Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week
with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

It’s the first week of June! Here are some of the best parts of the week:

1. A productive Saturday. We had talked about going all together to a park on a lake with a roped-off area for swimming. But rain was in the forecast, so we moved those plans to Monday. Instead, Jim and I spent Saturday afternoon moving all the wall decorations and shelves from the old sewing room to the new one. Then he began to tape off the old room to ready it for painting, and I planted some new flowers in the front planters. We ended the day with Dominoes pizza.

2. A long weekend. Jason, Mittu, and Timothy came over Sunday night to camp out in the back yard. Jason and Mittu tried out the RV, and Timothy and Granddad were out in the tent–at least until about 2 a.m. 🙂 Jim made a big “camp breakfast” on the grill. Then Jesse met us at the park mentioned above for a cookout. Unfortunately, the park was so crowded, we couldn’t find a parking space. But Jason had noticed a sign for a picnic pavilion, so we backtracked there. We weren’t near the water, but we had the area mostly to ourselves until the last half hour or so.

3. A radio interview. I mentioned last week that I had an opportunity for a radio interview to discuss one of my blog posts. It went very well. God gave great grace, and the hosts were very gracious and easy to talk to. Unfortunately, my segment was not in the excerpt link on their web site. But thankfully a good friend thought to record it for me, and I was able to send it in an audio file to Jim and the kids, who were working during the time I was on live. That was so thoughtful of her!

4. Cracker Barrel take-out. I forgot to mention this one from the week before last. Jim had to go out of town one day and didn’t expect to be home until late. So I splurged and got Cracker Barrel take-out. That’s one of my favorite restaurants, but no one else in the family likes it much. Takeout meals often contain enough for dinner and leftovers for lunch the next day. But this had the biggest portions I had seen for takeout, and I got an additional lunch out of them. And the best was their double chocolate Coca-Cola cake.

5. Grocery store pick-up. Unfortunately, Jim has been sick since the weekend with a really bad cold. He went for a COVID test just to be sure, but it was negative. Then I woke up Thursday morning with a sore throat and sinus pressure. 😦 I spent much of Thursday sleeping, so I hope I’m heading off the worst of it. We needed some things at the store, but I really didn’t feel like going, and I didn’t think he would, either. The main store we use doesn’t have online ordering, but one near us does. I remembered it just in time to get an order in for that evening’s pick-up.

This weekend, we’re planning to celebrate Timothy’s completing first grade. Hopefully we’ll both be over whatever we have by then. What are your plans for the weekend?

7 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Hope you and Jim are both feeling better soon. Sounds like you had a good and productive Memorial Day weekend. Also good to hear that the radio interview went well. That is such a great opportunity to share your faith! Have a good weekend.

  2. Not liking Cracker Barrel??! How is this possible! That sure sounds good. I too am so glad you had a friend record your radio segment. Weekend plans here include an annual free plant swap at the local botanical gardens that one of the girls and I enjoy attending, and playing organ for church Sunday. Happy weekend!

  3. What a great opportunity to talk about your blog and share with others. I love online ordering and pick up and do it for groceries and even Loews. Hope you are doing better and Congrats to the new 2nd grader. Have a blessed week.

  4. The backyard sleepover sounds like fun! Grandpa is a good sport, sleeping in the tent. Timothy will treasure the memories. Your Saturday sounds awesome, getting so much done. Doesn’t it feel great?! I hope you and Jim are feeling better. Congratulations to Timothy!

  5. That backyard sleep over sounds like fun. I must pose that option to my family.
    You certainly were productive on Saturday. Good for you..
    I hope you are feeling better by now. Enjoy your week.

  6. how fun to try out camping with a backyard sleepover!!
    Your Memorial Day weekend sounds like it was a success. Here in NYS we had COLD and RAIN! but now we are having wonderful sunshine and HOT temps like summer!!
    I love that you had a productive and good Saturday and I hope and pray you and hubby are feeling a lot better. Thank the Lord it wasn’t Covid! Enjoy the Sabbath.

  7. Well last weekend sounded good so I hope you and Jim were feeling better by this one. How fortunate that your friend taped your interview. Glad that went well.

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