Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week
with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

It’s good to be back for a Friday’s Fave Five after last week’s break. We’ve had a full and busy couple of weeks with an overflow of blessings.

1. My oldest son’s visit and birthday. This was his first time to fly here since the pandemic: he had come by train the last couple of times. It’s wonderful to see him in person and not just on a screen.

2. Family time. My husband took the week of the 16th-20th off so we had something of a “stay-cation.” while Jeremy was here. Jesse and Jason had to work but took off that Friday and came over several evenings. So we had a lot of family time, visiting, laughing, eating, and playing games. Mittu made great dinners a couple of nights, once at their place and once at ours. Jesse had us all over to his place one night for honey garlic salmon–his first time to host all of us.

3. My birthday was last weekend. It’s nice when the dates work out that Jeremy can be here for both his birthday and mine. My daughter-in-law made lunch for us. We went out for dinner to one of my favorite restaurants on a lake. Then we went home for my annual Texas Sheet Cake that Mittu made and decorated and opened presents.

4. Safety and and new plans. Jeremy was due to fly back to RI on the 22nd, but the day before, Hurricane Henri was heading straight for RI. What we didn’t want to happen was for Jeremy to leave here on the first leg of his flight and then get stranded if the last flight was canceled. So Jim and Jeremy called the airline and got a very competent and friendly person and changed his flights to Wednesday. It turned out to be a good thing, because the second leg of his flight did indeed get canceled. He worked from our home Monday and Tuesday. The storm weakened and avoided a direct hit to his area after all, but we were happy to have a few more days with him here rather than having him have to hang out out an airport until it was safe.

5. A new sign for the guest room. Jason gets a few credits every year for products from the place where he works and he generously let me use some for this sign for the guest room.

I hope you’ve had a good week, too!

6 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. OOOH….I love that your guest room includes a basket of coloring items. Love it!!

    How wonderful to have your entire family together to celebrate your birthday…and your son’s. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! What a nice family photo, too!!

    Enjoy the end of August!!

  2. Happy birthday to your oldest and happy birthday to you! I’m glad we each got to see our oldest kids this month. Wow, your two sons on the right of the group photo look so similar, I would have a hard time telling them apart!

  3. It’s obvious you both had wonderful birthdays!
    What a terrific family photo! Look how tall Timothy is!! (and I love Mittu’s shirt)
    Your chocolate cake is inspiring me… or is “tempting me” more accurate?
    What wonderful timing for Jeremy to be able to delay his trip back, work from your home, and get safely to RI again.

  4. Aww looks like you had some great family time. Belated birthday wishes. Love that sign in your guest room. Glad your son got home safely. Have a good weekend.

  5. What wonderful family time celebrating birthdays! So glad Jeremy did not get caught in that storm during his travel time. That was a smart thing to do. So good that so many can work from home now for times like that.

  6. Happy Birthday two times! for you and your son!
    What good thinking and planning ahead of time to change Jeremy’s flight home to avoid cancellations.
    My first thought when I saw that photo of Jeremy and Timothy was–wow, Timothy is growing up!
    Have a good weekend!

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