Friday’s Fave Five

On Fridays I like to pause for a few moments with Susanne and friends
to reflect on some of the blessings of the week.

Somehow this week has gone fast. They all do these days, but this one got to the end much sooner than expected! Here are some highlights from it.

1. Our ladies’ Bible study met in a home rather than outside due to rain, but had a Zoom option for those who didn’t feel comfortable meeting inside. I was the only one to Zoom in, but it all went well.

2. Tutorials. I mentioned last week frustration with the new WordPress editor. After neatly pulling my hair out trying to do Monday’s post, I decided I needed to dedicate some time to figuring this out. I looked up a few WP articles as well as some tutorials from others on YouTube. And I told my brain that learning new things was good for it. πŸ™‚ I got a handle on the basics, which is probably all I will need (I told my family it was like someone created a high end camera with ten lenses and scores of bells and whistles when most people just want to point and shoot). I especially appreciated finding out here that if I revert to a “classic block,” the beloved toolbar that I had been missing will show up.

3. Family time and games. My son and daughter-in-law invited us over Sunday evening for grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup, chocolate cake, and games. One we tried was Pictionary Air, which integrates with an iPad. I don’t draw well on paper, so I figured drawing in the air would be even worse. But I found I was decent at it! It was a fun night.

4. Early voting. I appreciate the privilege we have to vote in our country. There was a long line, extending out the building and around the corner. But it moved pretty quickly, and everyone was masked and distanced. The time we waited outside, it was a nice temperature with a pleasant breeze. We had fill-in-the-box ballots rather than the usual electronic screen. But everything went efficiently and everyone was pleasant.

5. Takeout pizza. We got done voting right around the time I usually start dinner, and Little Caesar’s was on the way home. πŸ™‚ And I had loaded and run the dishwasher in the afternoon, so no cooking or kitchen clean-up that night—always a fave.

I hope your week went well!

9 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Yay for early voting!! Here in NY in my area the polls open on October 24 so before church on the 25th I’m heading over to vote in person!!! Cannot wait!!!

    We love pictionary but I’ve never heard of the iPad version!!

    Pizza take out….always a fave here!!

    Glad you could connect with your women’s Bible study.

    Have a relaxing weekend!

  2. I love Little Caesar’s, haven’t had it in years though. I wish I could see what you’re dealing with on wordpress. I just went over to try to start a post. I do see a dashboard at the top, but it’s a different dashboard when I choose “paragraph” vs when I choose “image” for example. I know what you mean about places sometimes “improving” things to the point where they’re way too complicated. Sometimes it’s okay to leave things alone πŸ™‚ I’m getting super excited to vote!

  3. Yep take out and no washing up are always a fave here too! Glad you got to take part in your bible study group. Technology can be both a blessing and a curse but Youtube is great for solving lots of puzzles! I just don’t get why there’s always the need to change things lol. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  4. Yep, pizza is a great celebratory choice.
    We have registered to vote in our new place and now we are waiting a bit impatiently for our ballots.
    Yes, learning something new is good for our brains but not always for our sanctification. πŸ™‚
    Have a happy weekend.

  5. I received my ballot in the mail and will drop it at our local drop box tomorrow. I do miss getting a sticker saying “I Voted” when I do it this way:(

    Oh, I have to calm myself when I have to learn something new about technology. I find I must allow myself as much time as I’ll need, and take a deep breath first.

    At our last family Zoom, we played a game that involved Pictionary using our phones. It was a challenge drawing a picture with my finger on that small screen.

    Take out is always a treat in my book!

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