Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week
with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

I hope you’re doing well and have what you need. I’m disappointed that this whole virus scenario will last longer than originally expected. But I know they are working hard on it. I wish people would self-isolate more. Some don’t seem to be taking this seriously. But instead of going down that rabbit trail, let’s turn to some of the high points of the week:

1. Zoom church. We had a trial run earlier in the week, then met Sunday morning via Zoom. Everything went well. It was good to see everyone’s faces and hear from many during the discussion time. We still look forward to meeting in person, but this is a good substitute under the circumstances.

2. Phone call from a longtime friend. We’ve known each other nearly 40 years, but haven’t lived near each other in the last 26. We’ve visited back and forth and more recently touched base or messaged via Facebook. I messaged her to ask about a mutual friend. She responded by calling me, and thankfully it was a perfect time. I think we talked over an hour, and it was so good to catch up and hear her voice.

3. A birthday parade. One of my sisters is much more of a social butterfly than I am. She was disappointed that she wasn’t going to be able to get together with friends for a milestone birthday due to the virus precautions. But several of her friends arranged a birthday “parade.” While she waited at the end of her driveway, they drove by slowly, waved, called out happy birthday greetings. Some had their cars decorated with her name and/or age. That was one of the neatest and most thoughtful things I’ve even seen. We’re in another state, but we got to see pictures and videos on FaceBook.

4. A surprise visit. During the first couple of weeks of isolation, we had continued getting together with my son, daughter-in-law, and grandson occasionally. We figured we were all at home, my husband and son were the only ones going to the store, and we were careful about washing and sanitizing, so the risk was small. But as the confirmed cases in our area continued to rise, my son and d-i-l felt it would be best if we stopped getting together for the next few weeks. Of special concern was that if Timothy were to get the virus, they would not be able to be with him. So we agreed, of course. In fact, I had felt slightly uneasy when we were together, hoping we weren’t spreading anything. But I was grieving because the next few weeks include Easter and Timothy’s birthday, besides regular get-togethers. And we’d already had to cancel my oldest son’s trip here this month. I kept reminding myself that it’s only for a few weeks, that we have ways to keep in touch, that I am so fortunate to have them nearby instead of thousands of miles away as my own parents were from us. Still, it’s hard, even though it’s the best thing to do. Then yesterday afternoon I received a voice text from Timothy saying he was outside. I thought he meant he was playing at his house, so I voice-texted, “Have fun!” Then I heard the doorbell ring. They had brought over a note from Timothy and a chicken pot pie and cupcake from their favorite bakery. They were just going to leave them on the table on the porch, but we ended up talking at a distance in the front yard for a few minutes. It did my heart good.

I should have taken a picture before the flower died. 🙂

5. A pleasant get-together. Before we decided to stay apart, we visited Jason and Mittu at their house last Saturday. Jim took the riding lawn mower over, and Granddad coming to mow and do yard work is a highlight for Timothy. He gets out his own mower and yard tools to help. 🙂 Jesse and I came later for lunch. Not only was it a fun time, but the weather was so beautiful, we sat outside for a bit. I am not an outdoorsy person, but even I loved being out a couple of lovely spring days. It’s turned cold again, but should warm back up in soon.

What signs have you seen of God’s goodness in the midst of hard times and strain?

13 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Being away from our Grands is hard…some times more so than others. This grandma understands that one. It would appear that Timothy was missing you just as much as you were him.

    I’ve seen those birthday “parades” on a local TV station. They are fun. Just last night I saw a “teacher’s parade”. The teachers drove down the streets of their students to let the students know they missed them and was thinking of them. There was one shot of what appeared to be a brother and sister standing on the sidewalk with signs telling their teachers that they missed them. Very heartwarming are these parades. 🙂

    We had our first Zoom meeting last night with our son. It is going hard with him that we are in WV and he is in Maine during the pandemic. I guess he just needed to “see our faces” as well as hear our voices. Our granddaughters’ trips that they were planning to be here with us for a week by themselves has been cancelled. We are supposed to fly to Maine for Christmas. I really hope that doesn’t get cancelled but we are hearing that covid-19 could start back up this fall. I’m just glad to know that this is no surprise to God. I find comfort in that. xx

    • I sure hope all this is settled and it won’t come back again–but hopefully if it does they’ll have discovered better ways to treat it, I hope your trip doesn’t get cancelled! Our next family get-together is in August, and I hope my oldest will be able to travel by then.

  2. I love how you are staying positive and seeing the good, even during a challenging time. Stay safe and well. We’ll all get through this together. 🙂

  3. I thought I would be in the same town as my grands by now, but that didn’t happen as our house has not sold (obviously, no one is coming to look at homes right now). I miss them. How wonderful to see Timothy in person!
    We did a birthday parade for a five year boy in our church–he loved it! I’m glad your sister had that joy.
    Stay well! We’ll get through this and appreciate our gatherings all the more.

  4. Yes missing the Grands is the hardest thing. I did consider going to wave hello to Rory and his parents but decided, as he’s too young to understand what is going on, that it would probably just be upsetting for him. We facetime a lot and I just keep telling myself that we’re doing this for the greater good and we will get through it.

  5. Sounds like you are coping well with all the changes we’re living through. I am loving being more housebound!! (But still hate the reason why.) –Ann

  6. I have been missing my family so much. Reading your blessings made me want to cry. I felt every word you said as if it were my own. I think we are going to zoom with our sons and their families tomorrow. I forgot to do my Fave Five today. Ugh.

  7. Making those decisions are so hard but so important. We’ve had to decide with our young adult daughter that other than walks where we can be the recommended distance apart that the house visits will end for now. It’s heartbreaking but necessary. It takes everyone doing it that will turn this thing around. How nice that you got a phone call from a friend. And how sweet a surprise of the drop off of goodies.

  8. I think grandparents everywhere are going through major withdrawals. I can imagine the joyous reunions when this is all over. That is what keeps me going. And Facetime helps. I miss having weekly coffee with my dad. When the weather warms up, perhaps we’ll meet up outdoors and stay a safe distance apart. That is impossible to do with little ones.

  9. From the very beginning of the lock down it was not allowed to see the grandchildren. My son was not allowed to come from the Netherlands to Belgium. It’s 3 weeks now that we are “prisonners”, we are allowed to buy food and medication. No family or friends are allowed to come. We are just the two of us. Fortunately Whatsapp exists so at least I can talk to son and grandson. Hope this nightmare will be finished soon, but in your country it is just starting. I have seen pictures of New York ! Horrible. Stay safe and wear rubber gloves when you go out and always keep a distance of 4.9 ft

  10. I’m glad you got that surprise visit from Timothy even if you couldn’t be as physically close as you would have liked. I’ve decided not to make any more trips to see my grandkids for a bit, too, even though it’s killing me. 😦 We FaceTime, but it’s not the same as holding their little hands and playing together. I keep telling myself it’s just temporary, but when they’re so little, every few weeks is a big chunk of their life.

  11. I’ms sorry I’m so late posting comment on your faves. LOVE your list this week. How wonderful for your sister that her tribe did that birthday parade for her. That’s just marvelous and memorable.
    I LOVE that Timothy wrote you that note. SO precious! You all take care of yourselves.

  12. I have a California cousin who was helping her son move in to his first home in Connecticut when the lockdown occurred. She and her husband are making the best of it by working on their son’s house, cooking together, and enjoying walks along the shore. So a much more extended visit than originally planned! We are all looking forward to a bit of normalcy.

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