Friday’s Fave Five

I was so sorry to miss last week’s FFF! It was just a busy few days, with very little time at the computer. But I’m glad to join Susanne and friends today to ponder and share some of the good parts of the week.

And this week, there is an abundance!

1. Jason and Mittu’s anniversary. It was fun to remember everything involved with wedding week and to rejoice in their good marriage. I didn’t think we’d see them that day. We’re all still not eating at restaurants, which they would normally do for an anniversary while we watched Timothy. But I figured they’d get take-out from somewhere and eat at a favorite park or something. They did that at lunch. Then they texted asking if we had plans for dinner and could they come over and make something. I said, “On your anniversary?” Jason said, “Why not?” LOL! So he grilled lemon chicken and Mittu made the sides, then they worked together on this gluten-free apple cinnamon cake in a cast-iron pan on the grill. So pretty, and very good, too!

2. A crossed-off to-do list is a rarity. Usually whatever doesn’t get done is transferred to the next list. But I had one satisfying day when everything got done (everything on that list, at least. I have a running list of “things to get to if/when I have time” that will probably never be completed).

3. A church picnic. We’ve still been using Zoom to attend church, though the congregation has been meeting with safety measures in place. As long as cases are still on the rise, we feel we’d better stay home as much as possible. They were having an informal picnic this last Sunday on a pavilion behind the building, with everyone bringing their own lawn chairs and lunches and families seated at a distance from each other. My husband has read studies that outdoor meetings don’t have the same problems with droplets from our breath staying in the air as indoor meetings, so we decided to go. Since we decided to go just the night before, we hadn’t let anyone know we were coming. It was fun to surprise everyone and to see everyone in person. After we ate, people drew chairs closer but still distanced to the different families to talk and visit more.

4. Unexpected visitors. When we got back home from the picnic, we saw two adult turkeys in the yard space between our house and our neighbor’s. We had never seen turkeys in the neighborhood before. My husband stopped to take pictures of them while I unpacked our cooler. When he came in, he showed me there was a whole brood of little turkeys!

I was sorry I didn’t get to see the little ones. We haven’t seen them since, so hopefully they got back to wherever they’ve been living. The neighbors across the street have a big woodsy area behind their house, so the turkeys probably live back in there. It was a fun sighting.

5. A good doctor visit. I had my annual visit with the cardiologist this week. A few weeks ago, I’d had a seven-hour episode of atrial fibrillation—the first time I’ve had anything lasting that long since the ablation a few years ago. Of course, that raised concerns that this was all going to start up again and I’d have to have another procedure. I’ve had a few little blips, where it feels like my heart is trying to turn over into afib, and the doctor said that was normal. He didn’t think this episode was anything to worry about, since it was a single occurrence in the span of a few years. He prescribed another medicine to take if I have any episodes lasting more than an hour (in addition to the metoprolol I take regularly). But the best part of the visit was that I brought a couple of readouts from a device that Jim had gotten for me that detects irregular heartbeats and gives you an EKG-looking readout. I was afraid the doctor would laugh or scoff at it, so I started out by saying, “I know this is not as accurate as what you have here…” But he thought it was a great idea to be able to capture what was going on in the moment.

Bonus 1: I’ve mentioned a little discount store Jim visits almost every week.  He brought me some of my favorite Lindt Lindor truffles in candy bar form from there.

Bonus 2:Timothy was excited about starting school again, and he and his mom had a great first day! They’re using the same online program they used for K-5 last year.

How was your week?

11 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Congrats on a successful doctor visit, Barbara. These days, any of those is such a grace and a sigh of relief when you can get a clear diagnosis and a plan forward.

    Meanwhile … I’m with you … I do love a list where all the to-dos get crossed out one by one. Not only do I feel like I’m accomplishing something, but it keeps me forgetting what’s needed.

    These days, if it’s not written down, it doesn’t get done.


  2. The apple cinnamon cake is a work of art! I’m glad your “kids” can homeschool Timothy; not only is a safe health-wise but these days in schools there is much that is good to avoid, and I know they would do an excellent job of educating him. I LOVE your family of turkeys!! So glad that your cardiologist appointment went well also. It’s nice to have a calming doctor who is understanding.

  3. I love the picture of Timothy. My granddaughter starts kindergarten this year, and I’ll have to suggest that to her dad. And I LOVE the photo of the turkeys!! I get such a kick out of seeing turkeys in the wild, and I’ve never seen babies before. What a treat.

    I’m so glad your appointment went well. And, how nice to be able to be with church friends again. It sounds like such a happy reunion. Happy Anniversary to Jason and Mittu!

  4. Observation #2 on your list made me smile, Barbara. I have discovered the secret for increasing the likelihood I’ll cross everything off my to-do list, and achieve that feeling of satisfaction more often: Shorten the list! 🙂 Seriously, in addition to the stuff that has to be done every day, six more items is about all I can usually handle (give or take a few, based on the amount of time some tasks require). No use setting myself up for failure and listing ten or twelve jobs. I’m learning to be more realistic!

  5. The Apple cinnamon cake looks amazing and I’d love the recipe if they are willing to share it. We love that type of dessert for a nice autumn weekend evening!! Still very much summer here’s in NY and our schools don’t begin until after Labor Day. Some NY districts ( k-12) are not opening until late sept or early oct. where i teach ( special ed preK for private non profit agency) we go back sept 9. We are soooo ready for our 3 week vacation which started today at 1 pm!

    Yay for a good cardiologist visit and yay for check lists completed. That’s always a good blessing.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Sounds like a really good week. I’m glad the heart issue didn’t turn out to be anything to worry too much about. Yep To Do lists never seem to get finished here either lol

  7. What a nice idea to celebrate the birthday all together ! We are allowed to go into restaurants now but have to leave our address and phone nr, which lots of people do with …. a false name ! That’s a bit too much of control, and nobody controls it anyway. My grandson was also eager to return to school I think most of the children suffered to be locked in and had no social life !
    Here in Belgium we start in September ! Hopefully!!

  8. My grandtwins start first grade this week. Our school is doing social distancing learning with the kids split into two groups. They go two days a week and do online learning the other days. It will sure be interesting!
    Your son and daughter-in-law are always so thoughtful! That dessert is a work of art!
    There’s nothing I love more than a list with all the boxes checked. Like you, it’s pretty rare for me and worth celebrating when it does happen!

  9. I’m thankful you had such a good doctor visit about your afib. I can imagine that would have put some anxiety in me. And it’s good that you did take your readouts.

    Those turkeys in your neighborhood is the craziest thing. I saw your photo on Instagram and had to smile. I see turkeys now and again, but never in my neighborhood. We’re overrun with geese right now; we can’t hardly walk in the backyard without stepping in goose poo. ha.

  10. I love that Timothy’s first day “at school” had him barefoot 🙂

    Glad you had such a good week with a wonderful surprise anniversary dinner — all that sounds delicious. If there’s a link to that apple dessert recipe, I’d love it.

    Sorry hear about that 7 hour episode! But your doctor seems not to be too worried — so good to have some professional insight.

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