Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week
with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

It’s been a fairly quiet week. Sometimes those are the hardest in which to find something to share for FFF—not because they’re bad. In fact, I generally prefer quiet weeks! But because they’re fairly routine and ordinary, nothing stands out. But there are blessings in ordinariness.

1. Feeling good. We finally turned a corner with these colds last weekend. I’ve had worse cold symptoms, but this one seemed to last longer and the sore throat was harder to relieve than usual. We’re glad to be done with all of that, hopefully for a long time.

2. Self-serve nights. Ever since my kids were old enough to make a sandwich or run the microwave, Sunday nights have been “fend for yourself” meal nights. I make a big breakfast and lunch that day, then I am happy to be “off” the rest of the day. We often just heat up leftovers. Jason and Mittu will come over sometimes on Sunday nights and raid the freezer–I keep some gluten-free heat-and-eat meals for her and Timothy. We had such an evening last Sunday.

3. A cute new cartoon. Timothy wanted to show us a new cartoon he’s been enjoying called “Bluey.” It’s on Disney +, but there are a few episodes on YouTube. It’s about a little dog family in Australia. I thought the few episodes we saw were good. But what I enjoyed the most was that the daddy dog’s voice and personality were very much like our pastor’s. The accents are a little different–our pastor is from South Africa rather than Australia. But the whole time we watched, I kept “hearing” our pastor and chuckling over the similarities.

4. A trade. Just about the time we were going to shop for a bed for our new guest room, Jason and Mittu asked if we would like theirs, as they want to buy a larger size. We also asked them if they wanted the mini-fridge. It used to be in my mother-in-law’s room, then we kept it in Jesse’s room. But he didn’t want to take it with him when he moved. We figured they could use it downstairs for drinks and snacks or to store cold food when they were eating on the patio.

5. A storage closet. We figure most guests aren’t going to need much closet space, so our guest room closet is a place for some extra storage. I have shoeboxes of photos from pre-digital days that I need to do something with, off-season clothing, and a few other things–and still have some room. It’s been fun to get that set up and ease space in other areas.

Hope you have a great weekend celebrating your dads, husbands, or father figures!

8 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Your week sounds like the lower key week was what you needed after having that bad cold. Glad that is behind you now.

    I had to chuckle about your Sunday evening meal time and that you have always called it, “fend for yourself”. At our son’s house they call that a yoyo night…your on your own. 🙂

    How nice that you no longer need to shop for a new bed for the guest room! That’s a blessing for sure!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Barbara!

  2. I like the quiet weeks. Finding blessings in the ordinary is especially satisfying. It’s fun to trade for something “new.” Fun for everyone!

  3. Self-serve nights sound like a great idea! Sounds like you have had a good and productive week. See you again soon!

  4. We do self serve on Sunday evenings too!! I tend to cook “SUnday dinner” after church and we just eat leftovers or appetizer type foods for the evening. Friday nights are like that too as I refuse to cook on Friday nights when I’ve been teaching all week. WHen i was a stay at home it was either take the girls out to a family style restaurant or do simple dinners like burgers and homemade fries, veggie platter. Now we either order out, or go out (here in NYS we are back to normal!! NO more masks for fully vaccinated people and we can gather again in large groups. We are the only state in the nation to have reached over 70% of our population being fully vaccinated!! because I teach, i do have to wear a mask still while the kids are in class but after 1 pm we can remove them!! and no more masks on the playground! (ooops…I went off ona tangent here…sorry!!). Anyways….I LOVE no cooking evenings although I do love to cook too!

    LOVE getting things organized and cleared away…glad you got to do that this week. I hope to have a guest room as soon as our oldest moves out but it will need new carpeting and painting first.

    I hope your husband has a wonderful Father’s Day!!

  5. (if a different comment from me shows up, it’s because wordpress is not happy with me…)
    We do self serve family dinners too–we call them BYOD, bring your own dinner.
    Isn’t it great when families can do those swaps? You get a bed and they get a mini frig. We inherited our daughter’s washer and dryer and a lawn mower when she sold her rental property at the same time we bought our home.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Oh I like fend-for-yourself dinner idea 🙂 And, yes, those tend to turn into pick-your-leftovers nights. I also keep a few emergency meals in the freezer. Our favorite so far is a kung pao chicken meal kit from Trader Joe’s (has chicken, veggies, seasonings, peanuts) that I add frozen veggies, stir fry, and serve over rice.

    Your stuff exchange is fabulous. Love it when things get used by people who need them. I don’t mind thrift stores, but there’s something great about knowing that thing is taken by someone who wants it.

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