Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday, time to count the blessings of the week
with Susanne and other friends at Living to Tell the Story.

How can we be a third of the way through January already? I’m pausing to reflect on some of the best parts of the week.

1. New Year’s Eve. I forgot to mention this last week. We had a Hickory Farms box of sausages and cheese we hadn’t opened yet, and I decided to use that and build around it for a smorgasbord-type easy dinner. I got some frozen potato skins and meatballs and such at the store, and Mittu made a chocolate-peanut butter tart and a few other things. Jim made ham salad. We ended up having quite the spread. Then we filled our plates and watched the old animated version of 101 Dalmatians. Jason and Mittu have been trying out the Disney Plus service, and it’s been fun to have access to all the Disney movies.

2. A belated anniversary get-away. Jim and I took a couple of days to go to the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area to celebrate our 40th anniversary a couple of weeks late. He had all last week off while the kids had all gone back to work. We stayed in a lovely lodge, had some great meals, and visited the Titanic Museum. And he had dug out some of our notes from dating days to read again. I wrote all about it here.

3. Getting my hair cut. I had been meaning to since before Christmas, but hadn’t had a chance.

4. Jeopardy’s “Greatest of All Time” tournament. We don’t watch Jeopardy every night, but catch it sometimes when I’ve finished cleaning the kitchen after dinner. We watched several months ago when James Holzhauer took the program by storm and broke all kinds of records. Now he, Ken Jennings (who had a 72-game winning streak) and Brad Rutter (who has won the most money of any game show contestant) are back for a “Greatest of All Time” tournament among the three of them. I always wonder how Jeopardy contestants can know (and remember!) all that they do, but these guys take it to another whole level. I’ve also love the banter between them on the show and on Twitter.

5. Affirmation. My youngest son has been at his job about six weeks now. He received some good comments about his performance from a couple of people this week, and that’s always encouraging. He told us last night that even though this wasn’t exactly the type of job he was looking for originally, he’s enjoying it.

Those are highlights of my week. What’s a highlight from your January so far?

10 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Yay for the affirmation for your son! That feels great for him and for you 🙂 I am off to read about your anniversary getaway!

  2. Your anniversary getaway sounds like it was fun. Great, easy and fun New Year’s Eve dinner. I love that your son is liking his job. We do worry about our kids and their “adulting” don’t we!?! Have a good weekend!

  3. It’s wonderful that your son is seeing the positive in his job. So many people jump around these days, looking for perfection. And so nice for him to receive the positive feedback. Your New Year’s Eve spread looks like fun and easy peasy. How thoughtful of your husband to bring the notes for your anniversary weekend. Happy Anniversary to you both!

  4. The good feedback must have been very special for your son. My oldest isn’t doing her dream job yet but i keep reminding her it takes time and at least she has a full time job with benefits.
    How special to have the Anniversary away and re read old letters!!

    The New Years Eve dinner sounds wonderful!

    Have a great weekend,

  5. Wonderful idea for a smorgasbord! It looks delicious and fun! Isn’t it funny how sometimes the things we weren’t originally looking for (like your son’s new job) turn into things that we really enjoy and sometimes even shape our lives.

  6. That looks like a yummy buffet for New Year’s Eve! We’re still eating stuff we didn’t get to at Christmas. How fun to get away for your anniversary. The Titanic museum sounds like it would be good. That’s great that your son has already had some good comments at work and that he is enjoying your job

  7. I love dinners that nearly come together for themselves 😉 Glad it was a fun one for all your family. Your anniversary trip sounds just right — easy and a nice break from daily responsibilities. I’m so pleased your son is enjoying the job even if it wasn’t his first option. Makes such a difference when one feels appreciated. Some years ago, I arrived at my first day on the job not realizing the role had been unfilled for over a year. EVERYONE I met greeted me like a long lost friend.

  8. We are totally Jeopardy! fans, too! We watch every evening or have it recorded so we can watch later. We’re enjoying the tournament, too.
    Congrats to your son on the good comments on his new job!
    Your anniversary trip sounds like a great time.

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