Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week
with Susanne and other friends at Living to Tell the Story .

It seems like September just started, and now 2/3 of it is gone. I like to press “pause” on Fridays and remember some of the best parts of the previous week, lest they fly by too quickly.

1. The Tennessee Valley Fair. We hadn’t gone since before Timothy was born, so it was fun to see his reaction. I hadn’t known in previous years that they had a section for young kids. I enjoyed watching Timothy put on his “brave face” for his first ride that a parent couldn’t do with him. After that, he was fine and rode several more.

2. Jesse’s birthday.

As a subset of this one, he has asked for lemon cake the last few years. Normally I don’t crave lemon, but I do look forward to this every year!

3. Vertigo treatment at a physical therapist’s office using this procedure. It took three repetitions, but the vertigo finally subsided.

4. Providential timing. Jason and Mittu’s car has been in the shop, so they have been borrowing Jim’s old one. One day they dropped something off at our house, and Jim got home just after they came. As they drove away, Jim heard a weird sound and called them to come back. He found that one tire had 3 lug nuts missing somehow! So they borrowed my van while Jim took his car in. I’m thankful God brought attention to this while they were in a safe place.

5. A few quiet days after several busy ones. We’ve had a lot of things on the calendar the last two weeks, some necessitating getting up an hour early. Though most of the events were fun (fair, birthdays) or necessary (doctor’s visits), I was so glad there was nothing going on the rest of this week. Wednesday I seemed to fall asleep every time I got still for a few minutes, and I was afraid I’d be wide awake that night. But I wasn’t, so I must have needed the extra shut-eye.

Bonus: The flushing mechanism on our toilet broke the same day as the car issues came up. We could still flush it, but we had to take off the lid to the tank and do it manually. I was so glad Jim could fix it the next day.

Happy Friday!

11 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Those car things! Mine is in the shop today for routine maintenance. So good that those problems got caught and your husband noticed it. Lots of good stuff getting fixed around here 😉 Happy birthday to Jesse! That Timothy. He’s growing up!

  2. Well you did have several nice things this week! Timothy is so cute on the ride. No, lemon isn’t what I’d choose in a cake either, but yay for traditions and happy birthday to Jesse! I know what you mean about enjoying quieter days. I do too.

  3. So glad your vertigo treatments are working!
    What a fun pic of your grandson on the rides!
    Happy birthday to your son! I love lemon but have never had lemon cake.

    Praise God for the perfect timing of the car issue!!

  4. Thankful to hear your good but hectic week ended well. I think of you often and greatly enjoy your blog. I have learned how to repair many things on YouTube!

  5. The photo of Timothy at the fair made me smile. How fun you all got to go together and experience his first time.

    Oh Yum, lemon cake is a favorite of mine too. But I’ve never made it as a Bundt cake. Happy belated birthday to Jesse.

    So glad your physical therapist was able to help you with vertigo. Vertigo can be so debilitating.

    Being able to stay home and get the rest we need is indeed a blessing. Have a great week, Barbara.

  6. Mr.G also had a vertigo treatment and after a while it was healed. We first didn’t know what it was ! Thimothy has become a young boy now, he must be 5 or 6 I think, time flies by so quickly !

  7. Aren’t you thankful that you have a handy husband who can do all those little maintenance things?
    Happy Birthday to Timothy! I’m glad you (and he) enjoyed the fair.
    Hoping you have many more quiet days 🙂

  8. Love lemon anything almost. 3 lug nuts missing?! Wow, glad you discovered that right away. How fun being part of Timothy’s first fair rides. I remember my kids on those.

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