Friday’s Fave Five

Wow, we’re almost halfway through February already. Time passes so quickly, it’s good to pause now and then to appreciate our blessings. Susanne at Living to Tell the Story invites us to do just that.

Some of my favorite parts of the last week:

1. Thoughtful treats. When my youngest son, Jesse, was home, he enjoyed Lunchables as a snack. When he had one that included two Oreo cookies, he usually gave me one. Then my husband, Jim started doing the same thing. Though Jesse has his own place now, we still keep a few Lunchables on hand. I came to my desk one day this week to see that Jim had left his Oreos for me. 🙂

2. Repotting plants has been on my to-do list for a very long time, and I was happy to get to them this week. These had all been on my kitchen windowsill and needed room to grow.

We couldn’t get the little cactus-looking one out of its container. The little pebbles on top were glued together as one unit. I had thought this was a real plant, but maybe it’s a fake.

I’ve mentioned before that I am not good with houseplants. But I hope these thrive.

3. Catching up with friends. One friend and I had been trying to get together for lunch since before Christmas. We had to keep canceling due to illness or other things coming up. We finally met at Red Lobster one day this week. Then, I dropped something off at the home of my friend who recently had a baby, thinking I would only be there for a couple of minutes. I was hoping to talk with her, but wanted didn’t want to keep her too long. But we got to visit for a while. I enjoyed talking and laughing with both these friends.

4. Going out to dinner. My husband and I get take-out probably more than we ever have in our lives—with just the two of us at home, it’s not so expensive to do. And I love not cooking. 🙂 One night this week we decided to actually go to Cracker Barrel. That was nice in itself, since it’s not my husband’s favorite place. But as we discussed options, he said this was ok.

Though I’m a homebody and haven’t actually been too bothered by being home during the pandemic, these outings reminded me that I am not entirely ready to be a hermit. 🙂 It is fun to get out sometimes.

5. A long overdue haircut. In-between running errands and seeing friends, I was able to slip into the salon where I usually go. My regular hairdresser wasn’t there, but the lady who cut my hair did a good job. It’s nice not to feel unkempt.

And that’s a small window into my week. How has yours been?

8 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Amen about eating out and getting take out. I don’t love to cook either. I love oreos too! Glad you were finally able to get together with friends. I need to schedule some friend lunches now that Covid rates are FINALLY coming down. Have a good weekend. See you again soon!

  2. These are so fun to read! Love the Lunchable/Oreos story 🙂 And I liked seeing your plants! One of the first things I learned in bonsai was that, if you bought a plant with the rocks glued on top, to immediately pull them off. Then again, if the plant isn’t real …. hmmmm. We had a venus flytrap once that lived several years. It was fun. I hope your newly potted plants thrive!

  3. I love to cook but come Friday night….i refuse usually! it’s a great night for take out or for going out. I’m glad you got to do it!
    YAY for time with friends and a new cut. There’s something so special about just hanging out with friends and laughing.
    And oreos! although I don’t eat packaged cookies any longer, my husband and daughters love them. How kind for Jim to give you his! He’s a keeper 🙂
    I LOVE that blue and white planter. SO pretty!! Good luck with the plants. I don’t do great with houseplants either although my snake plant is doing very well as is my bamboo. My spider plant died so…..i just have the two now.


  4. It seems a lot of us have friends and friendship on our lists this week. Truly something to be very thankful for! Friday night is our night for takeout but once in a while it is so nice to actually go out to the restaurant too! I hear ya on the haircut! My appointment was cancelled last week due to my stylist being ill so I’m feeling quite unkempt this las week with my hair constantly going in my eyes. Can’t wait for my rebooked appt today!

  5. Oh yes. We don’t appreciate our haircuts until we can’t get them!
    Here’s hoping the houseplants thrive. They do look happy.
    My hubby would love those oreos 🙂
    I am so so late commenting on FFF–it was a wild weekend here.

  6. That’s such a sweet little reminder – oreo sharing!
    I smiled at your wondering whether that succulent is fake. Hurray for fake ones that look real enough! Zero care (aside from an occasional dusting).

  7. I water my plants once a week and that’s it. I have two, where I never changed the potting compost and it must be more then 40 years old ! They are huge ! I thought when we would move they would die but not at all they even grew more !! I have quite a lot of fake plants and flowers which nobody knows, because I don’t have green thumb ! I rather have no thumb at all !

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