Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday, time to count the blessings of the week
with Susanne and other friends at Living to Tell the Story.

Here we are halfway through the first month of the year (and the decade, depending on how you count it). I love these weekly stops to reflect on what’s gone before. Here are some of my favorite things from the last week:

1. More light. I usually walk my youngest son to the door as he leaves for work to say goodbye and lock the door behind him. It has still been dark when he leaves, until this week. Or at least this is the first week I noticed the light shining that time of morning. I know the days have been getting longer since the winter solstice, but this is the first time it has been noticeable.

2. Mending done. I order almost all my clothes online, and when you use the same companies, you get used to their sizing. Until they change. Somehow the last few dresses I’ve bought have been baggy, and not because I have lost weight (because I haven’t). I felt I could just take them in a little on the sides and they’d be ok, but hadn’t gotten to it in … months. I finally made time to do that this week.

3. Organizational ideas. I love when some better way to do or arrange things just comes to me out of the blue. I had received some Instant Pot accessories as gifts last year. As I hunted for one of them this week, I thought, you know, it would be a good idea to keep all of them together in a box. Then at a store other than the one I planned to go to for said box, I found one just the right size, saving me another stop.

4. Recipe book update. A few years ago I made a scrapbooked notebook of recipes I’d torn out of magazines or had recipes cards for, etc. It was nothing fancy or decorative—just the scraps of paper or card stock glued to pages and divided into categories. My “main dish” notebook was breaking up, so I got another. Instead of just transferring everything over, I thought it would be a good time to weed out those recipes I didn’t think I’d ever really use and add in a few I had printed from the Internet. For instance, I had three chicken and stuffing casserole recipes, and the one I use wasn’t even in there. It got a little more involved than I had anticipated: after pulling some recipes out, then I had to rearrange what was left. I’m not entirely done yet, but it feels good to have them in a fresh new notebook and arranged more efficiently.

5. Kindle deals. I follow a couple of sites that share Christian books on sale for the Kindle app for 99 cents to a dollar or so. I love trying out new authors that way or finding other books by authors I already love. Both of these have a broad umbrella—I wouldn’t endorse everything they share. Discern is always needed. But I appreciate their services combing through Amazon deals for those labeled Christian.

What’s one good thing from your week?

16 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Loved this post. I LOVE when I can notice more daylight — for me, that usually doesn’t happen until February, but how awesome that you’ve already noticed! Also love all your organizational/”get ‘er done” activities this week. I know when I have mending or something I’ve put off, it does feel so good to just do it and be done. Something good from my week? The girl I accompanied for a concerto competition last week found out she won! She is an amazing musician and I’m so happy for her.

    • What great news about the student you accompanied! I don’t know why I put things off so long, when they don’t take that long once I actually start. But it does feel good to get them done.

  2. I admire your organizational skills! I am a natural born organizer – and in fact tend to over organize so I understand your delight. The Kindle deals are great. I’m starting to use my Kindle more now as I’m running out of book shelf space!

  3. I like the idea of using up scrapbook paper to make a recipe book; I think I’ll do that! My one good thing is kind of silly but it brings me joy. We finally have a little back lawn after years of apartment living and no one needs to go back there in winter so the snow is untrampled whenever I look out the window. 🙂

    • That’s great! I’ve never lived in an apartment (excepts dorms were sort of like apartments.) But I’d have a hard time without a bit of my own yard space. I love looking out on untrampled snow.

  4. I am so encouraged by seeing just a little bit more light every day at this time of year, even if it’s just a minute or two. I am inspired by your example to organize my recipes. Right now, they are a mess!

  5. It is still dark when I leave in the morning, but staying light just a bit longer in the evening, which is nice. I am going to check out those Kindle deals on Christian books, although I do like a physical paper and ink book most of the time. Great idea for organizing your recipes. Have a good weekend!

  6. Dave and i have noticed the earlier light as well. It makes us happy. Oh! I saw your comment about your youngest planning on moving out this year. Our Courtney is so ready and is just waiting for a friend’s lease to be up so they can share an apt which around here is a necessity due to very high prices. I’ll pray for your son and maybe you can pray for our daughter! 😀 In the mean time, i do love the time with her and the help!

    How nice to get your mending done and that cookbook organized. I need to do something about my recipes as well. Maybe I’ll do make a notebook type thing as my recipe box is beginning to be too full.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  7. Those sizing issues. 🙂 I like to order from Woman Within, but you’d think I’m petite from the way their sizes run!! Guess it makes women feel better to feel like they’re ordering a smaller size than they actually are. At least, that applies to me!! 🙂 –Ann

  8. Yay for more light! I’m always drawn to light, both physically and spiritually. 🙂

    There’s nothing I like better than a good organizational project. Glad you were able to do some this week. It just lifts the spirits to be efficient.

    Now as for mending? I’d be tearing my hair out!

  9. My mending pile sits there for ages. Then I’m always surprised at how little time it takes me to complete the mending, wondering why I waited so long.

    As our household has changed, my cooking has, too. It’s time to go through my recipes and reorganize. You’ve inspired me.

  10. Your so organized. My recipe file is an absolute mess. Soooo many recipes I never use, and yet I just keep putting it off. I am loving the bit longer days! So nice to not get off work in the dark. Me and sewing are not on speaking terms but how wonderful that you are able to do that yourself and not have to pay someone else to do it. Gotta love a book deal.

  11. Although I’m not an early riser, I do notice now that the mornings are lighter earlier. December 22nd always makes me smile because I know that the days are going to get lighter!
    I have a book of recipes but since I changed around my eating habits, I hardly even look at it. Hmmm, I should follow your lead and update it!

  12. I’m about to organize the recipes I’ve printed from the Internet. Got a new notebook and tabs, just need to do it! And weed out ones I never cook just as you have 😉

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