Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week
with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

We had a lot of good things going on this week. Here are a few:

1. My husband’s birthday. We had grilled hamburgers with all the sides and Boston Creme Pie. It was a joy to celebrate his special day.

2. My youngest son’s job. When Jesse first started his job over a year ago, he was hired as a contract worker for six months. Then the company was supposed to evaluate whether they’d hire him on as a full employee. And then COVID happened. The company asked everyone to remain at their current status until things settled down. Jesse just got word on Friday that they are hiring him on—and giving him a raise! God’s timing is so perfect: Jesse is moving into his own apartment this weekend. Having more security in his job and more breathing room in his budget are a big help.

3. Friends’ generosity. A few of us are still Zooming into church. Last Sunday afternoon our pastor’s family dropped off a gift bag for Jesse from the church to wish him well on the next stage of his journey. There was a card everyone had signed, a couple of batches of cookies, and about half a dozen gift cards to area stores.

4. A voice text from Timothy Tuesday afternoon asked us if we wanted to “come eat pizza and hang out with me.” Well, what grandparent can refuse an invitation like that? 🙂

5. Signs of spring. While getting Sunday morning breakfast ready, I suddenly realized that it was light outside. The sunrise has been gradually occurring earlier, but it just hit me that it wasn’t dark that time of day. Though it’s still been cold at times, we’ve had some pleasantly warm afternoons. And these little beauties are up as well as some bigger ones in the back yard.

As I mentioned, Jesse is moving out this weekend. We’re happy we had him home longer than usual due to his school and employment situations. But it’s time. We’re excited for him. But we’ll miss him, and our “nest” will be truly empty. Thankfully he won’t be too far away, and he’ll come home to do laundry for a few weeks at least. 🙂

What’s something good from your week?

8 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Love all your things, and it made me think: why is Boston Cream Pie actually a cake? 🙂 Hmmmm … here, I have loved nice temperate weather. It’s been in the 60s several days, which is very unusual here for early March. I’ve been able to put some of my houseplants which were suffering in here, outside for a few days. They’re already improving with the improved light and humidity outside.

  2. You will have an empty nest now. That is both exciting and sad. God’s blessings to Jesse on this next step in his life journey.
    How sweet of the pastor’s family to bring those gifts for him.
    Ohh! Those daffodils! I am hoping that some will pop up in my new garden somewhere.

  3. aw…..a real empty nester! Our oldest daughter is hoping to move out this spring….the end of it…before summer sets in. It all depends on her friend keeping her full time job (hours were cut due to Covid but with the economy improving hopefully the girls can get a place…Courtney cannot afford her own apt here. The Capital Region of NYS is ridiculously over priced. Most 2 bedrooms are more than our mortgage!

    How thoughtful of your church friends to give Jesse a basket of goodies and there’s no way you could say no to pizza and time with Timmy!

    Happy birthday to your guy! That Boston Creme Pie looks amazing!!! What adorable decorations!

    Happy Weekend.

  4. Love the cake decorations! That is good news all around for Jesse, and what a wonderful congregation you must have to celebrate with him like that. A snowstorm is moving into our neck of the woods. The positive is that it will green everything up nicely after it melts. Can’t wait for spring and flowers like yours.

  5. Lots of lovely things in your list. Belated birthday wishes to your husband (that pie looks delicious) and good luck to Jesse as he starts a new chapter. Yes adapting to an empty nest takes time but raising children means helping them to fly the nest. And they sometimes have a habit of coming back lol

  6. Oh! What a nice way to celebrate Jesse’s new life — a coordinated gift from church and an orchestrated gift from God.

    Love that sweet pizza invitation from your favorite grandson. Boston creme pie sounds utterly delicious. Belated birthday wishes to your husband!

  7. What a nice five! Happy belated birthday to Jim. The cake/pie sounds delicious. I haven’t had Boston Cream Pie is ages. Oh my goodness, one cannot turn down a sweet invitation like that! Congrats to Jesse on his job becoming more permanent and on his move! Exciting times but I know it is bittersweet for you.

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