Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week
with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

This is one of those weeks where nothing horrible has happened, but neither has anything that stood out, at least at first glance. Those kinds of weeks are a little harder to come up with five favorites. But it’s always a good exercise.

1. Wellness and mild cases. Just after our last day all together when Jeremy was here, Mittu and Timothy developed fevers and coughs. Jason took them for Covid tests, and the place did not have any of the rapid kind. They were tested on the 4th and just got back results Wednesday of this week that Mittu and Timothy tested positive. It’s amazing that with all the time spent together the week before, none of the rest of us got it. I hate that they didn’t feel good all week. But I am glad that they didn’t have breathing problems or any of the more severe issues of Covid.

2. Healthy birth. Our pastor and his wife were surprised with an unexpected, middle age pregnancy. My pastor’s wife has several health issues as well, which put her in a high risk category. She safely delivered their little boy this week. They have some issues doctors are monitoring, but all seems relatively well.

3. Unpleasant tasks done. My feeling towards unpleasant tasks (no need to go into details) is to avoid them or put them off. But I was motivated to get them over with so I didn’t have to think about them any more.

4. Convenience foods. I know, they are often not the healthiest. But they are better than burgers and fries, right? And we all have those days when something runs late or we’re tired. I had made ham and potato soup in December with the bone from our Christmas ham. We had lots of broth left, but no more ham. I found some cubed ham at the store, which wasn’t quite as good as our glazed ham at Christmas, but it worked okay for another round of this good, hearty soup. Then one day errands ran late, the last of which was the grocery store. It seems every grocery run these days requires two store trips to get everything as each has shortages. I got a microwave meatloaf, loaded potatoes, and gave mashed cauliflower a try (the latter was runnier than I would have expected and tasted more like grits). I made a salad while everything was cooking. It was nice to have those often for a quick meals after a busy day.

5. Zaxby’s salad. One afternoon, I fell asleep in my desk chair until dinner time. My husband suggested getting a Zaxby’s salad for takeout. I love their grilled chicken Cobb salad.

It’s hard to believe we’re about halfway through January already. January is supposed to be my slow, unbusy month! Oh, well.

Hope you’ve had a great week.

10 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Oh I’m so glad your DiL and grandson had mild symptoms!!…those vaccines do help with keeping it mild from what I understand. I was sent home today as I have a headache that the director claims to be covid. Good grief. It’s my only symptom and I get sinus headaches all throughout the winter months on and off. But..they sent me home. SO i get to feel fine and read all day πŸ™‚ (the headache is easing up too).

    When I’m super tired and don’t wanna cook I tend to order pizza. Your meals sound fine!!

    I hope all goes well with the newborn baby and his momma. I too gave birth as an “older mom”. In 1993 when I was 33 and then again in 1998 when I had just turned 39. All was well and I actually knew if I had gotten married and gave birth in my 20s that I just wasn’t ready emotionally or even financially to do so. God knows….His timing is always best……

    It’s ALWAYS a blessing to get those unpleasant tasks checked off the list. (for me it’s an upcoming Ob/gyn appt). Will be a huge blessing to have it over. πŸ™‚

    Happy Weekend!

  2. I love a good soup on cold winter days. And soups are so easy to make, in terms of you don’t have to have an exact recipe like you do for baking. You want to add some kidney beans – throw them in. Don’t have carrots? Doesn’t matter, just leave them out. You know what I mean, what with you being a good cook. πŸ™‚ Hope you survive this upcoming snow without any problems.

  3. So glad your family had mild Covid symptoms and that everyone is feeling better. Amen about convenience foods! When I get home i the afternoon, my brain is usually too fried to even think about dinner! That salads from Zaxbys sound great! Glad you get to check some “unpleasant things” off of your to-do list. Have a good weekend.

  4. Glad your family is improving and now have that great natural immunity πŸ™‚ I’ve heard of Zaxby’s but we don’t have them here (that I know of). That salad sounds great! Congrats to your pastor and his wife!

  5. I’m glad that Mittu and Timothy didn’t have a bad case of covid. My brother-in-law had covid (unknowingly) when we all ate together the Tuesday after Christmas. I was surprised that no one else caught it from him. (Or at least weren’t symptomatic if we did.)

    Our grocery stores are running low on so many things now too. It’s showing me how spoiled I’ve become to expecting them to have whatever I need, whenever I need it. I’m having to plan ahead a little more than normal if I want to find all the ingredients I need for things.

    I find it hard to believe too that we’re already halfway through January!

  6. Glad that the recent covid infections have been mild for your kids and many of my friends who’ve gotten it. Such good news about that at-risk new baby.

    Seems like you are adjusting your expectations and palates as you choose grocery prepared meals. They are so hit and miss. But you’ve got my taste up for a fun cobb!

  7. So glad your family are doing ok and I hope your Pastor’s wife and baby are doing well too. Yes sometimes the worrying about doing something we don’t want to do is far worse than just getting it done. Nothing wrong with convenience foods when there is a need for them. Not sure I would have wanted mashed cauliflower though. Have a good weekend.

  8. I’m glad Timothy and Mittu are ok. Our covid symptoms weren’t bad either, fortunately.
    Tonight my hubby is gone with the grandsons, so we girls got take out and enjoyed an evening at home with each other–and NO cooking.
    Unwelcome tasks–yes, they still need to be done. Good for you to do it!
    Stay safe and well.

  9. That potato and ham soup sounds delicious. I pinned it for our next time we have ham leftover. Glad Mittu and Timothy have mild symptoms. Praying they get thru it quickly. And praise God no one else came down with it. I love Cobb salads! Getting avoided tasks done and out of the way is a relief! I have some that await me.

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