Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week
with Susanne and other friends at Living to Tell the Story .

And just like that, we’re halfway through August! Time to take a few moments to think about the good things God brought my way this week:

1. Another good movie. I started watching I Can Only Imagine while riding my exercise bike, but then decided I wanted to see it all at once rather than in pieces. I asked my husband if he wanted to watch it with me last weekend, and he did. Wow, it was hard to keep a dry eye through parts of it. The father in the film reminded both of us of our own fathers. They weren’t physically abusive like the father in the film, but they were like him in several other ways. It was neat to see God’s grace in both father and son.

2. Jason and Mittu’s anniversary trip. To celebrate their tenth anniversary, they took Timothy on a trip to the Ark Encounter in KY. They shared their pictures when they came back. It looks really interesting!

3. A “just because” gift bag. A friend at church surprised me with a sweet card and gift bag of little goodies: a kitchen towel, some post-it notes, magnetic bookmarks, and my favorite candy. Although I loved the “stuff,” it was special to me just to be thought of.

4. A prime parking spot. Though I try to park close to where I need to go, I figure if I can’t, I need the exercise. But this week I had an appointment at a doctor’s office with a very small parking lot right next to a hospital. Usually the small lot is full, so I have to park by the hospital. Last time I ended up way out in the boonies after a lot of frustration trying to find a space that wasn’t reserved for hospital personnel. I remembered all that just before I left the house this time, and I prayed that I’d find a parking space close by the office. I did, about five spaces from the front door!

5. The “friend’s store.” My son and daughter-in-law have a friend who opened a little store several weeks ago. He finds grocery items that are about to be discontinued or are close to their “best by” date and sells them at a deep discount. My husband has started going there about once a week. You never know quite what you’re going to find, but he’s brought home everything from chips and salsa to fresh peaches to gluten-free cookies.

Happy Friday!

12 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Every one of those things sounds so nice. I understand your thought that it’s just nice to be thought of. That’s really sweet. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I do love a good bargain and would love the friend’s store. How thoughtful of your friend to present you with a just because gift bag. Love your list!

  3. A group of us went to the movies to see “I can only imagine.” Many of us also had times of crying because we related to various parts. This movie led to some good discussions afterward. And by the way, good idea to watch a movie when you’re on your exercise bike. That probably makes that experience less boring. At least I think riding on an exercise bike is boring. LOL

    Congrats on Jason and Mittu’s 10th anniversary. How fun to celebrate with Timothy by going to the ark encounter. Someday I hope to go there, too.

    A just because gift bag is special indeed. That was sweet that your friend let you know in a tangible way she was thinking of you. I am feeling like I could follow that example and bless some ladies this week.

    Hurray for a close-by parking spot.

    Sounds like going to your friend’s store is a shopping adventure. What a great store concept, too.

    Have a great week, Barbara.

  4. I love bargains!! Have a little bit of a hard time with close to out of date stuff, but it would depend on what it was. It sounds like a fun store. –Ann

  5. I started watching I Can Only Imagine and never finished it!! I really need to. From the bit i saw it was excellent!

    What a great trip and how nice they included their son on their anniversary trip.

    Great idea for the discount store! I’d love that!
    You were blessed by your friend with the gift bag….things like that always make my FFF!!

    Enjoy the weekend Barbara,

  6. My husband and I love that movie and have watched it several times. The Ark Encounter sounds very interesting. How sweet to be thought of and receive an unexpected gift.

  7. I will have to look up that movie. Thanks for the recommendation.
    My friend was at the Ark last month and loved it.
    That sweet ‘just because’ gift was so thoughtful! You are blessed to have a friend like that!

  8. It’s not often that it happens that I get very emotional watching a movie, but it happens ! Most of my friends are always afraid not to find a parking space, while I am really lucky (so they are “jaleous”) I always find one and very close to where I want to be !

  9. That store like a fun “pot luck” place to visit. We have a few stores that have serendipitous items on a special aisle.

    I’d heard about the Ark in KY. Sounds like an interesting visit.

    Thanks for mini-movie-review. Sounds amazing.

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