the table and stovetop. He has continued to do that on Sunday mornings ever since. I always appreciate help with cleanup, but especially on Sunday mornings. It’s so nice to come home after church, especially if we’ve gotten lunch out somewhere, to a clean kitchen and an afternoon of rest.

5. Meals brought in. Speaking of getting meals somewhere else . . . 🙂 Jim picked up hamburgers for dinner Saturday night and then we got McAlister’s Deli takeout for Sunday lunch. So I had the whole weekend off in the kitchen. 🙂

Happy Friday!

13 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. I wish I had planned ahead for Pi Day. My husband is one of those nerdy types who enjoys it;) He would get a kick out of meal like yours. He also helps with kitchen cleanup. It’s such a treat and I never take it for granted. Your week sounds lovely and calm. Have a nice weekend, Barbara.

  2. Mike’s been cleaning up the kitchen a lot for me, since he’s been retired. It’s a huge help since I am still working!

  3. We do Pi day as well because my husband is a huge nerd and super smart and my oldest got one of her undergrad degrees in Math. For fun. Her words. Because i teach full time now though i ended up buying a chocolate silk frozen pie. It was decadent and absolutely delicious and def a treat for Dave and I as we don’t typically buy packaged desserts.

    How wonderful your husband does the clean up. My husband likes making Sunday breakfast before church but def needs help with cleaning it up! 😜

    Happy weekend!,

  4. Pi day always catches me by surprise and I wish I had done something for it. Oh well. It was always fun when the kids were young to do special things like that for holidays. That reminds me, St. Patrick’s Day is this weekend so better buy cabbage to make Colconnan. 🙂

    What a blessing to have that clean kitchen.

  5. Didn’t know it was pi day until too late but we did have pie on Tuesday at our daughter’s house. We usually share the workload – if I cook hubby clears up and vice versa. Sometimes a quiet week is a blessing in itself. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  6. Pi day is also Ellen B’s birthday, so I celebrated both (even though Ellen is far away from me now).
    You mentioned my church including middle school girls. I agree with you on all you wrote, and our efforts to include all children in our services and meetings is intentional for those reasons.
    I’m glad you had a quiet week, too. And enjoy the clean kitchen! My husband does dishes at our house because I’ve been having skin issues with the soaps.
    Happy weekend!

  7. I suppose that PI day means St. Patrick’s day, we don’t celebrate that in Belgium only the Irish do. So I didn’t know and was surprised to find all these celbrations this morning !

    • A lot of people here celebrate St. Patrick’s Day even if they aren’t Irish. Some say they’re Irish for a day. 🙂 It really doesn’t have anything to do with Patrick, but it’s fun to wear green, eat Irish good, etc. But Pi Day is different. It’s not even really a holiday. Pi is something in math that is 3.14. So since March 14 is also 3.14, some call it pi day and eat pie. 🙂

  8. A husband who cleans the kitchen is a treasure for sure! I didn’t do anything special for Pi day but it certainly made me hungry for some pie!

  9. I saw your pies on Pi Day and thought — oops! It totally sneaked up on me. Yours look so good! Sounds like a good week. I like weeks where several calendar days have nothing written on them 🙂 I do enjoy “white space” in my life! Such a blessing that your husband is willing to help with cleaning up. I know what you mean about it being nice to come home to a clean kitchen.

  10. Fun to see Pi day celebrated! Isn’t it nice that so many foods lend themselves to being served in round 🙂? How lovely to have a simpler quieter week after a stretch of busy. That’s so sweet of your husband to use his pocket of time by tidying up Sunday breakfasts.

  11. A whole weekend off of cooking sounds like a great treat! Your quiet week, safe travels, Pi day celebrations and a husband who cleaned up the kitchen, all sound like very good things to be thankful for. Hope your new week is going well.

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