Friday’s Fave Five

It’s so hard to believe we’re almost 2/3 of the way through June already. Whether the days contain good or bad, they fly by. I enjoy this pause on Fridays with Susanne and friends at Living to Tell the Story to recount some of the blessings of the week.

1. A haircut. My daughter-in-law graciously agreed to cut my hair for me last weekend at her house. I know it was nerve-wracking for her, and I appreciate that she did it anyway. 🙂 She did a good job. My hair just does not cooperate when it gets a certain length, so it’s nice to get it to a place where it responds better.

2. Lunch with Mittu and Timothy. While Mittu cut my hair, my husband was outside with Timothy doing a bit of yard work. Then Mittu made us a lunch of egg salad sandwiches and chips. Jason, unfortunately, had to work, and Jesse had stayed home. While Granddad worked outside some more, bleaching the mildew off the sidewalk and patio, Timothy and Mittu showed me some funny You Tube videos they had enjoyed.

3. A belated Mother’s Day gift. My son and daughter-in-law pre-ordered Nathan W. Pyle‘s Stranger Planet for me for Mother’s Day, but it was just released a few days ago. They brought it over as soon as they received it. You can see some of his work here. The book was so good! I love his beings’ observations about life. The only downside: I finished it in one evening.

4. Old pictures. Our church is putting together a Father’s Day collage slide show for this Sunday, and anyone who wanted to participate could send in photos of themselves with their dads. I had a couple I could use, but started looking through old photos to see if I could find any better ones. It’s always fun to look through them. I’m ashamed to say I have at least three shoe boxes of photos from before the digital age that have never been put into albums yet. I was able to organize them a bit, which will help whenever I finally do get to them. I need to redo all my photos that have been in the sticky photo albums (which they say is not good for them, and some of the pages have browned and lost their stickiness). So that’s going to be a big job someday, but one I look forward to.

5. A special moment. Last Saturday morning, I started reading Jen Wikin’s None Like Him on the attributes of God. Wow. So good. All morning afterward, the song “None Like You” came to mind. When I got into the car to go for my haircut, I plugged my phone in and set my playlist to shuffle. The first song that came up was “None Like You.” That just made me feel so seen and loved and cared for. It reminded me of this meme:

I discovered a couple of songs with similar names concerning there being none like God. This is the one I am familiar with:

12 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Sounds like a good week for you. A haircut in need always feels so good. So glad you have family close at hand and that you get to spend so much time with them. Have a good weekend.

  2. Lucky you, getting a haircut! Our region of the state opens next Friday, then the salons will open again. I hope to be able to get an appointment soon. The time you spent with your family sounds wonderful!

    I clicked on the link for Stranger Planet. So funny! I enjoyed the one about the youngster having his mind blown by seeing his teacher outside of school! 🙂 I need to get that book.

  3. Praise God we can get haircuts again!! I can’t wait… appt for first time in the salon since early Mar ch is in one week. SO excited. Bet you felt like a million bucks between the cut and that yummy sounding lunch time.

    I love Scripture and songs….that song is special to me…i won’t go into it here but happy you posted it.

    Great list of faves!


  4. I love the song “None Like You,” as well. It kind of goes along with the study I’m doing on God Is… which focuses on the names and attributes of God.

    I’m just like you with the boxes of old photos! I tell myself when I retire I’m going to arrange them in albums. Do you think it will really happen?

  5. Wow, very cool about the song! Also great about Mittu cutting your hair. Are your salons still closed? I got mine cut about a month ago and WOW was that a relief! Honestly now I feel like I could use it being cut again. It had been a long time! Have a nice weekend —

  6. I love when God speaks to me like that. Doesn’t it make you wonder about all the things he might be telling you while you weren’t paying enough attention? By the way, the blue flowers that you asked about are called Delphinium. They are a perennial.

  7. I’m always struck by how generous and sweet your daughter-in-law is. Such a blessing. There is so much power in music, and I love when God speaks to me through a song. I have a lot of family photos in those sticky albums, too. I’m not looking forward to taking them all out, but it will be fun looking through the photos, and they are worth saving.

  8. Well that sounds like a good week, especially the haircut! I have an appointment for…the 8th of July! Assuming that salons will be open by then. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  9. A fresh haircut especially feels good after all this time, doesn’t it? How nice that Mittu was able to find the courage to do it for you. How fun to get a Mother’s Day gift after the fact. God has been encouraging me a lot through songs lately. Music is such a powerful thing. How fun to have a father’s day presentation. I have a box of pictures like that and there it sits because the thought is so overwhelming to get to all those. I have those sticky page albums too.

  10. Only three boxes of photos? You’re doing great!
    Hurray for the haircut and lunch time with Timothy.
    I laughed about your finishing the book in one evening. The good thing about a book you can’t put down is that you can keep reading. The bad thing is that it ends too soon!
    Have a good week!

  11. Well, I didn’t scroll down far enough and went off looking for the song you mentioned. And THEN I scrolled to your video — what a beautiful rendition to represent a special moment in your walk with God.

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