End-of-September Musings

I don’t have my fall decorations out yet. It’s hard to get motivated when it doesn’t feel like fall yet. I’ve seen this going around on Facebook (I was unable to trace who originated it):

But! It will come! Sooner or later!

Meanwhile, here’s a look back at the month.


Our big family event for the month was my youngest son, Jesse’s, birthday. He’s still job-hunting and hoping to be on his own soon, so this birthday the major concentration was gifts for his own place. Too bad they don’t give showers for single people. 🙂

We also enjoyed the Tennessee Valley Fair and a couple of family movies.

Mittu had a bad cold and now Jim has it. We’re hoping and praying it doesn’t spread further.

I got some medical stuff out of the way: my annual physical, a treatment for vertigo with a physical therapist, and an eye examination. Besides having a dentist appointment next month, I should be done with everything medical for a long while.

By the way, does anyone else get tired of hearing “That’s part of getting older” when you tell doctors your symptoms?!


From my five year old grandson:

When Mittu asked Timothy if he wanted to tell Grandma the Bible verse he was learning, he replied, “Too much pressure.”

He didn’t believe his toy cow was a girl even though it had an udder. When asked why, he said, “It doesn’t have eyelashes.”

We were playing a game that involved choosing sounds to represent various scenarios (Earwax). Timothy loves to laugh at the different sounds. One of the categories was “What does love sound like?” I asked Timothy that question, and he said, “A beatboxing trumpet.”


I only made one card this month, for Jesse’s birthday. He likes video games, and this is supposed to look like his Nintendo Switch controller.


I’m continuing to watch When Calls the Heart while riding my exercise bike. We enjoyed America’s Got Talent, especially the finale (one of their best). Jesse and I usually watch something together while eating lunch, and lately we’ve been working our way through Merlin. It’s about Merlin as a teenager, just making his way to Camelot and meeting Arthur as a young man. They do change some details from the usual legend. But it’s amazingly clean. Of course, it deals with magic. We’re careful about that kind of thing, and when the kids were young I avoided any books or shows with magic. But then I realized that fairy tale magic is a different thing from the occult:real witches don’t turn people into toads and such.

We watched The Lion King a few weeks ago and the new Aladdin movie with Jason, Mittu, and Timothy.Then we took Timothy to his first in-theater movie with other visiting grandmother and saw Abominable. Cute in places, but probably not my favorite kids’ movie. But it was fun watching Timothy’s reaction to everything.


Still chipping away at revising the book I’m working on.


This month I completed:

  • Rachel’s Prayer and Sarah’s Promise, the last two books in Leisha Kelly’s series about the Worthham and Hammond families. Loved these dearly.
  • There’s a Reason They Call It GRANDparenting by Michele Howe. Good resource for grandparents who want to be a good influence in the grandchildren’s lives.
  • Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. Better and deeper than I had anticipated.
  • A Promise in Pieces by Emily T. Wierenga, about a WWII nurse who takes a dying soldier’s letter to his widow after the war The widow gives her a baby quilt, which she uses as a midwife. Good and touching story.
  • The Magnificent Ambersons by Booth Tarkington. It’s something of a forgotten classic, but I enjoyed it quite a lot once I got into it.

I’m currently reading:

  • Loving People: How to Love and Be Loved by John Townsend . . . still. I used to read this kind of thing after my devotional time, but lately there hasn’t been time. I need to finish this one!
  • On Writing Well by William Zinsser
  • Moby Dick by Herman Melville. Just started this, and it is SO good!
  • A Constant Heart by Siri Mitchell


Some of the blog posts from this month:

  • Forsaking Thoughts. It doesn’t help just to tell ourselves not to think about certain things. Here are some strategies for changing our thoughts.
  • What If We Really Don’t Measure Up? Someone will always be better than we are. But we’re only responsible for what God wants us to do.
  • Let Us Lift Up Our Hearts to the One Lifted Up for Us. A quick look at the phrase “lift up” in the Bible. Because He was lifted up for us, we can lift up our souls, eyes, voices to Him.
  • That’s Just the Way God Made Me.” Knowing how we’re wired helps in many ways. But good traits have offsetting weaknesses that we shouldn’t excuse. Plus, God sometimes wants us to extend ourselves out of our comfort zone and rely on Him to do what does not come naturally to us.
  • Making the Bible Come Alive. We can’t—it IS alive. We’re the ones who need to be made alive by the Word of God.

As we close out September, I’m looking forward to October: more fall weather, beautiful colors, no major events on the calendar. Oh, there are potlucks and a baby showers and Bible studies and always things to be done. But after our busy “birthday season” from the last few months, I’m looking forward to a lighter schedule between now and the holiday season.

How was your September?

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28 thoughts on “End-of-September Musings

    • Thanks, Lesley! I wish I had kept a record of what my own children said. Maybe the fact that I didn’t makes me more inclined to try to remember at least some of Timothy’s cute sayings.

  1. So, your video watching series made me chuckle. I purchased the first three of the Love Comes Softly series, and Pero actually wanted to watch one with me. The next week, he said, “Do you have another one of those ‘Love Comes Through the Window’ movies we could watch?” 😉 Ever after, we called the series by the ‘new’ name.

  2. I’ve got a single guy looking at buying a house and I’ve thought the same thing about how easy it is for young couples to set up housekeeping compared to singles. Maybe a housewarming party?

    I always look forward to reading your month end posts!

  3. It is actually 90 degrees here today! Blah! Looking forward to fall too. Glad to catch up on what you’re up to, Michele! The “Timothyisms” cracked me up. I get to volunteer with kids and they are amazing. One little girl recently chose to read a book about snakes to me…because of my reaction to the cover…and paused her reading to clasp my shoulder and announce “get a hold of yourself, girl!” Too funny.

    • Thanks so much! I am enjoying it quite a lot. For some reason I thought it would be technical and hard to understand or get through. But it’s quite readable and makes a lot of sense. I’m taking it in small chunks to process as I go through it.

  4. Haha–“too much pressure.” I love your Timothyisms. I look forward to taking Riley to the movies when she gets a little bit older. I’ve heard Aladdin is fun for adults, too. Glad you’re still working on your book! I’m excited to get to read it one day.

  5. The arrival of fall has not meant much here either – but, apparently, if I will just be patient…it is coming this weekend:) And, I stopped telling doctors my symptoms. I could not take one more, “well, at your age….” UGH. Enjoyed your post!!

  6. It’s fall in Ohio and that means absolutely nothing too. However, we did have a sharp change in temperatures to the cooler side today. I love your month in review. I am curious about the fiction book you described by Emily Wierenga. Is that the same author who wrote Atlas Girl?

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