End-of-March Reflections

March daffodilsThis has certainly been a month like no other in my lifetime.

We began by celebrating my husband’s birthday, my son’s first cat, and Pi Day. I enjoyed a long lunch with a good friend I hadn’t seen in a few months.

Then news began to spread about the coronavirus. I’ve run the gamut of emotions since I first heard of it. I think I am pretty settled now … most of the time. When bad news or new concerns arise, I try to remind myself of God’s truth. So far we are doing well. My husband and three sons still have a job and work from home. I breathe a little sigh of relief every time my husband comes home from the store, knowing we’re supplied for the next few days. I pray often that God will accomplish His will through all of this and it won’t last any longer than necessary. I’m an introverted homebody, so being isolated hasn’t bothered me. I hope it’s not harder than usual to get back in the swing of things when the time comes, but we’ll deal with that then.

Family encounters

Humor always helps. We have not felt comfortable getting food out, even with drive-through or delivery services. Some of you who have read here for a while know I love getting dinner out fairly regularly as that’s the only time I feel officially “off.” Instead, now I try to balance easy meals with the more labor-intensive ones. One night after we had grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, I told my husband and youngest son, “I’m glad you guys are happy with whatever I make, whether it’s simple or fancy.”

Jesse said, “It’s made with love. That’s all that matters.”

My husband said, “That’s not all that matters….”


My grandson wanted to do something that required an adult presence, but my daughter-in-law was making dinner. She said something like, “Not right now, honey. You need supervision to do that.”

Timothy said, “But Mommy, I already have that behind my eyes.”

She was confused until she realized he thought she meant super vision.

Another time, I’d had a negative encounter with someone in the store, right at the beginning of the corona virus scare when stores were first emptied of paper products. I inadvertently got in someone’s way, and he told his companion, while looking at me, “I hope she gets the corona virus. I hope she dies from it.” He didn’t seem angry: he said it with a smirk. I was pretty stunned. When my son and daughter-in-law were talking about the situation at home, Timothy asked what they were discussing. They said someone had some something unkind to me and hurt my feelings. So he texted me that he loved me, and then said,” Mommy, you know why I hug Grandma so much? Because I like her. She’s so sweet.”

Another quip: “I want a pet bee so it can be an automatic honey machine.”

And the last one: we had a severe thunderstorm one night. Timothy told us later that it woke him up and he was scared and “lost his dream.” Then he climbed under the covers and felt better.


The only card I made this month was for my husband’s birthday. He’s received a lot of camping gear as gifts, so I decided to use a camping theme. The Cricut can do so much more than I use it for: I need to just play with it some time and figure some of these things out. I usually just have it cut isolated images. But I was pleased that I finally understood this time how to layer three different ones. This is one of my favorite cards yet.

I also sewed for the first time in a long time. My husband wanted me to make a face mask for him out of camouflage fabric, and thankfully I had a good-sized scrap in my stash.


Since the calendar has been cleared, and my husband has been doing the grocery shopping, you’d think I’d have all kinds of time on my hands. I’d hoped to have extra time to work on my book, but I seem to have less. I hope to carve some time out this week. I did write a rough draft of a devotional and guest blog post: I hope to polish those off and submit them soon.


While riding my exercise bike, I started watching the 2017-2019 A Series of Unfortunate Events. It’s really quirky, but interesting. As a family we enjoyed A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. It’s not a biopic of Mr. Rogers so much as an account of his relationship with one troubled man. But it’s very good.

We enjoyed watching Spies in Disguise except for a segment showing a man’s bare backside. It was just a cartoon character, but still: the scene should not have been there and should not have dragged on as much as it did, We fast-forwarded through it.

My kids played with Legos even after other toys were laid aside. I’ve enjoyed watching Lego Masters, but no one else in the family has been interested.

I mentioned last month watching Dickensian, but I had to stop when they showed a man’s bare backside as well. I hadn’t thought to check out objectionable elements in this series because it was based on Dickens’ work. I’m mad that this seems to be becoming more commonplace.


I’ve completed this month:

I’m currently reading:

  • The Women of Easter: Encounter the Savior with Mary of Bethany, Mary of Nazareth, and Mary Magdalene by Liz Curtis Higgs
  • Be Free (Galatians): Exchange Legalism for True Spirituality by Warren Wiersbe
  • Breaking Anxiety’s Grip: How to Reclaim the Peace God Promises by Dr. Michelle Bengston
  • Lark Rise by Flora Thompson (audiobook)
  • Castle on the Rise by Kristy Cambron
  • A Portrait of Marguerite by Kate Lloyd


Here are some of the posts from this month:

That pretty much wraps up our March. I’ve been delighted to see signs of spring: more daylight, warmer days, budding plants and trees. What a sign of hope for better days to come.

I saw a thought-provoking tweet recently, but I haven’t been able to retrace it because it was from someone I don’t know. But it said something like, “Maybe being huddled in our homes wondering what’s going to happen next is the most Eastery thing we could do this year.” There’s nothing wrong with our modern ways of celebrating Easter, but who knows how the pandemic will affect those plans. This might be an Easter to remember just because it will be different. Maybe a quieter celebration will give us pause to remember the disciples’ agony those three days after their hope was crucified, and their confusion, and then joy, to realize Jesus had been raised from the dead. I hope we’ll realize the impact anew.

How was your March? What are your hopes for Easter?

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26 thoughts on “End-of-March Reflections

  1. Well, that was a momentous recap for such a drab month! Timothy is at a sweet age; I love figuring out his thought patterns as seen through the quotes. Your card is wonderful — I love it, and I don’t even like camping so that’s saying something 🙂 I’m glad you’re staying safe. I can relate on enjoying having time off from cooking. I hope you can “make up for it” with extra when things return to normal.

  2. Always enjoy your monthly recap and of course Timothy’s wise/fun words. I appreciate you including what you are reading and watching. Because you have mentioned “Dickensian” before I only got to watch the first season on Amazon. It was the only season offered for free. I don’t remember that scene you mentioned, but I do have a habit of falling asleep in my recliner during movies. I have started and stopped many movies and series on Amazon because they seen to think they need to include things that are not relevant to the story. Disappointing but not surprising. I wanted to mention a new series I just learned about Sunday from Robin Lee Hatcher. It is titled “The Chosen”. I have watched the first two episodes and it is very good. Right now it is being offered FREE on YouTube and their app. Because of the current high demand YouTube has reduced its quality a little, so it is easier to hear and a better picture on the app “TheChosen.tv/app” in the app store. I can’t remember who made this series, but they are talking about a second season. They do ask for a donation if you can afford it at this time, but it is not required.

    • I think I left off about episode six, which showed a guy’s backside as he got out of a tub. :-/ I’m thinking of leaving off the what I’m watching section, or at least only mentioned series after I have finished them so I don’t recommend something that I later find out has problems. I usually look on the IMDB parental guide, but I didn’t figure they’d throw anything like that into a Dickens-based program. I do like getting good ideas of things to watch from others. though, so I am undecided whether to keep mentioning programs.

      I’ve heard good things about The Chosen!

  3. Timothy always makes me laugh when you share things he has said. Hubby is reluctant to order out right now also so I’ve been cooking but it’s been nice to try some new recipes that I haven’t had time for before. Along with rewatching “The Chosen” on Canadian Netflix we found a 2 season series called “Burden of Truth” that we have been really enjoying. The movie “I Still Believe” is apparently available on “On demand” so I think we’re going to watch that. Our small group was actually going to go to that together when all the chaos started so we cancelled.

  4. I also thought I would have lots of extra time, now that I’m not going anywhere. But it hasn’t happened yet. I’m not sure exactly why. I am watching the news a little more and reading more articles online and trying to keep up with all the online video chats…so I guess that’s doing it.

    • May be–for me, everyone else is home, even though they are working in different rooms. But I think I am still a little distracted. I’m trying not to watch the news much and just get updates from my husband.

  5. Barbara, I always enjoy these end of the month reviews and this one was no exception. You know that I always enjoy hearing what Timothy has to say…loved the super-vision and his reasoning about why he hugs Grandma so much. What a heart! And speaking of what a heart…the comments that Jesse and your husband shared about their meals brought tears to my eyes immediately. What men you have there with you, Friend.

  6. I’m having a tendency to use my “extra time” on cleaning and house projects, so am not really getting much time to write–but I knew that would be the case because my husband and son are home more, and that always changes my schedule.
    Glad to know that you are still chuckling over your grandson’s words and staying healthy.

    • Yes–even though my husband and son are working most of the day in separate rooms at home, we still interact during their breaks. And since my husband isn’t driving to work, when he gets done at the usual time for him, that’s still a half-hour earlier than I am used to. I think when they are home, a part of me is mentally distracted even if they are otherwise occupied.

  7. What a month March was! Nothing like it in our lifetime. We don’t trust getting food out either. I am getting so tired of eating food I have cooked myself, I told Bill he was in charge of one dinner this week. I don’t care if we eat scrambled eggs! 🙂

    I guess you will have to find a nice pet bee for your grandson!

  8. March was like none of us could have thought! Grateful you and your family have kept safe. May we all continue to follow guidelines, stay focused in God’s Word, and keep our hope alive in Him.

  9. It has been an unusual month, hasn’t it! I’ve gotten a few home projects done but mostly more time to do what I do anyway as I’ve been able to do it all from home … writing and counseling. And I have done extra cooking by necessity. No pot lucks or dinner out. Like you, I’ve cooked some that I might not have had time for otherwise and others that are very simple. Thankfully, that’s always ok with my husband. Have a blessed Easter.

  10. It has been an incredible month for all the wrong reasons, and one that will go down in history assuming there isn’t worse to come… Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging

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