Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week
with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

Here we are in the first week of December with Christmas preparations in full swing. We’ve made a significant dent in the Christmas shopping and wrapping, have the first draft of our Christmas letter waiting for revision, purchased Christmas cards and stamps. Yay! I’m enjoying Christmas music both on my phone plus on BBN Radio.

This week I have ample candidates for a favorites list. I’ll try to narrow it down to five.

1. Post-Thanksgiving blessings. I forgot to mention last time being thankful for my husband and daughter-in-law’s help Thanksgiving Day. My husband tidied up the bathroom while I cooked. My daughter-in-law made several dishes. It helps so much to “divide and conquer” on a busy day. My husband traditionally picks as much meat off the turkey carcass as he can and then cleans the roasting pan for me. This year, he did that and went ahead and loaded the dishwasher. We had used paper plates and plastic utensils, do the main dishes were serving bowls and platters. And he made his traditional turkey salad that we spread on rolls or crackers. Then, the day after Thanksgiving I found an unexpected note from my husband thanking me for all my hard work and “homey touches” for the day.

2. Christmas decorating. This year we chose our tree alone, because of either sickness or scheduling among the kids. But the family came over to decorate. I’ve always been thankful that we do this together as a family and it’s not just my “job.” It helps to “divide and conquer” again—we get it all done in a few hours. But it’s fun to do together, to comment on the ornaments or decorations, bring up memories, etc. Mittu made chili and cornbread for dinner, and we ended the evening with a few games.

3. A new figurine. I saw someone mention receiving a gift of a miniature typewriter with the words, “Have courage and be kind” on the “paper” in the typewriter. I thought that was so neat, I googled to see if I could find a similar inexpensive one—and I did. I have it sitting just under my computer screen as a reminder.

4. Hanging up wall decorations in the guest room. They had been sitting around for weeks due to our sickness or busyness. But Saturday Jim hung up several items for me. Th

5. Power restored. I mentioned a few weeks ago that the power company was replacing some lines in our neighborhood. We had gotten a notice that the power would be off for several hours on a certain day while they finished up. Somehow, we noticed the alternate date and planned for that.

So we were surprised when someone knocked on our door yesterday to say the power would be off from 9 to 3. And that was a day I happened to go back to sleep for a bit instead of getting my shower. So I made a quick breakfast before they turned the power off and and jumped in the shower just after. I did have enough hot water to finish. Then my husband started up the generator in the RV so I could blow dry and fix my hair, and we used the microwave there to make lunch. We spent the rest of the day in the house. He was able to make a hotspot with his phone for internet access, so he was able to continue working. My laptop was fully charged, so I started on our Christmas letter. The weather was comfortable, so it wasn’t a problem that the heat was off. We could have spent the day in the RV if needed, but I am glad we didn’t have to. I’m sure we also could have gone to our son and daughter-in-law’s house, but we didn’t want to disrupt their routine or ours if we could help it. Despite the surprise and lack of preparedness, it was actually better day for the power to be out than the one we had originally thought. And there’s nothing like the power being off for a while to appreciate it even more.

I hope you’ve had a good week as well.

7 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. How nice to get a thank you note from your hubby. I never doubt that my hubby appreciates me but I don’t think I’ve ever get a not lol. Lovely to decorate your tree together too. Glad the power outage wasn’t too hard to get through. The recent storm here in the UK has left some households without power for a week and it’s been very cold. Fortunately we haven’t been without power at all. Enjoy the weekend.

  2. How wonderful that you had so much help for Thanksgiving and afterwards. My husband cooked the turkey and made vegan stuffing for 18 family members and I and my daughters made all the veggies and appetizers and his siblings contributed wine, juices, sparkling waters. I love when others pitch in.

    Glad you didn’t have to spend too long with no’s something we ALL in first world countries take for granted, hm?

    That’s great that your Christmas tree is up…..mine should be going up tomorrow. I’m looking forward to my oldest daughter coming over to help and my youngest will help once she is home from work.

    Have a wonderfully relaxing evening.

  3. My huband was like yours he alwas helped me and we shared the household scores, as we were both working. I haven’t done anything for Christmas, I have no clue how we will or if we can celebrate Christmas. this year. All depends on Rick. It’s awful when the electricity doesn’t work ! Fortunately the computer runs on battery !

  4. Barbara, I just have to say that the note your husband left for you after Thanksgiving brought tears to my eyes. Carroll doesn’t always leave notes, but he never forgets to thank me and it means so much. I enjoyed all of your blessings for the week, but especially that one.

  5. Awww, your little typewriter is so sweet! The internet is wonderful for being able to find things like that at a bargain. I’m hungry for some of your husband’s turkey salad, and add me to the list thinking it was SO sweet and kind of him to leave a note for you.

  6. Wow. I’m so impressed with your Christmas preparations! My schedule (did I ever have one?) has gone completely off track. Those are lovely blessings — especially the family connections that mean so much.

  7. Reading the alternate date is something I totally would have done, but good for you guys for rolling with it. Glad your Christmas shopping is getting done and how fun to have all the help. I love how you guys do everything as a family like that. What a sweet note your hubby left you! I am so behind on Christmas, not one gift bought. I am super unmotivated this year.

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