Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday, time to count the blessings of the week
with Susanne and other friends at Living to Tell the Story.

Another Friday, another pause to reflect on the best parts of the week.

1. A visit to Cade’s Cove. I wrote more about this here, but we had a great time visiting this beautiful scenic and historic area on Saturday.

2. iCloud shared photo albums. Whenever we have a family event, we set up a shared photo album on our phones so we can each contribute our pictures to it. It’s so nice to be able to see everyone else’s photos fairly soon.

3. An extra hour. I am not a big fan of the time designations changing back and forth, but we have to do it. I hate losing an hour when Daylight Savings Time starts, but I do like getting it back in the fall.

4. Heat. We’ve had some nights in the 20s this week. When we first turned on our heater, it was making some clunky noises.That doesn’t usually happen, and Jim was out of town, so I turned it off again. When we turned it back on a day or two later, everything worked and sounded fine.

5. Leftover quiche for breakfast. I have oatmeal for breakfast most days, and we have scrambled eggs or egg sandwiches on Sunday mornings as a family. So being able to pop some leftover quiche in the microwave for breakfast is a break from routine, something special, and something much quicker than usual.

How was your week?


7 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. I looked back on your post on Cade’s Cove – what a great place to visit and you got some lovely photos. Yes being able to share pictures is great. Technology does make some things so much easier. I’m glad your heating seems to be ok. I wouldn’t have wanted to be without heat this week. The temperatures have definitely dropped. Have a good weekend

  2. Oh yummy!!! I love leftover quiche for breakfast. Now i just might make that for dinner tonight!!
    The temps have begun to drop here too. This morning was our first hard frost.
    Some of the trails where i hike in the Adirondack mountains had snow on them this week!

    How wonderful it is to get that extra hour of sleep in the autumn although i wish our country would stop the nonsense of fall back, spring ahead and just pick one!!

  3. Honestly I don’t realize one hour difference, but I don’t see why they do it ?? Daylight saving, you get up when it’s dark and you come home from work when it’s dark you never see your house in daylight ! Stupid. We had it two weeks ago ! The Photo sharing is real nice, never thought of that.

  4. I am so not a fan of the time change even in the fall. I find myself exhausted and falling asleep on the couch most nights. The cloud share is a nice thing for family picture sharing. I haven’t seen the Cade’s Cove post yet but it looks like a lovely area! We had quiche this week too, but alas, no leftovers. It was too good.

  5. I don’t know of a single mom who likes the time change. I don’t even have kids at home and it took several days to adjust.
    I will go check out the Cave post. You live in a beautiful area!
    I hope you are having a good week (my weekend was crazy with meetings and open house!).

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