Friday’s Fave Five

Though there’s so much serious trouble in the world right now, it helps to look for the good in our lives. Susanne at Living to Tell the Story invites us to do just that each Friday.

1. Family dinner. Jason and Mittu had us over Friday night for tilapia, potatoes, mixed vegetables, homemade gluten-free rolls, and these cute and tasty gluten-free apple turnovers and blueberry cobbler. I had just been craving apple turnovers! We enjoyed a couple of games as well.

2. A quiet weekend. We had six inches of snow late Friday night to Saturday morning. Because we had been warned ahead of time, we ran all our errands Friday. On Saturday, Jim experimented with the 3D printer he had received on his birthday, and I caught up on some computer stuff and then did some “puttering” around the house—a little mending, tidying the craft/sewing room, figuring out how to set the clock I had in there.

While setting things right in the sewing room, I came across these two dish towels I had bought at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago, still in the shopping bag. I love shopping for home things from Valentine’s Day through spring, because then I can find them in colors I like—light, pastels, especially pinks that aren’t too orangey or reddish.

3. A cozy Sunday. Usually after church and lunch, we’ll take a nap, then I’ll read blogs on the computer. Since I had caught up my computer reading Saturday and not much new had come in, I got out my Karla Dornacher coloring books and colored pencils while watching some of her videos about how she does shading. I don’t color often, but I strongly wanted to that day. It was very relaxing. Plus I had fun experimenting with what she calls gradient lettering.

4. Pi Day. Since 3.14 is the number of pi, we use that date as an excuse to eat pie. 🙂 I made hamburger pie for dinner and Mittu made a delicious Mississippi Mud Pie for dessert.

5. A surprise visit. Jesse called Wednesday afternoon to say the power had gone out at his apartment complex (the whole complex, not just his building). He asked if he could come over for dinner and then borrow our cooler in case he needed to transfer items from his refrigerator. We enjoyed having him for dinner and offered him the use of our guest room if he needed it. He decided to go back to his place, and the power was back on by the time he got there. I haven’t heard what caused the outage.

Bonus: Maybe the end of time changes. The Senate passed a bill to make Daylight Savings Time permanent rather than changing our clocks twice a year. The bad thing about DST year-round is that sunrise will occur later in the morning, which is a problem for children waiting for school buses. But a lot of businesses like having more daylight in the evenings. A lot of employees do as well, so they have a little light after work rather than driving home in the dark. I’ll just be glad not to have to adjust both physical clocks and my body clock twice a year.

Have you found blessings in your week? Feel free to share in the comments here or at Susanne’s.

11 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Hi Barbara. Amen about the possibility of no more time changes. I don’t like either spring ahead or fall back. I love the dish towels and the coloring. I will sometimes color to relax and try to get to sleep. It’s very effective at calming the mind. You family dinner/game night and quiet relaxing weekend both sound just right. Hope you have a good weekend. See you again soon!

  2. Hi, As I read your blog post on “stray thoughts”, I was reminded of some of the stray thoughts that have been running around my head lately. Just reading what you said caused me to feel a beautiful peaceful feeling and it was an awesome feeling. Maybe some would say “why, the thoughts were common enough for us ladies, so why do they feel so
    “awesome ” now? I asked myself the same question and the answer was so simple. The day to day routine, for me and most wives and mothers I know is similar and for some, it may even seem mundane, not that I think that it is, but for the past few days, as I hear and see what is going on around this world, the pain, suffering and destruction, I find myself longing for those simple times again and those times were only just a year or so ago. I imagine that we (if you are a senior citizen like me) have all spoken at one time or another about “the good old days “. Who knew that “the good old days ” could actually be only a few short years and months ago? I was thinking about how many people spend so much time wanting a better life as far as, maybe a bigger house, a better car or some other material things, which in themselves are not bad things but right now I can’t help but feel how wonderful it would be to just have back those peaceful, so called “mundane ” times again. It really brings things into perspective for me. How valuable is our relationship with Jesus and how awesome is the peace that only comes from a relationship with Him. More valuable than gold I would say! I hope this comment doesn’t seem too off topic but when I read the words “stray thoughts ” mine came flooding back! God bless and keep you all, in His Precious Name 🙏 ❤️

    • Thanks so much for sharing! I so appreciate this Friday practice of sharing the good things from the week. Sometimes they are big and obvious, but most often they appear in the everyday course of life. I’ve seen a meme of a smiling child looking up and saying, “I know that was You, God. Thank you!” That’s just the way I feel about the “little blessings” in the mundane.

      Amen about the value of our relationship with Jesus and the peace that comes only from knowing Him.

  3. Awesome faves, Barbara. Prayer time filled with many needs around the world, our own family needs and other loved ones. But also thanksgiving for God’s continuing grace and mercy.

    Those apple turnovers and cobblers look fantastic. I’ll trade you one for 2 ounces of tahini 😉
    Wow. So glad you were prepared for that snow. I don’t think we could prepare enough for weather like that.
    I agree about possibly no more time changes being a fave, but those early dark mornings will not be fun even if one is not a student waiting for the bus!

  4. got more snow than we did up here in Eastern NY last weekend!
    Glad it’s turned a corner and spring has sprung… has been 70! i LOVE it.

    OMGOSH I had Mississippi Mud Pie once and just LOVED it. I really need to get a recipe for that. Do you think she would mind sharing it? I love Shepherds Pie too and make it often. ( I use Bison thought not beef or Impossible Beef for ours).

    I’m with you on the time change!

    Happy weekend!

  5. Well all that food looks lovely and I think it always tastes better when I haven’t had to cook it lol. I have some colouring books that are currently gathering dust but I agree it’s a very relaxing activity. That looks like a lot of snow! Pretty but probably inconvenient. Our clocks change here next weekend. I’d love it if it was made permanent. I’m not usually an early riser and would prefer more light at the end of the day. I don’t think there are any plans for that though. Have a good weekend.

  6. Wow — Mittu really fixes up a meal right!!! That’s so neat. I love your pi day foods too. Add me to the list loving the prospect of not having to change clocks and adjust twice a year.

  7. Those are lovely dish towels. Those pies look awesome. I always forget about PI day. I would love to not have to change the clocks. I’m still struggling a week later and the day home kids are too. Had very irritable out of sorts kids all week. You reminded me I have a coloring book that I forget to use. I’ll have to dig it out.

  8. Such pretty dish towels! It’s fun to change them up for holidays. I always admire a nicely colored picture, because I have very little patience to do them myself. We just happened to have a pizza(pie) on PiDay. I always forget!, and should mark my calendar ahead of time.

  9. Oh those desserts! I gained five pounds just looking at them! Yummmmm!
    I would prefer always being on standard time. But I agree, don’t keep changing it!
    The tea towels are so pretty.
    Have a good week!

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