August Reflections

Are you starting to see fall decorations posts all over the Internet? It’s still too hot and humid here to think about fall except in longing for cool breezes—but it will likely be several weeks before we get any.

Though I’m looking forward to fall, I like to savor the last bit of summer. When I was a child, school started right after Labor Day. So this stretch of time involved the last trips to the pool, the last days of sleeping in and freedom from homework.

When my kids were in school, I looked forward to having a bit more structure in our schedule while I simultaneously regretting the full calendar of a busy school year.

One of my favorite activities this time of year was getting new school supplies. Crayons and pencils in elementary school. Choosing just the right notebooks in high school. New clothes. I was in Target the other day with aisles full of college students loading up their carts with dorm and class necessities. There was an air of excitement that I missed.

But I’m also glad in this “empty nest” stage of life that our schedule will remain about the same until December.


August is one of the best family months, because my oldest son comes home for his and my birthdays. My husband takes that week off and the other kids are here as much as they can be. We enjoyed lots of time together, talking and playing games. We had a couple of meals out. We missed having one big outing—bowling, if nothing else, or sometimes a visit to the Gatlinburg area. This year it was too hot to do much of anything outside, and an uptick in COVID cases here discouraged time in crowded areas. But the time was enjoyable for family togetherness.

I mentioned on a Friday’s Fave Five that we had my oldest son here for a few extra days due to Hurricane Henri’s heading toward his state. We changed his flights because we didn’t want him to get stranded at an airport between here and RI. It was good we did, because the second leg of his flights did indeed get canceled. He worked from our home for a couple of days and then flew back out with no trouble.

The guest room is coming along. I have a couple more things I’d like to do in there. The storage bench I wanted has been out of stock for ages, but I hope it will be available soon.

This week on a family group text, a couple of the guys posted family pictures from an app that converts people in a photo to a cartoon character. Seeing how everyone turned out and the comments along the way were so much fun.


I made just two this month. The first was for Jason and Mittu’s anniversary.

The little couple was made with the Cricut.

This was for Jeremy’s birthday.

He likes foxes. I got this idea from a Pinterest post about using animal faces and brown paper for gift wrapping. I found this template for a fox face to use for the whiskers.


My husband and I are going through The Mandalorian an episode or two at a time. Some of our kids have finished it and wanted us to see it. Pretty good so far. We also like watching America’s Got Talent, though we have to fast forward through a couple of the acts. I enjoyed the third season of Making It, a quirky craft competition show, as well as College Bowl.


Since last time I’ve finished (titles link back to my reviews):



  • Unconditional by Eva Marie Everson, based on a film by the same name which was based on a true story about Joe Bradford’s helping kids in his neighborhood even though he desperately needed a kidney transplant.
  • The Last Year of the War by Susan Meissner (audiobook), historical fiction about German and Japanese teen girls who meet and become friends in an interment camp during WWII. They’re each repatriated to their parents’ countries of birth, lose touch, and then one tries to find the other in her 80s while battling Alzheimer’s. Just finished this over the weekend and hope to review it in a day or two.

It’s unusual for me to read more nonfiction than fiction in a month!

I’m currently reading:

  • The Man Who Was Q: the True Story of Charles Fraser-Smith, the ‘Q’ Wizard of World War II by David Porter. I read Fraser-Smith’s memoir about his war-time activities in July. This is a biography covering his whole life.
  • Gentle and Lowly by Dane Ortlund
  • Be Dynamic (Acts 1-12): Experience the Power of God’s People by Warren Wiersbe
  • Tidewater Inn by Collen Coble


Besides the weekly Friday’s Fave Fives and almost weekly Laudable Linkages and book reviews, I’ve shared these posts:

  • Under His Shadow. Thinking about what a shadow from the heat meant in Biblical times with no AC or fans and how God shelters and shades us.
  • Fifteen Favorite Posts from Fifteen Years of Blogging to celebrate my blogging anniversary.
  • Strengthening Others, inspired by places in Acts where it says the apostles strengthened people, exploring ways we can strengthen each other.
  • Why Aren’t Christians More Loving?
  • When the World Weighs Heavy. There’s a lot of hard news on several fronts, and it gets to be too much to bear. But that reminds us to give it all to the only One who can truly help.
  • Don’t Forget the Hope. “But this post isn’t primarily about modesty. It’s about remembering to share hope with our children, students, readers, those whom we’re discipling. Sometimes we’re so passionate about whatever we’re warning against that we forget to offer the hope that God extends to His people.”


Still not much going on there besides blog posts. I sketched out a devotional idea a while back that I want to finish it up and submit. Except for one more birthday and a couple of medical appointments, we have a bit of a lull before the busy holiday season. I’m hoping to carve out some time to work on the book then.

How was your August?

(I often link up with some of these bloggers.)

10 thoughts on “August Reflections

  1. It sounds like a good month! I’m glad you helped your son avoid some airline woes. Love to see the cards you made, as always. As a former teacher, I fully understand the excitement of the new year starting. For years I really missed that in August; I still do somewhat. Like you, I am not quite ready for fall decor yet either. Hard to reconcile with the super hot temps.

  2. Getting new school supplies was so fun for me at the beginning of each homeschool year. I typically like to buy them still to donate to nonprofits that collect them, but I didn’t do it this year; just wrote a check instead. It didn’t feel the same, but the end result for the kids will be the same. 😉

    Glad you got to spend extra time with your family in August. That counts as a good month in and of itself.

    Your cards are always so adorable. My sister’s m-i-l has a whole room dedicated to making cards. It’s always a treat to get a handmade card from her,

    You had some good books this month too. I’m currently on the end of a couple more books that have been very enriching to me. My latest fiction book I’ve started is American Dirt. So far it’s quite intense, so I don’t know if I’ll “enjoy” it or not. lol.

  3. It sounds like you had a great August, Barbara! We’re close to the cusp of launching our boys, and I’m sure I will miss them tons once they fly into this big world to find their places. How wonderful that your family still makes it a priority to meet face-to-face. I listened to the Last Year of the War last year. It’s an interesting read! I look forward to reading your review. 🙂

  4. Purchasing school supplies was always a fun thing to do with my children. There was something about new notebooks, waiting to be written in, that always spoke of hope and growth. Your month sounds like a full time with family and that is the best! I’m also reading Gentle and Lowly but slowly as I am also finishing up another book as well. One day, I will only read one book at a time 🙂

  5. Your August sounds like it was great. The cartoon pictures are fun! I loved the Last Year of the War. I read “The Aviator’s Wife” which is a fictional based on fact about Anne Morrow Lindberg. Yes her story was somewhat depressing and sad.

  6. I enjoy seeing your creative cards. You have quite the imagination to come up with so many ideas. The cartoon character faces were fun. I didn’t read your book about WWII, but read one about some resistance women in Germany. One was an American women married to a German who was living in Germany and joined the resistance.

  7. Loved reading your reflections here! The cartoons of the family are very good. Your husband’s is hilarious!! I remember the excitement of getting ready for school! All the school supplies and I seem to remember getting new shoes as well. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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