Friday’s Fave Five

As July speeds by, it’s time to pause with Susanne and friends to note and appreciate some of the highlights of the week.

1. Jason’s birthday. We love opportunities to celebrate each other, and I am thankful for Jason’s special day.

2.Chocolate Cheesecake. Mittu made this for Jason’s birthday, and I love the decoration she found for the top. If you can’t read it, it says “Happy Quarantine Birthday.”

3. Thoughtfulness. Jason wanted Indian food for his birthday dinner. Knowing that’s not my favorite, Mittu make a sausage/zucchini/pasta dish for me. I appreciated that she went through the extra work to make a separate entree, in addition to the other three entrees she makes for an Indian food dinner .

4. Conversations with Timothy. I love that sometimes he’ll seek me out to talk, like when I’m in the kitchen and everyone else is in the living room. When they camped out in the yard a few weeks ago, Timothy came into the bathroom while I was fixing my hair, played with my makeup mirror, commented on how his mom’s blow dryer was different from mine, etc. It had been a long time since I had little person company there!

5. Patient portals. Our doctor’s office has an online portal through which we can access our account, look at lab results, or send in a question. I don’t know why, but I much prefer using this rather than calling in. So I am glad that’s an option for things that aren’t urgent.

How was your week?

8 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. I really think you have the perfect daughter in law! How nice! And how delicious does that cheesecake look? I love that Timothy sought you out for conversation. I hope that I’ll experience that someday if I have grandkids. In “real life” I am pretty quiet and I notice that my nieces, for instance, tend to gravitate to the more talkative aunt.

  2. Happy Birthday to Jason! Oh, my, that cake looks delicious. Your DIL is so very thoughtful. Those little people sure come up with some interesting topics, don’t they? It’s nice to have a grandson who enjoys conversation. I’m like the client portals for my medical professionals, too. It’s so easy and convenient to have all the information I need at my fingertips.

    As for the hummingbirds, it is migration season in our neck of the woods, so we’re seeing lots right now!

  3. Aww how thoughtful of your DIL to cook separately for you. Looks like you had a good celebration despite the current restrictions. The cheesecake looks delicious!

  4. You are lucky to have such a kind daughter in law ! Mine didn’t even show up for the move ! She only comes for Christmas and Birthdays and sits in a corner. But she insists that Toby has two grandmas ! Strange girl. I love Indian food !

  5. Happy Birthday to your son! Looks like it was a lovely celebration. The cake looks delicious. I love Indian food. Thoughtful of Mittu to make you something different.

  6. Happy Birthday to Jason! I love that photo and how Timothy is squeezed in between his parents.
    Little person conversations can be so entertaining!
    What a blessing Mittu is!

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