Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week
with Susanne and other friends at Living to Tell the Story .

It’s been a relativity quiet week – my favorite kind. Here are some of the best parts:

1. Dinner out. For our anniversary a few months ago, our son and daughter-in-law gave us a gift card that could be used at several different restaurants. We just used it last weekend at Olive Garden. The food was great, as was the waiter. We liked that the restaurant was divided into several smaller eating areas, as opposed to one big (and much noisier) open area. All in all a pleasant experience. We tend to bring take-out home more often than we eat out, but it’s nice every now and then to go out for a meal.

2. Ladies’ group from church. We meet every six weeks or so. I wasn’t sure if I was going to make this one, because, for some unknown reason, I woke up at 3 a.m. and couldn’t go back to sleep. I decided to go ahead and get ready, but still wasn’t sure whether I’d be awake and clear-headed enough to go. I did end up going, and was so glad I did. We had a great time in the book of Acts. And I did catch up on sleep with a good nap in the afternoon.

3. Meals bought in. My daughter-in-law cooked dinner a couple of times in the last week, always appreciated!

4. A new nightgown. I calculated that it’s been almost nine years since I’ve bought one, because  I haven’t found a place that sells the kind I like since we moved to TN. The store I used to buy them from in SC is out of business. I like knit nightgowns, so they stretch and move with me, but I don’t like the feel of nightgowns in most stores. Last weekend I was in a store where I don’t usually shop, looking for bath mats, when I passed the nightgown racks and spied a cute one. I stopped and checked out the fabric, and it was the kind I like! And it was a decent price as well.

5. A degree in hand. Jesse had finished his classes online, and according to his records, had done everything he needed to complete his degree. But he hadn’t received any notification from the school saying that he was graduating. He and my husband both made some phone calls, and finally got confirmation that yes, he was indeed finished and his diploma should arrive in a few weeks. But it got here this week! Even though he knew he was done, it felt good to actually have that confirmation in hand.

Bonus: I was finally able to spend some much-needed concentrated time on a project. I’m hoping that getting over this hump will make the rest come much easier.

Happy Friday!

7 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. What a good week, and I’m with you on enjoying the relatively quiet weeks the most. I am happy to know that there are others who hang onto nightgowns as long as I do 🙂 How great to find a new one you like when you really weren’t even looking! Congrats to your son on his degree!!

  2. Congratulations to Jesse on his degree! Hard work rewarded. I totally get what you go thru with the nightgown. I’m picky about the material too and find it hard with all the mircrofiber stuff out there now. I can’t stand microfiber. And I do like sleepwear to stretch also. Such a dilemma. LOL. It’s great that you came across one you liked when you were actually looking for something else. I would have been tempted to buy 2! Have a nice long weekend!

  3. Congrats to your son for getting,his degree!! Is it a masters?
    Yay for nice nighties at good prices.
    We love Olive Garden but at our ONe in this large city, we usually have a wAit of an hour so we rarely go. I love their pasta faglioli!
    Enjoy the long weekend!

  4. Congratulations to Jesse on finishing his degree! Yes, it is wonderful to have the ‘paper proof’! (like finally getting your official drivers license and not just the printed receipt)
    Ohh–how nice to have those delivered meals! Your daughter in law is truly a rare gem!
    Happy weekend!

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