Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week
with Susanne and other friends at Living to Tell the Story .

It’s been deliciously cool this week! Here are some other high points:

1. Lunch with friends. Our church had a potluck dinner Sunday, then I met with a friend for lunch later in the week. Good times!

2. Water bottle rockets. We did these with our kids, and it was fun to do them with Timothy. It was fun to hear him count down and then get so excited watching them blast off and land.

3. A bit of color on two different fronts. We haven’t had much fall color this year, they say because we haven’t had much rain. The leaves in our neighborhood look mostly rusty. But as I was out yesterday, I saw some bright orange and yellow trees here and there. I miss the full-blown fall color we usually have, but that little bit cheered me.

Then I looked out the back door and was surprised to see my hydrangea with fresh blooms:

The roses and begonias are still going strong as well some of the petunias.

4. Lindt candy. Lindt milk chocolate truffles are my favorite candy. But my husband found and bought this Lindt variety pack last weekend. Usually with these kinds of candy collections, there are a few duds in the mix that no one likes. But these were all really good!

5. A special discovery. Several years ago, I made this little plaque for my mother-in-law. Since her passing, this was the one thing of hers I wanted to keep personally, but I had no idea where it was. Last weekend, Jim and I were going through some boxes of his mom’s things in our attic, and we found this. I was thankful.

Happy Friday!

10 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Church potlucks are such good fun. And to be able to go out with a friend later in the week only extends that fun. We are having a potluck this Sunday. Our theme is Tail Gate party. I’ve never been to such a party before. After Sunday, I can safely say, I still haven’t. lol.
    I’ve never heard of a water bottle rocket. I will look that up to see if it is something I can do with my grandchildren. You do the most fun things with Timothy. The pictu of your boy shows hw big he is getting.
    What a sad thing to not have your usual fall colours. It is nice that your own backyard is making up for that lack. The hydrangeas are certainly bright. do your plants boast two different colours?
    I can see why the cross stitch piece is a special item. How fun to find it when you weren’t expecting to.
    Have a great week, Barbara.

  2. Glad you discovered that special item. We still have things in bloom that really shouldn’t be by now and lots of leaves still on the tree. Those are my favourite chocolates too. Lucky you getting a box of them! Have a good weekend.

  3. Awww, the little cross-stitch picture is so sweet. So glad it surfaced. I agree — lunches with friends are the best! I am cracking up and nodding in agreement with the sentiment that most candy boxes contain a few duds 🙂 On another note — from your comments at my place — I smiled visualizing the poor goat with the huge udder! How cool that you stayed at Grove Park Inn, even if the rooms didn’t totally thrill you 🙂

  4. Church dinners and fellowship does mean so much… my church friends are my best friends!! So marelous to still have blooms son your hyudrangea.. Mine gave up the ghost weeks ago!!

  5. Lunch with a friend and a church potluck…both are favesmof mine too!!

    Leaves turn color due to crisp cold,nights not because of lack of rain!! Someone is giving you misinformation!
    We have had only a little bit of rain this autumn and our colors up here are absolutely stunning. People from all different states flock to our mountains to leaf peep!!

    Timothy looks so tall in that photo!! Water bottle rockets?? What’s that?

    Your flowers are beautiful!! And that plaque looks adorable, i can see why you’d want to find it!! Praise God,that you did!!

  6. It looks as if Thimothy has a lot of fun ! Here it’s still so warm that we had to mow the lawn it grew again, never happened end October. The leaves don’t get really colored they fall down before. Strange weather ! I have always known the Lindt chocolate since my childhood. They are good, but as I live in a for chocolate famous country the Belgian chocolate, it’s “of course” not to compare, lol !

  7. I’m glad you found that little plaque (one of the benefits of clearing out your attic) and I can see why you thought it was so special.
    Lunch with friends and church family are both very special.
    Have a good week!

  8. How fun to do those rockets with your kids and now your grandkids! Glad you found the special plaque. We didn’t have a nice fall at all. With that huge snowstorm we had at the end of September it killed the leaves on the trees so most did not get a chance to turn the lovely colors. Love your hydrangeas!

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