Book Review: Termination Zone

Termination Zone is the sequel to Adam Blumer‘s thriller, Kill Order (linked to my review).

In the first book, pianist Landon Jeffers had surgery for a brain tumor. After he recovered, he began waking up with partial memories of things he wouldn’t normally do. He found out an organization had implanted a chip in his head in order to control him and have him do their bidding. And he discovered he was not the only one.

Landon has been in hiding in the months since the last book, but he is discovered. His method of jamming his implant’s signals is no longer working. He’s on the run again. But an unexpected help directs him home: his mother is in danger.

Landon learns the organization behind the implants is called the Justice Club. He’s also told that a covert group is trying to thwart and disable the organization. His contact tells Landon they want him to work from inside the club. It’s a dangerous prospect, and Landon is not sure whom to trust. But he decides to work with the Justice Club’s hidden opponents. Landon tries to discern what the Justice Club is up to, but their aim is bigger than he imagined. Will he find out in time? Can he do anything about it? Will it endanger the woman he loves?

This sequel starts off with a bang and grabbed me from the first page. Fast-paced action and mystery kept me riveted.

Landon had become a Christian in the last book, and he struggles realistically in this book to learn to yield to God, to pray, to seek God for discernment and guidance.

Adam has pledged to readers to keep his novels clean. There are no sexual scenes, bad language, or gore. He proves that an excellent, thrilling novel can be written without all that. There are bad guys who are out for people’s lives, but there’s nothing gratuitous.

Once again, Adam has done a superb job. The fact that thrillers aren’t my usual reading fare, yet I eagerly await Adam’s every new book, should tell you something about his writing.

Update: Here is a trailer for the book which I just became aware of:

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6 thoughts on “Book Review: Termination Zone

  1. It’s always a good experience to find a novel that’s truly well written and engaging without all the extra, unnecessary stuff that distorts the experience.

    Thanks for sharing yet another fine read, Barbara.

  2. Thank you so much for the terrific review! I worked really hard on this one (so many evenings and Saturdays), and I’m eager to release it to the world. There’s always a little anxiety about what readers will think of it, so thank you for the encouragement. I hope what readers see in my story is a parallel between my story world and the reality of living in this real world. There’s so much out there that seeks to enslave us, but we can be free in Christ. We can say no to evil. God gives us the strength to do that–and succeed. If anything, while I hope they are entertained, I hope they catch the underlying message. It’s one we all need to hear. Thanks!

  3. Thrillers aren’t my usual genre either, but your review makes me think I might enjoy this one. When I have tried them, often the profanity etc. have turned me off — so Blumer’s commitment to not using those is a definite plus.

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