Friday’s Fave Five

On Fridays I like to pause for a few moments with Susanne and friends
to reflect on some of the blessings of the week.

It has been another fairly quiet week, for which I am thankful. Here are some favorite parts:

1. An offer of pizza. I had gotten out to the store a bit later than planned on Friday. By the time I got home and we got everything put away, it was time to start dinner. Then Jim said those magic words, “Do you want to order pizza?” It’s not that getting take-out pizza is uncommon. I ask for it sometimes when I’m tired. But the fact that he took into account that I was probably tired after a long shopping excursion and offered meant a lot to me.

2. A productive day. I’d had several days where I felt like I was just spinning my wheels, busy but not accomplishing anything. Saturday morning I specifically prayed that I’d have a productive day. I got several around-the-house tasks done that morning and a lot of computer work done in the afternoon. That felt good.

3. Sunday lunch at my son and daughter-in-law’s new house. We had eaten Mexican food take-out during a work day there, and I brought dinner over on moving day. But this was the first “official” sit-down dinner there. They have everything unpacked and have gotten quite a number of projects done. Everything looks really nice!

4. Cool Ranch Doritos. Normally I don’t care for ranch-flavored things. But I snitched borrowed a few chips from someone’s plate one day, and I was hooked. I think they put something addictive in them. And this week, the sore had a buy one, get one free sale on them!

5. Blue skies and sunshine. I’ve mentioned, probably several times, longing for them. Today (Thursday afternoon) is cold, but bright and lovely. Does my heart good.

How was your week?

14 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Wonderful week here. Today is very cold in the Lowcountry of SC. 30 degrees. Sun is shining, but I am ready for warm weather. Of course, when it gets hot, I’ll be looking for cooler temps. haha!

  2. It’s a beautiful cold day here in southwest Virginia. Your Dorito addiction reminds me of my desire for Lays Lightly Salted Potato Chips. At one time I had three bags in my home and I knew I had an addiction problem so now I try to be mindful and let a bag be a special treat only. 😊Take care.

    • I do that with some favorite snacks–only have them on special occasions and/or ration them. Everyone in the family likes the Doritos, though, so I don’t have to worry about them being on hand to tempt me for very long. πŸ˜€

  3. Love that thoughtfulness of pizza offered πŸ™‚

    My friend had texted that she’s got busy week ahead. I’d texted back that I’d pray she can complete everything she needed. She responded, “Why didn’t I think to pray that for myself?” And that’s just what you did πŸ™‚

    Excited for what your kids have accomplished at their new home. Always feels good to have that first real sit down meal.

  4. Yay for hubby offering to get take out pizza. We do that often too and tonight I decided to make HOMEMADE veggie pizza….my absolute fave and we’re gonna stay in as the temps will plummet into the single digits. We’re having a movie night here with our za.

    I LOVE that you had a productive day after praying. Those are always my fave moments too.

    I don’t like ranch flavored things either although i LOVE peppercorn ranch dressing!!

    Have a happy weekend and stay warm!

  5. Haha, I love those 6 “magic words”, too. They can instantly change my mood. My weakness is Cheetos! I can’t have them in the house. Even having orange fingers won’t slow me down! How nice to have a productive day. It’s nice that your son and his family are settling in to their new home so quickly. Blue skies have been welcomed here, too.

  6. Oh yes, takeaway pizza sounds good when you really don’t feel like cooking! And sunshine on a cold day makes it much more bearable. How nice that your daughter and family are settled in and you could go for dinner. Sounds like a good week overall. Enjoy the weekend.

  7. Ranch Doritos are my favourite. How nice to be able to get together with your son and daughter-in-law. One of the good by-products of the pandemic/quarantine is that many of us appreciate the times we get to be with family and friends so much. Thank you for your prayers for my daughter and her family.

  8. I love your list this week. It all made me smile. I can so relate to your first one. We get something every Friday, it’s the night we used to go out to eat, but when Hubby notices I’m exhausted or have had a hard day and offers on another night makes it extra special. How fun that your son and daughter in law’s home is coming together and you were able to have dinner there. First purchase homes are always so memorable. Now you have me craving Ranch Doritos. I may have to stop somewhere and get some!

  9. It’s obvious that your son and daughter-in-law are having a great time settling in to their new home.
    Take out pizza is a once in a while treat for us. (we haven’t had it all January–hmmm).
    You can have all my Doritos if you’ll give me your potato chips.

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