Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week
with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

I seriously don’t know where this week has gone. But let’s jump right in to the week’s faves:

1. New school arrangement for my grandson. My son and daughter-in-law switched to a different on-line program than they had been using, and the whole family likes it much better.

2. Telephone doctor visit. I know many health care providers now offer some kind of telephone or online Zoom-like way to talk to them, but this was the first time I used one. For some situations, I might prefer to see the doctor in person. But for this concern, being able to show the doctor the problem, find out what to do, and get a prescription for antibiotics, all over the phone, was a great time saver–and helped me stay out of his office during another uptick in COVID cases here.

3. One step closer to autumn. August is one of my favorite months, with my birthday and my oldest son’s visit for his birthday. But it is also our hottest month. Turning the calendar to September encouraged me that fall is on the way!

4. Mexican take-out. My husband said recently that he’s not crazy about any of the Mexican food restaurants in our area, and wasn’t even all that into Mexican food lately. I was raised in SE Texas, where Mexican food is a staple. πŸ™‚ One night this week, my husband was away until about 9—so I took the opportunity to have Mexican food take-out delivered.

5. Family group texts. We have a running group text with all our immediate family where we share news, concerns, prayer requests, funny things we’ve seen, photos of culinary masterpieces, etc. I love being able to instantly share with and hear from the family.

How was your week? Hope it was a good one.

11 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. I’ve done the phone visit with a doctor. They’re OK if the need isn’t too great. But I still like in person if possible. Glad you ended your August so nicely with all the visits (that might have been written about earlier). I’m with your husband – not a great Mexican fan, can eat it occasionally, but prefer other food!!! πŸ™‚ Happy Labor Day weekend!! –Ann

  2. Group family texts can be really fun but in our case where some are very opinionated about their version of political truth, we avoid them. It helps keep our stress down. Glad yours are all good ones sharing good stuff!!

    So your grandson is homeschooled?? Glad his folks found a program they like. What does he do for social interaction?? (just curious as child development is my “thing” and I have some young mom friends who might switch to homeschooling but are concerned about the lack of social interactions among peers especially as like my girls they don’t do traditional sports).

    YAY For Autumn coming. I love summer but here in New York our entire month of July was either too hot and humid and pouring rain to do the outdoorsy things we love and August was good but going by so fast!! (actually it’s Sept now isn’t it?? i’m still on vacation so still in summer mode for sure). School begins on Wed the 8th so back to work for me.

    ENJOY this long holiday weekend!

    • My son and daughter-in-law have people over often, most of whom have kids. Timothy has always done well with other kids at his house or theirs. They recently had friends over that the parents knew years ago, but Timothy had never met. He greeted the kids, invited them to his room, and played heartily the whole time they were there.

  3. Online doctor visits can be good, and seem to be here to stay. They are so much more convenient – saving time and money. So glad your grands got a school program they like better. Glad to hear that you stay in touch with your family through group texts. Take-out Mexican food sounds great! Have a great weekend and see you again soon.

  4. Hmmm, I had my online doctor visit this week, too — just a checkup, but he said I could pop in later for a quick vitals collection. Glad you had a time-saving option!

    How nice to get a chance to sneak in some of your favorite foods at an opportune time. I kind of feel that way about Vietnamese food.

    That immediate ability to share is wonderful, isn’t it? Our neighbor Deb got a smart phone this week. She’d been worried about Wimsey not eating. The other evening, I texted her a 3 second video of him chowing away. Ah, technology πŸ˜‰

  5. We have found an adequate (really quite good) Mexican place in town. Yay! But there are no Indonesian restaurants in the area.
    We have some of those family texts groups too. So much fun.
    Our homeschooled grandson enjoys his time with Trail Life friends. Maybe Timothy would enjoy that (like Boy Scouts).

  6. Family group texting sounds fun to me! My daughter has used telehealth for dermatologist visits that are just necessary to get a prescription renewed. I found it a little annoying that we still needed to pay over $70 for a 5-minute virtual visit, but I’ll admit it was quick and easy!

  7. That’s a good idea a phone call with your doctor instead a visit ! We don’t have seasons anymore ! Now that we are in September it is as hot as it should have been in July and we didn’t have winter more or less we also had alwas the same temperatures ! Strange that’s the second year. I have procuration for my husband but I had left it at home and the stupid clerk made all things complicated. When the phone finally worked, Mr. G managed to block it again ! Now it’s finished with telephones ! that’s the 3rd time. He can answer but doesn’t find the right name or buttons to call somebody. It’s sad, but you get used to !

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