Friday’s Fave Five

Last week was overflowing with favorites. This week has been a little more ordinary—not a bad week, but nothing stood out as a favorite at first. But sometimes those weeks that require a little more scrutiny are more rewarding when we find the blessings in them. We join up with Susanne and others at Living to Tell the Story to recount some of those good things.

1. Lack of a long checkout line. When I shop in a certain big store that starts with a W, I dislike that they only have one or two checkout lanes open, usually with very long lines. They have tons of self-checkouts, which I don’t mind using for a few items—but not for a whole cartful. I usually order online and schedule a pickup time. But I needed to look for some non-grocery items, so I decided to shop for my whole list inside. Surprisingly, I got into a line with only one person on front of me, who was nearly done, and my cashier was very efficient. That may have set a record for my shortest time checking out there.

2. A kind driver let me into a very long lane of traffic as I left the store mentioned above.

3. A successful camping trip. Jason and Timothy went on a father-son camping trip last weekend. They did well and had a good time, and Mittu did well by herself.

4. Insurance can be a pain to pay for and deal with. And when my oldest son’s car got sideswiped by a hit-and-run driver, he wasn’t looking forward to everything involved with taking care of the damage. But thankfully insurance does help. And, most thankfully, he wasn’t in the car when it got hit.

5. Fellowship. We had not had our monthly ladies’ Bible study for a few months due to the holidays and our leader’s having a baby in January. But we met this last Saturday. I have to confess that I am not fond of getting up early on a Saturday, which we do so that everyone is free to spend the rest of the day with their families. But once I get there, I really enjoy the time. And then, our church had a fellowship meal Sunday after the morning service. We had missed the last one due to a family gathering, and I think we may have missed one in December for the same reason. We really enjoyed the time of fellowship.

Bonus: Drop-in visits. I am so thankful most of our kids live close enough that they can text and ask if they can drop by for a little while. I don’t take that for granted—we didn’t live close enough to either of our parents to do that.

Have you found any blessings in your week?

13 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. I found your post! It is a great blessing! Beats all the belly aching we hear. Wait, am I belly aching about belly achers? Lol πŸ˜‚

  2. Ha — when I saw “short checkout line” as number 1, I knew you had to be reaching this week πŸ™‚ Then again, as I read your list, I thought about how many of the little things do add up and really make a difference. I hear you too about kids living close. I feel very blessed to have one of mine still in the house, and another 30 hours away (by car) is definitely tough.

    • It’s funny that I was particularity dreading standing in that long line before going to this store, and then I ended up not having to. That just seemed like a little extra blessing for the day from my Father.

  3. How lovely are the small kindnesses that come our way. Hope that all things insurance will be dealt with speedily. Roomie was just bemoaning the super complicated insurance situation she’s wading through for her brother….

    Glad you made it to the fellowship and enjoyed your time there. BSF had leaders’ meetings on Saturday mornings at 6:30. Believe me, it was a challenge, but we were always blessed and energized afterwards.

    Happy weekend, friend.

  4. I love the way you find gratitude in such ordinary things as a short line at the “W” store. Yes, it seems universal that “W” never has enough cashiers to handle the number of shoppers. Glad you didn’t have to wait. It’s also great that your children live close and drop in for visits. I hope you have a good weekend. See you again soon!

  5. Short check out lines are a true blessing indeed!
    How wonderful of your son to do a daddy-son camping trip. And I’ll bet Mittu LOVED having the weekend to her self!
    So glad you had some fellowship time with other brothers and sisters in Christ AND that your kids decdied to drop in. I too have our oldest daughter near by and I love it. Dave’s folks are all the way out near Cape Cod (a 3 hours drive at least) and my folks were out in central part of New York where I grew up although both are in heaven with Jesus now πŸ™‚

    I hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend full of good things.

  6. I think searching for small blessings is better for us in the long run because we focus more on our daily lives and see the good. I agree–short grocery lines are an unexpected blessing and so are impromptu visits from our kids.
    Here’s hoping Jason and Timothy continue to enjoy their campouts!
    Have a good small blessing weekend.

  7. It’s so nice when small things make running errands easier. It’s a huge attitude adjustment for my day. Good for you for noticing them. Oh, getting up early is not my favorite thing, either! But, then when it’s something worthwhile, I’m always so glad I did. Happy weekend, Barb.

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