Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week
with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

This has been another of those weeks—not bad, but pretty similar to the last several. We enjoyed another distanced visit with my son’s family in the back yard on a very pleasant evening. We’re continuing to find the supplies we need. We were especially thankful to find our favorite TP! 🙂

Here are some other things I am thankful for:

1. Losing five lbs. was a surprise, especially since I have been craving homemade baked goods. The only thing different is that we haven’t been getting takeout food.

2. Benadryl Cream. Somehow I got a couple of super-itchy bug bites on the back of my thigh. Cortisone cream wasn’t helping, but then I remembered I had some Benadryl cream in my purse. That worked much better.

3. Culling the closet. There were a few items I needed to get rid of, so I finally took the time to sort through my closet and pull out things I didn’t use or need any more. I need to check with the thrift store to see if they are accepting donations, but it feels good to have the closet less cluttered.

4. The end of a hard week for a couple of sons. One was asked to work overtime, specifically an hour earlier than usual all this week. Another had been working from home, but Mother’s Day is one of their busiest times, and they were shorthanded.  So he had to go in and work 12-hour (or more) days all this week, last weekend, and I think even some of the week before. This is Timothy’s Daddy, so it’s been hard for the whole family. I’m hoping things go back to normal for them next week.

5. Moms. Speaking of Mother’s Day, I’ve been thinking of the moms in my life. My own, of course, my mother-in-law, my grandmother, a dear lady in my church who I counted as my spiritual mom. Sadly, they are all gone. But I am thankful for their memories and their continuing influence in my life. A lot of women along the way have mothered by speaking an encouraging “word in due season” right when I most needed it. And now a new generation of moms like my daughter-in-law, my friend Rebekah, and others, have been encouraging me and teaching me new things. I hope I can be a blessing to them, too.

I hope you have a special time remembering your mom this weekend.

11 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to you! I too have a big bag of things to donate. I need to check if Goodwill is accepting donations … Way to go losing weight. I wish I could say the same. I’ve gained about 3, which isn’t a lot, but at my age it feels like losing even a single pound is so hard. Benadryl truly is a God-send!!

  2. Well done on the weight loss. I’m just trying to stay the same and not gain anything while we’re locked down. I could probably cull losts of things too but none of our charity shops are open right now. Happy Mother’s Day. (I was going to say ours was last month but then realised we’re now in May and ours was in March!)

  3. A 5 lbs. loss is good. I have lost 13 since April 14th. I am sorry your sons had such a hard week. I think this isolation makes everything so much harder to take. I have been cleaning out closets and sent lots of my husband summer shorts and shirts to the resource center at my church. People can really buy clothes except at Walmart and Target here in the Inland Empire. So our church asked for summer clothes so people could at least go and get clothes there. Amazingly people are finding ways of helping each others in this crazy time. I hope yours and all here have a wonderful Mother’s day. God bless.

  4. Great list of favorites. It’s always nice to go through the closet and get rid of things no longer needed. Good job on the weight loss. I am down a bit too. I must be out walking more. Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day. See you again soon.

  5. Happy Mother’s Day to you. I love your thoughts about the moms in your life. I went on a decluttering binge when all this started. I left a few spaces untouched and I’ve been thinking I want to dive in again. It’s hard to find the enthusiasm right now. Have a lovely weekend, Barbara.

  6. Yay for losing lbs!! I think I’ve gained 5 lbs with all this baking going on!!

    I pray your boys have an easier week after a relaxing weekend!

    I wish our thrift places would open back up..i have three big bags of clothing and toys to donate!! My daughters went through their things and i also decluttered my own closet.

    I hope you Mother’s Day is special!!

  7. good that you lost weight ! That’s the contrary of all who are under lock down, lol ! Here it is also motherday to day, but my son is far away in Amsterdam so I got a whatsapp call and Toby told me that he had made 5 pancakes for his mum !! All shops are still closed but tomorrow they will be open, I won’t go out ! There will all behave like wild animals being let free !!

  8. Happy Mother’s Day, yesterday!
    I hope Timothy’s daddy’s schedule is settling down now. My younger daughter is back working full time from home as of today. She had been called in to doing patient screening in the medical center and that meant lots of extra driving time for a half day of work.
    Hurray for culling the closet!

  9. I think I have found your lost 5 lbs. It came to live with me. 😉

    Things are crazy right now. Hopefully your son’s schedules start to ease a bit. Good for you for getting some stuff out of the closet that no longer works for you. Sometimes that is a hard thing. I love what you wrote about the Moms in your life and I love how you mentioned you are even learning and being encouraged from younger Moms.

  10. Good for you, Barbara, on losing 5 lbs! Most everyone else is gaining, so an extra pat on the back for you!
    I, too, love what you said about Moms. I find even in this stage of life there is much I still need to learn about nurturing, mothering and parenting. How blessed we are to have had role models but also to see new ways of doing things in our younger ladies. We’ve all something to contribute!

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