Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week
with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

It’s been quite the week. Jim was out of town from Monday through Thursday. The power was out twelve hours Monday night. I was in atrial fibrillation most of Tuesday, but thankfully that resolved overnight without my having to go to the ER. The rest of the week was better! Here are some of the best parts:

1. Father’s Day. We enjoyed the opportunity to honor Jim with cards, gifts, a spaghetti dinner, and chocolate cake. We had a lot of fun with this gift that Mittu got for Jason.

2. Power. There’s nothing like losing power for a while to truly appreciate it when it comes back on. Thankfully I had just heated up some soup for dinner when the power went off during a storm. Also, the temperature never got uncomfortably hot–mainly because the outage occurred from about 5:30 p.m. until 7:30 a.m. I could have called Jason and Mittu and gone to their house, and I would have if I had been uncomfortable. But it’s still light late enough that I could sit by a window and read for several hours. I finished off two books that night! And I understood why people used to go to bed and get up with the sun—there’s not much you can do in the evenings once it gets dark.

3. Lunch with a friend. The last time we saw each other, we talked about this new weird virus going around and wondered if it would turn out to be a big problem. It did! It was so good to catch up in person. This was my first time to eat inside a restaurant since the pandemic started. We ate at Cracker Barrel, and they had a delicious new entree that we both tried: Maple Bacon Grilled Chicken.

4. Not cooking. With Jim gone, I’ve just heated up leftovers or canned stuff. Jason and Mittu brought me dinner the night I was in afib. I got takeout I was craving from Red Lobster one night.

5. A bit of closet reorganization. I’m not doing a full scale closet clean-out or re-do. But every now and then I get an idea for a better way some things would work. So I’ve chipped away at that a little every morning this week and also pulled a few things out to donate or trash while I was at it.

As I write this Thursday afternoon, I’m looking forward to Jim coming home tonight (he did arrive safely!) How was your week?

10 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Sounds like a good week; so glad your medical issue revolved. WOW that’s a long time to not have eaten in a restaurant!!! I hope you enjoyed it so much. Good week here and it is raining, and that is supposed to continue for days. I’m feeling a bit like Noah (appropriate, since I just visited the Ark model).

  2. So glad Jim is safely home. That looks like a fun Father’s Day gift. It’s always nice to get things reorganized and freshened up. Hope you are feeling better and have a good weekend.

  3. I am always more grateful for power after an outage than at other times!! It’s good that yours came back on so quickly.
    A week without cooking is a wonderful thing. 🙂 This summer I’ve become somewhat addicted to Publix’s offerings of seafood salad, chicken salad, parmesan crusted chicken cutlets, and other things that make cooking so much easier. 🙂

  4. Hmmm, I have a feeling that bit of closet work is going to spread. It’s the kind of thing that can happen! So glad you are doing better. What a week! How nice to reconnect with a friend and do something so pre-pandemic like eat at a restaurant. I was going to say “normal” but I don’t think we can every get back to that.

  5. Having lived at the end of the world (truly!) without electricity or running water, I never take either one for granted. I’m glad you ‘survived’ alone in the house without Jim. And I’m glad he is home safe and sound.
    A-fib is hard. I hope you remain healthy!

  6. You had quite the eventful week! I’m sorry you were in atrial fibrillation especially when Jim was out of town. But thankful that it resolved itself!

    Our a/c was out for about 4 days a couple weeks ago, but we did have power at least.

    I had our first eat-in at a restaurant again this past month. It felt weird in one sense, but totally normal too. So grateful for the vaccines!

  7. We had a camp growing up that had no electricity for several years and for my entire childhood NO RUNNING WATER!! Glad you could read some books and enjoy a quiet evening.

    Sorry to hear you are having heart issues. It was thoughtful of your DiL to bring dinner over.

    Thankful Hubby arrived home safely. Enjoy the weekend!

  8. Wow! What a week you’ve had! Mine had some disappointments (not being able to drive to Alaska) and some unexpected blessings (I got to photograph a spectacular moonrise). I also spent the last three days writing and catching up on blog things. That was wonderful!

  9. Glad that Jim got home ok and you survived being unwell and the power cut! Good to have family nearby at times like that even if you don’t actually call them. How nice to catch up with your friend after all this time! Enjoy your weekend.

  10. That looks like a very fun gift. So glad to hear that you were ok and didn’t end up in ER. I can’t remember the last power outage we had that would have lasted that long.

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