Friday’s Fave Five

Another Friday is here, the last one for February. Susanne at Living to Tell the Story invites us to pause a moment and recount the blessings of the week. Feel free to join in! Here are a few of mine:

1. My daughter-in-law’s birthday. It’s a joy to celebrate her coming into the world and into our lives.

2. Big empty cardboard boxes. One of Mittu’s presents came in a long cardboard box which then became a boat in a storm chased by a sea worm (aka the brown packaging stuff) and lured by a siren (MIttu). I think our kids have had more fun with cardboard boxes (ones big enough to climb in) than with most other things, so seeing Timothy do the same brought back a lot of fun memories.

3. Medical test done. This has been on the horizon since early January and had to be rescheduled several times. It’s nice to have it over with. Plus God took care of all my concerns about the preparation and test itself.

4. An unexpected gift. One of my sisters sent all the rest of us a cute plaque she had made which read, “Side by side or miles apart, sisters will always be connected by heart.” Then she had all five of our names and a big heart at the bottom. She also included a little book for each of us that had a ton of interesting facts about our birth year. How fun to get a surprise package in the mail with sweet and thoughtful gifts!

5. Dear Holmes club. For Christmas, my husband had enrolled me in the Dear Holmes mysteries. You get a letter every month with clues about a particular Victorian-era mystery and a challenge to send in answers before the reveal at the end of the month. Somehow in my first reading I had missed that it was a monthly challenge, so I had let a few letters pile up (when my husband brings in the mail, I’m usually finishing up at the computer and getting ready to start dinner, so I don’t usually open anything then that will take some thought or needs a response). I worked on them yesterday, figured out the culprit, but then saw the last was the letter from “Sherlock” with the mystery solved (and I was right in my guess!) Now that I have a handle on how it works, I’m looking forward to beating the detective next time. 🙂

Happy Friday! What’s something good from your week?

8 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Oh I just love everything about you’re giving thanks for this week: such a pretty birthday cake and pretty D-i-L; my girls ALWAYS loved creating with boxes and glad your grandson likes the same; i’m always relieved when those yearly med tests are over; and how fun that gift sounds…actually both of them! I’ve never heard of that Detective series and what a fun way to get involved in reading. Enjoy the weekend, Barbara!

  2. The Holmes club sounds like such fun! And the gift from your sister, too, makes for some lovely mail for you. The birthday cake is so pretty! Your daughter-in-law sounds like a gem, and a lovely person to celebrate. Yes, our kids always had fun with the boxes, too. That kind of fun seems to carry on with generations:)

  3. You had a great week. Happy Birthday to your daughter-in-law. What a blessing she is to your son and your family! Have a nice weekend. See you again soon!

  4. What fun, the Holmes club. Sherlock is my favorite detective (along with Poirot!) and I love the idea of trying to figure out the culprit before Sherlock does. A great week for you. Kids and cats – all love boxes more than anything else. And I’m glad your test is over. I hope it produces some good answers.

  5. The Holmes Mystery Club sounds like fun. I’m going to send my daughter the link. What great imaginations a box brings out. My kids were the same as are the dayhome kids. Happy birthday to Mittu! I think Timothy is looking so much like his Dad as he grows older!

  6. What a fun challenge the Dear Holmes mysteries must be! I do love a murder mystery (in book form, not real life…)
    Happy Birthday to Mittu! She is such a blessing to you and all the family. Maybe for Timothy’s birthday, you can just get him a bunch of empty boxes to play with 🙂
    Enjoy your week ahead!

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