Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday, time to count the blessings of the week
with Susanne and other friends at Living to Tell the Story.

I don’t know how we’re halfway through November already, but let’s stop a moment and think about some highlights of the week.

1. My oldest son becoming a homeowner. After about the longest journey to buying a house that I have ever known (trying to qualify for first-time homeowner’s assistance, multiple inspections and repairs, only not to qualify in the end due a requirement that was out of the previous homeowner’s hands), my son was finally able to close on his condo.

2. Figuring out my bicycle seat pads. This is one of those kind of dumb little things that did make a big difference. I had bought a pad for my exercise bicycle’s uncomfortable seat. It had a way to attach it, but since it was a different shape and size, I figured it wouldn’t work. So I just plopped the pad on top. But that meant adjusting it every single time I rode the bike, sometimes having to stop and adjust it in the middle of my exercise. I finally decided to see if the attachment would work, and it did! It’s nice to to start the day without that minor frustration.

3. A mild first snowfall. I know some of you have had major winter storms already. Our first snowfall was a bit early, but not bad. Since we don’t have all the equipment here for roads that those north of us do, I’m grateful when snowfall is minor and fades away quickly.

4. Texts from Timothy. My five-year-old grandson gets hold of his mom’s phone sometimes and sends me messages. 🙂

5. The 5 Below store. My son and daughter-in-law had told me about this store, but they only recently built one near us. It’s like a dollar store, but items can be anywhere from $1-5. I had just come from the dollar store when I went to this shop, and it was so much nicer in its contents and atmosphere.

Bonus: Operation Christmas Child. This is only my second time to participate, and this was the cause of my shopping yesterday. So fun! I really enjoyed reading about Susanne’s experience as a distributor. That helps me picture how these boxes are received.

What’s something special from your week?

9 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Love your grandson’s messages! 🙂 Operation Christmas Child is so much fun – we have participated for about 15 years and I love what they do for children.
    Hope you have a blessed weekend Barbara.

  2. Oh have fun with OCC!!! This is our 28th year doing it. I love the ministry and i also enjoyed reading about Susanne’s adventure!
    We had a dusting of snow on Tuesday morning but it’s gone now, the mountains to the north of me where i hike in summer have between 3-12 inches depending on where you are!

    That’s a funny text from your grandson!

    Praise God and congrats to your son on his new condo!

  3. Once in a while my granddaughter will get a hold of her mum’s phone and call me by mistake! She’s not quite a year old!

  4. Hahaha Timothy’s messages made me laugh. So fun. So glad you are having fun with your OCC box! We don’t have a 5 Below store but nothing at our Canadian dollar stores are a dollar anymore. I look for good deals all year long at other stores when they have clearances and sales.
    Hope your shoulder heals up quickly. It’s amazing how the littlest everyday action can sometimes put something in our bodies out.

  5. Woo hoo. How exciting that your oldest son is now a homeowner. I bet that time did drag by. When did they get to move in?
    Oh what a clever woman you are. That must feel gratifying to figure out your bicycle seat pads. And now there’s no more morning frustration or reason to not bike.
    Wow those snow laden trees are beautiful. It is lovely when snowfall is minor and fades away quickly. Besides making it easier to drive, it feels safer to walk, too.
    Reading your messages from Timothy made me laugh That is so precious.
    May your week be a blessed one.

  6. Those texts remind me of some that I get on my phone 🙂
    The snow is beautiful on the bushes (which is where it should stay–not on the sidewalks).
    Congrats to your son on becoming a home owner!

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