Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week
with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

October is almost over. It seems like it has been a long month in some ways but has flown by in others. On Fridays I stop for a moment to remember the good things of the week lest I forget them in the blur of passing time.

1. A family outing. With various ones of us being sick and our traveling before that, it had been about three weeks since we had all been together as a family (those of us who are local). That’s a rarity for us. So it felt good in a number of ways to have an outing Saturday. It was good to be together and do something fun and get out. We visited the Pinta, a life-sized replica of Christopher Columbus’s ship (I wrote more about it here.)

Then we went out to eat, another thing we hadn’t done in a long time.

2. Grilled burgers. My husband had stopped at the store for me Saturday morning and noticed ground chuck was on sale. So he bought some and grilled hamburgers for us for Sunday lunch, then invited the kids for burgers Sunday evening. So we had a second family get-together last weekend.

3. My husband not only grilled twice on Sunday, but he loaded and ran the dishwasher, unloaded it, and reloaded it all in one day. He regularly cleans up the kitchen after Sunday morning breakfast while I get ready for church, and I appreciate that so much. But it was also a joy to come into the kitchen after dinner and find everything done.

4. A radio interview. I mentioned this unexpected opportunity last week. Thanks so much to those who prayed. It went well, and I felt God gave me the words to say. Some of you mentioned you’d like to hear it. My oldest son recorded it and made a link to it it here, if you’d like to listen.

5. Dinner and company. Jim had to go out of town overnight Wednesday, and Jason and Mittu offered to bring over some Mexican food for dinner. Then last night, Jesse brought over some peanut butter cake, the first cake he ever made from scratch.

Thus ends another week, and almost another month. I hope your October is wrapping up well.

5 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Oh good, I thought about you and prayed about Monday, so I’m glad it went well! I loved your post about the Pinta. And I certainly can appreciate how great it is to have your husband clean up the kitchen!!! I like the way you described of taking time to remember good moments “lest I forget them in the blur of passing time.”

  2. Yay for a family outing …how fun to see a replica of the ship…and yay for husband cleaning up after dinner and for grilling food!

    I listened to the link you posted and it was SO nice to hear your voice!! It was excellent message.

    Have a wonderful weekend Barbara

  3. Glad to hear the interview went well!
    The more I hear about families where mom does everything, the more I appreciate families where husbands set the example for their boys to help out. That is love in action!
    Good job for Jesse’s first cake!

  4. So glad the interview went well. I’ll try to listen to it on the weekend when I can grab a peaceful moment. Gotta love when a hubby cooks and cleans. So nice that you were able to have lots of family time this week doing fun things. I really miss my family especially the ones a province away who we see far less than the two who are only a couple hours away.

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