Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week
with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

Wow, this week has just flown by–maybe because it has been a busy one. Here are some of the best parts:

1. A Christmas concert. A local business sponsors a family-oriented Christmas concert at a nearby college every year. My husband has wanted us to attend for years, but somehow it never worked out before. This year we all got to go. I was afraid Timothy might be bored, but he said he enjoyed it. Then we all went out to a restaurant afterward for a bite to eat.

2. An uneventful cardiologist visit. I almost could have phoned it in, except that they do an EKG and listen to my heart at every visit. And we scaled back to appointments every six months instead of three.

3. Christmas music. I have an extensive collection on my phone, plus BBN Radio plays only Christmas music this month until after Christmas day.

4. Christmas lights are probably my favorite part of Christmas traditions, maybe second to or tied with music.I always miss them when we take them down afterward.

5. A surprise birthday party. Our pastor turned 50, and somehow the church was able to pull off a surprise birthday party for him after last Sunday morning’s service. Some were pretty creative with their commemorations and gag gifts.

Bonus: Crossing things off the ol’ to-do list. Christmas isn’t just about getting things done . . . yet there are more things to get done this month that most. I’m trying to get as much done as possible before my oldest son comes to visit. Besides some technical problems with the printer and the need to wait for new cartridges before printing off our Christmas newsletter, everything is coming along pretty well.

I hope you are having a lovely December!

7 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. How fun! A concert your whole family enjoyed. Yes, I love the lights, too. With more younger families moving into our neighborhood, we’ve got more homes decorated for many holidays, but especially Christmas.

    Hurray for easy no-news doctor visits. Hope those stay that way!

  2. how wonderful to go to a concert as a whole family. I miss the days of my daughters playing their violins and singing in the high school orchestra and choir concerts.

    what a blessing to have an uneventful cardiology appointment!! Praise God too for the bi-annual checkups vs the every 3 months. My husband goes twice a year now too.

    I love all kinds of Christmas music but most especially the Christian Christmas music or the classic Christmas movie ones (White Christmas, etc).

    Christmas lights ARE so pretty. This year I am thinking of leaving my stair railing decorated with the greens and tiny lights until March when Spring officially arrives. I also might leave the candles in my windows until Russian Christmas. (January something..i forget the date…my daughter knows.).

    Have a wonderful weekend soaking up all that December has to offer. (and thank you for the birthday wishes!!).

  3. The Christmas concert sounds great! So glad you grandson enjoyed it. I am glad your cardiologist is finding that you are doing well. Good news indeed. Sounds like you had a nice week. See you again soon. Have a good weekend!

  4. I love Christmas concerts! Maybe I’ll find one here in Ohio… Christmas music is one of my favorites of the season, and like you, lights are up there on my list.
    Yay for the good cardiologist appt. It is great that you have graduated to six months from three.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Yay for a Christmas concert, and with Timothy too! I’m glad you all enjoyed it. My mom loves to tell the story of The Sound of Music being premiered at a theater in our town when I was 2. She took me and apparently I sat entranced throughout the whole movie. I guess I’ve always loved it — lol. That’s awesome to “graduate” to less frequent cardiologist visits. Thanks for the BBN link. I’m headed there now for some Christmas music.

  6. We’re off to a carol concert tomorrow with our son and 2 grandsons – his wife is singing in the choir. Glad you’re visit to the cardiologist went well. Must be a relief not to have to go so often. Yes the to do list in December always seems long lol. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  7. I miss the things like Christmas concerts with the family. Everyone lives in other cities now. But Hubby and I will go with friends to see a Christmas light display at the Japanese Gardens which will be nice. So glad your doc visit went well and the times in between has been increased! My favorite part of Christmas is the music and the tree all lit up.

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