Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week
with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

It has been a fairly good week. Here are some of the highlights:

1. Lunch and haircuts. My daughter-in-law has graciously taken on the family haircuts since the pandemic started (except for Jesse’s—my husband still cuts his). It had been a while—December for Jim and some months before that for me. But they just moved, so we didn’t want to ask until they got settled in. Saturday Mittu invited us over for lunch and haircuts. We always enjoy visiting, and it felt good to get our hair shaped up.

2. Reading with Timothy. I don’t get to read to Timothy as much as I would like—he’s usually too interested in other things. But he asked me to read a book about grandmothers. My husband said that at first Timothy looked a little aloof, then got interested. He ended up snuggled against me. I love it!

3. Eye doctor visit. It had been more than a year since I had seen the eye doctor. I had a couple of concerns, but everything checked out okay.

4. Cookbook purge. I have some cookbooks I don’t use at all and a few that have only a couple of recipes I use. I’m not one to throw things out willy-nilly. I figured I spent time, thought, and money acquiring these things, so I need to evaluate them before getting rid of them. I’ve started going through them in the evenings while we watch TV and flagging anything I think I might seriously make. If there’s only a handful of recipes flagged in one book, I’m photocopying those, putting them with the recipe notebooks I made a few years ago, and donating the book.

5. Unexpected visit and mini donuts. Jason and Mittu asked to borrow our mini donut maker, and when they came to get it, they brought either a blueberry muffin or blueberry pancake mix and used it to make a round of blueberry donuts.

What’s something good from your week?

6 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Sounds like you had a nice week. It’s always lovely when you get to spend time with your son, daughter-in-law and grandson. Hope you weekend is good. See you soon.

  2. Nice week! I SO wish I had someone to read to, so how awesome you could read with Timothy 🙂 Good idea too to go through cookbooks in the evening as you watch TV. More and more I find myself using recipes online rather than my cookbooks. Good thing this week is our weather — we seemed to have turned a corner with no snow or super-cold temps happening or forecasted!

  3. That Mittu — she’s always blessing your family. What a treasure she is. And so lovely you got a snuggle from your favorite grandson.
    I like your idea of reviewing and then purging unneeded cookbooks. I had a cookbook give away (among family and friends) not long ago, but also had a notebook of torn-from-magazine recipes. So many were too wheat/dairy dependent to be converted for my current diet, but more often, they’re no longer of interest.

  4. love your list of faves….especially the part of Timothy snuggled up against you to read. (makes my special ed prek teacher heart happy to know people are still reading to their littles).

    YAY For donating your old cookbooks instead of tossing them out….re-using or recycling also makes my nature heart happy.

    OOH yummy…..blueberry donuts…i don’t eat those but they sure sound good and now you’ve given me an idea for Sunday morning: blueberry muffins!!!


  5. I love reading about all the wonderful times you have with your family, especially Timothy. Wow, even haircuts!
    Thanks for the push to go through my cookbooks!

  6. Toby is a real bookworm. When he couldn’t read it was paradis for him if I or somebody else read stories to him. As soon as he could read he asked for Birthdays, Christmas etc books !! on Christmas he wanted his first Harry Potter, but he is only ten and apparently the letters are very small. For haircuts I found a young woman who only comes to the clients ! I am very happy with her and my hubby too. I too need to go to the eye doctor, I wonder if it is due because I am more hanging in front of the screen then in normal times !

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