Friday’s Fave Five

Here we are at the last day of July! It’s time to pause with Susanne and friends to note and appreciate some of the highlights of the week.

1. Good news. Some of you know that we’d had to cancel my oldest son’s visit last April due to the pandemic, and it looked like we might have to cancel August’s visit as well. He wasn’t comfortable with flying yet nor staying in a hotel if he drove (neither were we). Then my husbands colleague mentioned going somewhere in a sleeper car of a train, where he could basically keep to himself. We checked on prices and station locations, then ran the idea by my son. He thought that sounded feasible—so he’s coming in August! We’re so excited. We won’t be able to go and do like we usually do when he’s here, but we’ll get to see him in person, and he’ll get a break from his apartment. And I’m sure we’ll do lots of hanging out and playing games.

2. Early voting for our state’s primary will hopefully mean less of a crowd. My son and d-i-l voted yesterday and I am planning to before they close.

3. Jeopardy. My husband and I usually watch weeknights after dinner. Lately they pulled out some early episodes. It’s been fun to see how the program have changed over the years.

4. Kind comments. I so appreciated your kind remarks on my blog birthday and my ponderings about my direction.

5. My husband’s indulgence. I got to the end of Wednesday afternoon with little to no desire to cook, and suggested maybe getting takeout pizza. We usually save that kind of thing for weekends, but my husband graciously agreed.

Bonus: My husband stopped by my son and daughter-in-law’s house for something, and Timothy had just lost his front tooth. So he sent a selfie of Timothy’s snaggletooth smile—a phrase my mom used to say based on a cartoon character way back.

How was your week?

7 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Cute picture! I’m glad about your son’s visit. I’ve never traveled by train and that sounds kind of fun. Wow, your state has a late primary! As a side note, I loved reading your sewing “tales” at my place. I do remember Dorothy’s Ruffled Originals — something I’d not thought of in years! 🙂

  2. How is Timothy already losing a tooth?! It seems just yesterday he was just starting to talk, and the day before that to toddler! But I suppose that means Tirzah Mae will also be losing teeth before long.

    That’s so wonderful that you’ll be able to see your son soon – the pandemic has rocked everyone’s plans quite a bit. We just made it to visit family for the first time this year (as did one of my brothers) so my parents got to finally meet two grandchildren for the first time.

  3. That’s such a fun pic of Timothy!! First tooth!!

    How nice to have the mid week break from cooking dinner….yay hubby!

    Good news about your son visiting!

    Have a happy weekend!,

  4. Hurray for Timothy losing that front tooth!
    We’ve been watching all those old Jeopardy shows, too. Fun to see how Alex has changed through the years, too.
    Happy Birthday! I’ll go back and read your birthday post.
    Hurray for your son visiting in August.

  5. My grandson lost his first tooth already several years ago, and I got a similar selfie ! and a little mouse has brought him a gift under his pillow in the morning !

  6. I remember Snaggletooth:) How nice that your son will be able to visit! A sleeper train is a great idea, I never would have thought of that. Happy Blog Birthday!

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